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  • Nicolas Durand
  • "Which Caribbean island is best for a beach+hiking vacation ?"

Nicolas Durand

District of Columbia, DC

Which Caribbean island is best for a beach+hiking vacation ?

I'm looking for a kick-ass island in the Caribbean with the following features:

  • nice beaches
  • possible to have some relaxed time by a pool
  • nice hikes close-by (a volcano would be amazing)
  • if possible a golf court
  • if possible some good diving
  • and of course, good food, some local culture, not overly dangerous, etc.

Is there maybe a couple islands that boast all this (accessible by ferry)?

Let's put the money issue aside for now. 

We would be going in January/February for 10 days, leaving from DC, Florida and Geneva (it's a family reunion :)

Thanks a lot for anyone with good ideas! :)


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  • Missy Johnston

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    Hi, Absolutely Nevis Island has all that you are looking for including a volcano, with great hiking trails up to and around the volcano, great beaches, is one of the few Caribbean Islands with a golf course, has great scuba diving around Nevis, and St Kitts Island is only 9 miles away with regular ferry service. St. Kitts is also a volcanic island, and offers great scuba diving, and hiking. Both islands have an interesting Colonial Caribbean sugar plantation history, and Nevis was a very popular island in the 1700s and 1800's to visit for mineral spring restorative baths. If funds are not an issue, I would look at the Montpelier Plantation and Beach Resort, which is the location where Horatio Nelson married Nevis local Fannie Nesbit and the Nesbit Plantation Resort. If you hike in the early morning or at dusk you are sure to see many green vervet monkeys on both Nevis and St. Kitts, as there are more monkeys than people on both islands. NevisSt Kitts

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    • Nicolas D.

      Nicolas D.

      Thank you for the great answer, I'll definitely put this at the top of my list! · (0 likelikes)

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    1. Nevis (attraction)
    2. St Kitts (attraction)

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