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Thailand, South Africa, Argentina, Prague, Amsterdam

Where to travel in November?

My husband and i are planning a trip - we want to go somewhere we've never been, somewhere foreign with great culture and lots to do in November this year. Our friends have already booked a trip to Thailand and are trying to get us go along. We're considering: Thailand, South Africa, Argentina, or Europe: Prague/Amsterdam, perhaps another city.

We'll take 2 weeks off, and travel circa Thanksgiving. Budget isn't too much of an issue,  want to get the best experience in the amount of time. Any suggestions?? We're torn! 

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Stefan from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

All great choices! It depends on what you'd like to do at the destination itself. 

Thailand definitely has loads of options, with their beach scenes being one of the top ones (in my opinion.) Thailand is also very affordable and a great deal for travelers. Added bonus? Take a short trip up to Siem Reap or somewhere else in the region. Long flights with a connection in Europe or Asia. Two weeks is plenty of time.

South Africa; Cape Town is beautiful! You can go wine tasting in Stellenbosch or Cage Diving with Great White Sharks in Gansbaai. All incredible experiences. Looking for a Safari? Check out Kruger Park. Plenty other options in the country as well. It's also fairly affordable. Most flights connect through Europe, with the exception of South African from JFK/IAD or Atlanta on Delta. Two weeks is plenty of time here too; when I did it, I also went up to Devils Pool in Zimbabwe. (You can read about it on my is in my profile)

Argentina; First things first, you have a $160 reciprocal entry fee if you're a US Citizen. Once you get past that, the country, like the other two, are affordable. It's a big place though! Buenos Aires has architecture, history, food, etc... but you can go all the way down to Patagonia for some beautiful hikes at the bottom of the world (as they say)! There are direct flights here from the US. 

Europe destinations? Plenty to do there. You could follow the Danube Delta; Budapest, Prague, Vienna, etc... Lots of info on the net for those places. 

Whatever you pick, it'll be fun, I'm sure!

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answered by
Scott from Fort Collins

Hi Lauren.  I answered a similar question about Thailand yesterday.  I'll just copy and paste that for your perusal.  I would also suggest maybe Greece and perhaps Turkey if you've never been.  If you need more information on that recommendation, let me know.  :) Safe travels, whatever you decide!

My wife and I recently took a two week trip to Cambodia (Siem Reap) and Thailand. In doing our research, we knew we wanted to spend 3-4 nights in Bangkok, 3-4 nights in a smaller venue and a week just chilling on an island. Obviously, most people end up in Bangkok, which is a crazy city in a good way. Traffic is horrendous, so try to stick to the sky train, as much as possible, or stay close to the Chao Phraya River. We very much enjoyed seeking out street food and spent some time wondering around and trying different stalls. Just try to stick to ones that seem busy. For sight seeing, you must have a drink at Sky Bar just before sunset. Some of our favorite sites were, Wat ArunWat PhoWat Phra KaewGrand Palace and a leisurely ride on the river. We decided to incorporate Siem Reap, because we felt it was an area that is changing rapidly and wanted to be there before it felt totally overrun. If you haven't been, it's super easy to incorporate into a Thailand trip for 3-4 nights. If not, I've done some research on Chiang Mai, as my wife and I are planning to go there in 2016 and think that would be a great choice as well. Then, for me, I would choose between Phi Phi IslandsPhuket, or Koh Samui. My wife and I chose Koh Samui, mostly because we had some Hilton points to burn and read great reviews aboutConrad Koh Samui. Your island choice should probably be dictated by your desired level of chill time vs party time. We wanted to plop down, have rum drinks and chill, but to each their own. :)

So, in summation, I would recommend Siem Reap, Cambodia and seeing The BayonTa Prohm,Angkor WatAngkor Thom and Google "Sun Same" to use a fantastic guide to the temples. Then, stay at the Sofitel Angkor Phokeethra Golf & Spa Resort,OR, Chiang Mai, Thailand, followed by Bangkok and then your choice of the islands I mentioned above. Safe travels!

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answered by
Clifford from Kenya

Have you considered East Africa? That means you've been there before? If not, consider seeing the Special Five, The rare Sitatunga Antelope, Seeing two tallest mountains in Africa at the same time from a skyscraper, the big five, acres of recent lava flow and skydiving on tropical maritime skies! Consider this too.

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