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West Bloomfield Township, Michigan

Zach from West Bloomfield Township, Michigan asked

Whats the best way to spend 2 weeks in Thailand?

If you had roughly 2 weeks in Thailand, what should you do?  


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Olivia from Los Angeles

Spend two days in Bangkok. Skip Phuket and Pattaya and head to Krabi .If you want some local culture stay in Krabi town for a night but honestly you can skip it. Take a long tail boat from Ao Nang (annoying touristy beach town with minimal thai culture) for 15 min to Railay Beach . You can stay anywhere on Railey and be happy as its all close together. BE VERY CAREFUL EATING SEAFOOD HERE. I got very sick from a place. Still though this such an amazing place with spectacular rock climbing, hikes, and obviously beaches.  Don't stay more than 2-3 days or you will get antsy. Head to Koh Phi Phi for a couple days and take a short tour to koh phi phi leh for a day or if you can afford it stay on a overnight boat.  If you have the chance head to one of the less touristy islands but even if you don't you will have an amazing time both these places.  head back to Krabi and take Nok air up north to Chiang Mai Stay there for a few days and do a 2-3 day jungle trek. There are a million around so don't worry about booking till you get there. Head to Pai and rent a motorbike. Go riding up the mountains and to water falls. If you can squeeze in the elephant refuge camps do it. Have an amazing time but again BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU EAT

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So on point!!

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Zach from West Bloomfield Township, Michigan

Bangkok - In 1 day you can see a lot on Bangkok. Temples, Boat Ride etc..

Sukhumvit-  This is a cool street to just walk around at night.  Lots of travelers etc... But there is another street thats even wilder that we didn't have time to go to but I hear its crazy with lady boys and shit.  We stayed at the Aloft Bangkok - Sukhumvit 11there for about $99 USD per night and it was very comfortable and cool.

During the day, I'm sure you will naturally take the boat on the river and visit a handful of temples during one of the days.  Its one of the main things to do in Bangkok.

Railay - Awesome place.  We stayed at Railay Beach twice.

Quiet, not built up in 2013, but more built up now (2016). If feeling adventurous go to Tonsai and find the cool funky reggae bars in the woods.  Also try to find the tree house bar in the woods perhaps.  

Koh Phi Phi

Phi Phi Islands- great location, quiet part of island, rustic but clean.  I think it was under $160 per night when we went.    Maya Bay is cool but go very early in morning for sunrise before people get there.  Then move on when it gets crowded.  


Koh Phi Phi is party island.  Lots of younger backpackers etc... dance party side goes off all night.  lots of restaurants and narrow streets on a congested island.  But still cool.   

Perfect beach to go to off of Koh Phi Phi is called Nui Bay Beach.  Relatively unknown, but really an ideal little cove we found.

Chiang Mai

Also its MUCH MUCH more fulfilling to care for elephants, bath them, feed them, whisper in their ear that they are loved and saved.  Elephant tourism has a very disturbing dark side that people don't see on surface.  I only learned this when I was there.  We went here.  Elephant Nature Park  That place and Pattara are known to be really good to elephants in Chiang Mai. Most others are not, despite what they claim.

Elephant Nature Park - One of two legit elephant sanctuaries in Chiang Mai.  This place is like Jurassic Park for elephants.  You truly help them, feed them, bath them, and connect with them emotionally.  Very touching day.  Opposite of the bullshit places that force elephants to do what they don't want to like paint pictures, do tricks, and even let people ride them.  I know you probably want a pic riding an elephant but it is NOT COOL!!!  Its tempting to ignore what I just said because those photos seem so cool, but I'm telling you, you will not regret ENP and the connection you feel to the elephants and to the cause.  I've seen videos showing what it takes to get an elephant to allow a human to ride it.   They have to break the elephant and its incredibly horrible.  Elephants have emotions and very good memories like us.  They recognize their families decades after being separated and they cry when they are reunited.  I am highly opposed to any place that lets you ride them.  The only two places you should go are ENP or Patara. 

Patara Elephant Farm - Another (more popular) elephant sanctuary We didn't go here, but the reviews say it all.  People say "Best day of my life". 

Flight of the Gibbon - This was a really fun day trip where you do Ziplining.  Very very fun.  Kinda overpriced at $120 USD pp but still worth it.


Here is some stuff from another e-mail:


John Gray Sea Canoe - Absolutely amazing day sea kayaking in totally gorgeous hongs off coast of Phuket.  Will not regret this.

Thanon Bangla- Very crazy intense street on Patong beach with lots of lady boys and hookers and shows night clubs etc....Pretty intense, but kinda cool to see.  I( wouldn't go out of my way to go here though.  We didn't really like Phuket aside from the John Gray trip and the hotel we stayed at The Westin Siray Bay Resort & Spa, Phuket

Koh Yao Noi

We don't recommend this island at all!  However, we enjoyed The Paradise Koh Yao Boutique Beach Resort, but DO NOT LEAVE THE HOTEL unless its to go out in the bay.  We know a few people who Honeymooned at this resort.  The island itself has nothing and is actually scary.  If you go here, make sure to arrive and depart by boat directly to/from the hotel.  We made the mistake of travelling from the port and it was a very scary and terrible experience.


Siem Reap, Cambodia

  • Look on agoda (Siem Reap Central Area)
  • $200 / night is VERY nice here, $100 night is still nice and doable.
  • We stayed at King Boutique Hotel for $50/night. 5 min walk to town.
  • MUST DO: Ankor Wat sunrise.  
  • $25USD for tuk tuk driver for entire day / night


Luang Prabang, Laos

  • Very cool town. Lots of Monks everywhere. 
  • Kuang Si Waterfall
  • No elephants stuff in Laos.  None of the places are good to the elephants.
  • Buddhists everywhere!
  • Mekong River
  • Mekong River to the buddhist cave temple


HONEYMOON ITINERARY - I helped make for a friend.

  1. bangkok - arrive at night - stay aloft? 
  2. bangkok - boat on river, shop afternoon, dinner, sleep
  3. siem reap - arrive in morning, enjoy town, night market, sleep
  4. siem reap - 5am watch sunrise angkor wat, private tuk tuk angkor wat all day, night market, sleep
  5. chiang mai - arrive in mid day, shop afternoon, night market 
  6. chiang mai - 8am pick up to Elephant Nature Park or Patara only!
  7. chiang mai - 8am flight of gibbon, fly to phuket at night
  8. phuket - 8 am john gray til 4, then go to patong for crazy stuff, sleep phuket 
  9. phuket - wake up and take ferry to either Koh Phi Phi or Railay


  • just chill out and rent a boat, or find some beaches.  I'm not really sure.
  • you could do a day trip to Phi Phi but not sure how that works logistically...


  • phi phi - ferry here in morning, check in to hotel,
  • phi phi - early long tail to Maya Bay, before Russians get there, then leave and take private boat or longtail to Nui Bay Beach or another chill beach, dinner in town, party, Phi Phi
  • phi phi - chill out on beach, ferry back to bangkok to fly home


  • railay - arrive mid day, check in, chill out
  • railay - enjoy beaches, rent boat or kayak, Railay East at night?
  • railay - enjoy beaches, long tail to Ao Nang, taxi to Krabi airport, fly to bangkok to go home

Bangkok - Fly home

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answered by

You may spend time visiting floating village in Siem Reap. When will you go to Thailand? If you come here in November or April, there are quite a few traditional festivals.

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  1. Siem Reap (city)
answered by
Nam from Bangkok

Tourists are always enjoyed visiting Thailand for 3 major regions.

Bangkok and nearby such as Ayutthaya as historic city, Kanchanaburi for waterfalls and river rafting and Pattaya for nightlife and beach in the city.

Northern region such as Chiang Mai for distinctive Lanna culture , Chiang Raiand Pai. All for trekking and serene nature. 

Southern region such as Koh SamuiHua HinPhuketKrabi, Phi Phi Islands and Koh Lipe. Tropical climate is nice for outdoor activities, especially day trips to the islands.

Apart from the notable attractions, you can have good time for eating! Each region has its unique cuisine.

Bangkok is the foodie city.

From street food on Yaowarat road-the China town to fine dining on the roof top bars and riverside restaurants.

Spend the evening at Eat Sight Story for a glass of wine and the best view of Chao Praya River. Because the Temple of Dawn pagoda is just the opposite.

For authentic and premium Thai cuisine, go Nahm, Bo.Lan, or Soul Food Mahanakorn.

Food courts are the easiest way to experience variety of affordable delicious Thai food. MBK, Terminal21 are always packed during lunch time, please arrive there earlier or later. 

Chiang Mai is the progressive coffee culture, forget Starbuck, then go coffee houses hopping around the city. They have picked, roasted and brewed the coffee by themselves. Local coffee beans are interesting.

I recommend Aka Ama, Ponganes, Graph Cafe, Ristresto and Pacamara. Northern cuisine is a must too. Cost of travelling to the North is cheaper than the South. Throughout Chiang Mai offers you all range of accommodations where you pay less.

Phuket is the paradise of local cuisine, not just the beaches and islands around. Don't miss visiting the old town where Thai-Chinese community is located surrounded by preserved Anglo-Chinese architecture.

Try local breakfast in Phuket town such as Dim Sum, Roti and curry and Kanom Chin.

Seafood in the seaside touristy towns are not cheap, but you won't disappointed.  

Fresh seafood at Rawai beach is a must. You buy seafood from shops and hire the restaurant to cook them as you order. They charge you for the cooking cost only.

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  8. Koh Samui (island)
  9. Hua Hin (city)
  10. Phuket (city)
  11. Krabi (city)
  12. Phi Phi Islands (attraction)
  13. Koh Lipe (city)
answered by
Pau from Madrid

If I'd go back to Thailand I would spend much more time in Bangkok and in the north (Chiang Rai , Pai , Mae Hong Son ) cutting all the islands, which have been transformed into crappy touristic places.

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Its sad but true if referring to the main islands. But there are still plenty of island spots off the beaten path if thats what you seek.

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