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Best islands for island hopping in Thailand not including Phuket?

Looking to island hop in Thailand, but do not want to stay in Phuket. Any good options that are centrally located and accessible without a day's worth of traveling? Looking for a more boutique,chic like hotel.

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answered by
Erik from London

I would agree with a few of the others, Koh Samui is great. The north of the island is more touristy and filled with hotels, restaurants, etc.  I would suggest going a bit further south to find some really nice and cheaper places.  Still a max. 45 min taxi ride from the party areas if that's what you're into.  From the north of Koh Samui it's a short ferry/private boat ride to Koh Phangan.  This is really a place to relax especially if you head to the northeast side of the island.  Don't expect much to do or see but for a few days of pure downtime, cheap quality massages, and great food, it's the place to be.  Some hotels have properties on both Koh Samui and Koh Phangan and will organise a private boat transfer.  We considered Ko Tao Thailand as it supposed to be amazing but the 4 hour ferry and rough waters put us off so we extended our stay on Koh Phangan.  Have a great trip.

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answered by
Phil from Seattle

You are correct to miss out Phuket! However you will have to get the ferry from the port in Phuket to get too and from Phi Phi Islands.

Definitely go to Phi Phi. There is a much nicer and quieter beach on Phi Phi called Long Beach, Coral Island. The sand is whiter and not as many people get the boat round there.

From Phi Phi I would go over to Koh Samui. You have to take two ferrys and a coach, which takes half a day. Koh Samui is more of a resort place, but you can get cheap hotels which are nice.

From Koh Samui you can take a cheap ferry north to Koh Phangan. This is a 90 mins ferry so not bad. Although it is known for the Full Moon Party, there are some pretty nice beaches on the north side of the Island. Renting a bike and visiting these could be fun.

Then another ferry north, you get to Ko Tao Thailand. This is smaller and quieter and really nice to relax. Theres a lot of diving and snorkel trips on this island. At night there are nice relaxing beach bars with fire shows and candle lit areas to sit and drink.

Id recommend spending more time on Phi Phi and Koh Tao than the other islands. 

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Carolann from Around The World

Which islands will probably depend on how you want to travel the country. BUT, if you want to have a central location where you can visit a few islands, We'd suggest staying on Koh Samui(where there are many options for hotels and resorts) and taking day trips to Koh Phangan and Ko Tao Thailand. Unless you want to stay on each island, in which case you'll still have a bit of a variety of accommodations, though more expensive and less plentiful.

There are a few smaller islands off of each of these three main ones where you are able to take snorkeling and diving trips, picnics and beach trips.

Here's some info on day trip we took to smaller islands off Koh Samui: and we've got other info on the three main islands as well

If you are looking to island hop on the other side, Krabi may be a good option, it's beautiful in itself with lots to see and do, and close enough to several islands, including Phuket, Koh Phi Phi, Ko Yao Yai (Noi and Yai) and chances are close enough to make a trip to Coral Island Resort if you so desired. It also has a good selection of accommodations. 

If you'd like more info, detail - or clarification - just let us know!

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answered by
Jodie from San Francisco

It depends on when you want to go. Monsoon hits the different islands at different times.  Ferries stop running at different times and so fourth.  I really like Ko Lanta and from this island you can island hop around and see other islands on day trips. Fly into Krabi and take ferry. 

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