Eline Van Willigenburg

Eline from Amsterdam asked

Tehran: Safety for women in Teheran?

Hi there. I want to know more about how safe it is to travel/stay in Teheran as a woman. We may will be with locals (friends) most of the time, but we will also be alone other times. How safe is it?


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  • Mahsa Aslani

    Top Answer by Mahsa A. from Tehran

    Hi Eline,

    Let me begin by saying you are really welcome in Iran.

    By considering the historical and cultural reputation, Iran can be named a safe country for both men and women. Females are much respected and providing their safety is a part of the countries’ legal priorities.

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    According to some female travelers to Iran, some may be bothered by the stare received by other people while walking in streets. Although, it is essential to say that the stares are more often out of the interest rather than aggression or anger. The best solution in these cases is offering a smile that will reap more rewards.

  • Behrooz Parham

    Behrooz P. from Pori answered

    Tehran is very safe, as the number of police force in duty are always at peak. Just try to have friends with you when you go shopping so that you wouldn't be paying too much, otherwise, Iranians LOVE foreigners, as these days we don't tend to get as many tourists as before. Random people might even invited you to have a family dinner at their house!

  • mostafa khorasani

    mostafa k. from Mashhad answered

    Hi Eline,

    Tehran is the Capital of Iran. It is very big and wide and know that Tehran is a safe place for travel. There are a lot of people from all over the world here like china , japan , usa , germany , italy, etc...

    Tehran is safe, dont worry about it .

  • Ariane Mehrdad

    Ariane M. from Nuremberg answered

    Hi Eline, I've been to Tehran a few times and I've never felt 'unsafe'. Of course there is a chance that you might draw ( male) attention towards because of your foreign look but it shouldn't be an issue as you are covered up anyways. :) There are malls and great restaurants around and people are usually polite and friendly. Of course, sometimes there are situations that can be a little overwhelming, like a crowded bazar, if you are not used to it but i've never experienced anything bad. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know if you need more information. :)

  • mina ghdr

    mina g. from Tehran answered

    Hi dear Eline,

    Tehranis a live and crowded city, most part of city is safe till late night, hotels and accommodations are safe too. just like other countries don't wander alone in streets after midnight. also in crowded places such as bazaar and public transport, take care of your bag and money.

    Enjoy your time in Tehran, hope you have best memories.

    Also i can help you visit Shiraz, Isfahan if you plan on visiting there.

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  • Mahsa Kasiri

    Mahsa K. from San Francisco answered

    I agree with other responses, as a female traveler who often travels the world solo there are few places where I've felt as safe as Iran. Although, I am also often with locals (as its my fathers homeland), I've also ventured off on my own and felt very well respected and have had less fears of things such as pickpocketing ect that I've experienced traveling through South America and some areas in Europe ect. Popular tourist spots, for instance the historical bazaar area in Esfahani, Persepolis in Shiraz are used to their share of tourists, female or otherwise, and you should be able to find your share of English speaking helpful locals. Hope you have, or had, a great time :)

  • Ali Nezamolmolk

    Ali N. from Tbilisi answered

    For sure Iran is different country and about safety, I can say Iran is a safe country for a trip. Don't worry about safety in Iran because Iran government has special plan for the tourism market in the country and there is security support for tourists it should be important for them.