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How easy is it to travel in Tehran?

Hi, how easy is it to travel in Tehran? i am planning to visit some Iranian airlines' offices in Tehran in 2018. Are the public transport equipped with signs in English? How much do land transport travel in Tehran from the airport cost? Do Iranians speak English? I am from Singapore.

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Hi man, well to answer your questions I should say that: 

1. It's quite easy to travel in  Tehran but just keep in mind that Tehran is a cery busy city and traffic can be a disaster over there especially during rush hours. 

2. Public trasports don't really have English signs, however if u use underground you can see names of stations in English. 

3. The costs of taxis from IKIA (International airport in Tehran) to any destination in Tehran are fixed and it's a bit less than 20 euro for one way. 

4. It's depends whom you talking about, generally Iranians are not very good with English, however, if you talk with young people, they can help you although maybe their English is not perfect. 

5. Some tips: 

1. If I were you I used official Taxis in Tehran to go around, they are not very expensive and they can go anywhere, they have are yellow cars and in my opinion the best option will be this: just arrange with one of them and make a deal to hire him for the period which u r there in Tehran, it will help him and you both. He get good money and u will be in all destinations that u want fast and without any problems. 

2. Generally, Iranians are very nice people and although you will find lots of them can't speak English very well but for sure they will do all their best to help you in any way that they can. 

3. Don't forget about traffic jam in Tehran, it's a disaster!!

4. I'm always open if I can help you in anyway

Enjoy and have fun


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Hi, it is very easy to travel in Tehran. Too many tourist travel every year in Iran and specially in this city. All public transports are equipped with English signs. Transfer from airport to Tehran depends on the distance. There is different prices (east, west, north or south Tehran). But it costs from Imam Khomeini Airport City Company to Azadi Square about 60 - 70 tousend tomans. A number of Iranians can speak English and other languages. Have a nice Trip ;)

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Dear Gan, 

well, I suggest to visit them in this order:

- Category 1:

Aria, Kish, Mahan, Saha Airlines (Be care that Mahan air has its own building and I suggest first visit that one and then Aria and Kish and after these Saha airline.  (just to know, Aria and Saha are not very good airlines), Mahan is much better and Kish is good too.

- Category 2:

Caspian and Qeshm airline, and first go to Qeshm airline and after that Caspian.

- For Iran air, I'm not sure about this address and check it one more time, because Iran Air has a lot of buildings and their main offices are in Mehrabad International Airport. I suggest to check one more time, to me this address is seems to be a travel agency or their ticket sell agency, I'm not sure, check it. 

Good luck



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