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Kristen asked

Need budget friendly hotels anywhere on route from boston to tampa

Looking for suggestions for attractions and things to do along the route from boston to tampa. budget friendly ideas please we are driving from boston to tampa in 3 days. looking for suggestions for nightlife, and activities for young adults to adventure and explore.

Boston (Massachusetts) Tampa (Florida)

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Jeremy from Ottawa

Depends a bit which way you go, if you don't mind the extra 40mins, going through Delaware is kinda neat. You get to go over/through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. Then you end up in Virginia Beach on the other side. If you do go that way, note that there is no sales tax in Delaware, so it's great place for some quick shopping, and once in Virginia Beach, stop at Duck Donuts. Best $1.50 you'll ever spend. 

Myrtle Beach for a night is a good spot, pretty active little ocean side tourist spot. And the pimped out golf-carts on the beach at night are a sight to see.

I know this is almost at your destination, but detouring into Daytona Beach for an hour or two is also worth it. Go for a quick dip in the awesome waves and soft sand. I don't think you can drive onto the beach anymore, but doesn't matter, still a nice refreshing stop.

Do be carful though when picking places to stop along the way, some of the areas you'll be driving through are not exactly the safest, so it's best to stick to tourist areas for gas/snacks and if you're hitting a cheap motel, make it one close to the hwy. We had rough experiences in South Carolina and Georgia (State) traveling down there. At one place in Georgia we stopped for gas and a cruiser pulled up beside us about 10 seconds after stopping, said it wasn't a good place for tourists and he offered an escort back to the hwy.

Depending how long you'll be in Florida, heading to the Keys is definitely worth it. It' one of the world's best scenic drives. It's not super-close to Tampa, but can be a fun 1 or 2 night getaway if you can swing it. Plus, you went that far, might as well finish of the whole coast... AND Bahia Honda State Park is jaw dropping, you'll think you left the continent all together. And you won't see too many tourists there at this time of year.

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I agree about going through Delaware - I prefer that myself. I think you can still drive on the sand in Ormond Beach which is north of Daytona, but I don't know that it is worth the extra time for the detour. There are other places you can drive on the beach, like the OBX.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Delaware (attraction)
  2. Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel (attraction)
  3. Virginia Beach (city)
  4. Duck Donuts (restaurant)
  5. Myrtle Beach (city)
  6. Daytona Beach (city)
  7. South Carolina (attraction)
  8. Georgia (State) (attraction)
  9. Tampa (city)
  10. Bahia Honda State Park (attraction)
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Claudia from New York City

I usually book a Hampton Inn or Fairfield Inn whenever we need an overnight stay during road trips.

We did a few road trips from New York City to Tampa in the last 10 years. And here's one that we like, a 4-day itinerary:

1. Drive to DC.

2. Washington, DC - 2 nights stay in DC visiting monuments, memorials and museums (National Air and Space Museum). Jaleo and Cafe Mozart were our favorite places to eat. For budget-friendly restaurants, read an article by

3. Savannah - 1 night stay in Savannah. Take an Old Savannah Tour to learn about the park squares, historic homes and iconic landmarks of Savannah. For fun and excitement, join a ghost tour at night. If you like southern cooking, I recommend Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room. And Sandfly BBQ for bbq brisket.

4. Drive to Tampa

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Mentioned in this answer:

  1. New York City (city)
  2. Tampa (city)
  3. Washington, DC (city)
  4. Savannah (city)
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Hazel from Port St. Lucie

This is a 30 hour drive. 10 hours a day. Stopping for gas, lunch, dinner, misc. I have driven to Florida many ways. Leave by 10 am and stop by 8 pm. book on hotwire 2.5 - 3 stars after 6 pm. Close to where you are. Sign up for rewards Hilton Honors is great. La Quinta is great. Cheddars is a fantastic place to eat if you see one. There is IKEA in Tampa.

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We often drive from Maryland to Miami, and Google says this is a little more than 1000 miles and 14.5 hours. We do this in three days at 325 miles a day (4-5 hours). [that's if we are in a hurry] So I believe Google which says Boston to Tampa is 21.5 hours, which would be 7 hours a day.

The question states they are looking for attractions, stopping for gas, lunch, dinner, attractions takes extra time. I can drive 36 hours, and sleep 4. Seeing Hersey as you suggested is an excellent place and takes time. Well worth as much time as they choose. Virginia Beach, I would take the sailboat ride on the Chesapeake Bay, Plus walk out on the Pier and other fun things there. I would ride the bikes along Myrtle Beach. Very fun experience. Takes a bit of time getting to the beach, but easy parking and access. Savannah and Charleston take time as well. It took me 6 hours to drive 20 miles near Savannah, so no telling traffic conditions.

I was thinking that they mostly wanted free things to do at night. So drive 7 hours (lunch and gas stops are included in the driving time) and then stop and party. When I'm calculating the time I don't include the visiting time because that varies according to the person and how much time they want to spend.
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Once you decide where the stopping points are, just look on Google maps and it will give you budget friendly hotels.  I personally like to stay at the Hampton Inns because they give me a good value for the money and include a free breakfast. 

From Boston I'm thinking that you want to drive about 6 hours each day, which would put you in the vicinity of Hershey's Chocolate World which is free.  There is also a big amusement park there, which is not free.  You could stop instead at Lancaster (Pennsylvania) and you can eat at one of the Amish buffets which are all you can eat -Miller's Smorgasbord Restaurant is about $24 each and there is also Good 'N Plenty Restaurant and Smokehouse BBQ & Brews at Plain & Fancy Farm

For the next stop I vacillated between Ocean City (Maryland) (walking the boardwalk is free but there may not be a cheap hotel that will let you stay for just one night) and Virginia Beach or  Elizabeth City  To get to Elizabeth City you drive down US 17 along the Dismal Swamp Canal - there is a state park there and this is along the main route that the sailors take down south in the Intercoastal Waterway.  

Last I think Charleston, Savannah or Myrtle Beach a beach town with a boardwalk and lots of tourists (or Beaufort which has a historic walking tour and some interesting restaurants and is also near Parris Island) before you finally get to Tampa

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