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Long layover in Taipei - What should I do?

I'm going to Thailand and somehow we ended up with a 15 hour layover in Taipei. I figure between landing and getting back to the airport, I have a solid 10 hours to explore. What should I do? Any must-see spots and/or places to eat?

Also, what's the easiest way to get to the city? I'm more concerned about ease than budget. Thanks!

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Taipei 101 was ever the highest building in the world, you could check this. By the way, there is a famous Chinese food restaurant called Din Tai Fung . It's famous for the dish Xiaolongbao.

I feel so sorry that the railway between downtown and airport is under construction. it will take you less than one hour to downtown Taipei by express bus.


the railway between airport and downtown Taipei is on the service now.

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Alex from Taipei

The easiest way to get to town is definitely by bus. It's cheap (around $3) and takes around an hour (depends on where you want to go)

If you arrive in day time, National Palace Museum  is a must-see place. And maybe Temples like  Xingtiangong Longshan Temple .Night time, I'll say night markets. Like Shilin Night Market or 寧夏夜市 Ningxia Night Market

Other things like landmark Taipei 101.. Well you don't really have to go. Haha.

There's one really famous Taiwanese restaurant called Din Tai Fung. They have different chains in the city. Do some research about food and have a great appetite! You'll have a great time there :-)

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Patricia from California

Taking a taxi is always the easiest way to get into the city.  Depending on your interests and the weather, you could go to Taipei 101 for a view of the city, or go to the National Palace Museum for incredible collections of Chinese art and artifacts.  Taipei 101 is more convenient to other parts of the city for shopping, dining, and sightseeing, but you could easily spend a whole day at National Palace Museum.

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Kuan Kai from Taipei

If you have only 10 hours, I suggest you to visit Taipei 101 and eat the best dumplings in Din Tai Fung which is located right below the 101 building.

You can take a Taxi from airport to Taipei 101, it's quite fast and convenient.

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Michael from San Francisco

At the airport, you will find driving services.  I took the equivolent of a towncar service (it happened to be a black Mercedes S class).  It was $50 into town which i consider reasonable given the convenience.  I called the driver directly on my way home, and it was only $40.

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Taipei 101 is nice to see.

Following is MRT map.

If you prefer natural, Xiangshen is nice spot to see Taipei city. :)

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Dave from Taipei

If you want ease grab a cab to Taipei.  The airport is 45 min outside Taipei in Taoyuan.  Check out the 信義區 Xinyi District around Taipei 101 to see the upscale side of Taipei.  

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Annie from New York City

Too bad Taipei is only a layover; it is worth the destination.  For ease, get car service so that it saves the time of figuring out the metro (although it is very intuitive). Check out Taipei Car Service for rates.

It also saves the hassle of waiting in the taxi queue (taxi is the easiest to/from airport). Budget about an hour each way.

The short answer to your question on what to do:  NY Time's 36 Hours in Taipei.  It has great suggestions. My favorites:  

- Night market is a must, and is worth it if your layover is after 6PM. Skip Huaxi Street night market (very touristy), and head to Raohe St. Night MarketRaohe Street night market instead. 

-  Taipei 101 to check out the views.  Din Tai Fung is located in the food arcade, but as this is a global eatery, skip in the interest of time if you've already experienced it in other U.S. cities

-   Yongkang Street - for eats of course!

National Palace Museum for culture (if you do make it there, consider Shilin Night Market instead (due to proximity)

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Evon from Taipei, Taiwan

I think you can try the Taiwan's food, mostly are cheap and delicious, we have the best tapioca milk tea, fruit, and Taiwan style food, too many...

because you just stay less than 1 day, I suggest you to visit Xingtiangong temple, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall,  Taipei 101 building, and you choose a night market to get different experience. 

Taipei has convenience Metro, so most place can be arrived by MRT, hope you enjoy the period you stay in Taipei.

by the way, Taipei sometimes raining afternoon, make sure the weather and bring an umbrella to avoid the raining day.    

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David from Taipei

The airport Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) is 24km from downtown Taipei. The easiest way is hire a limo. it cost about NT$1500 ($50) for one way. and 10 hours hiring should cost you no more than NT$8000 ($266). The limo driver can take you to where ever you want to go.

the other option is take a shuttle bus to the high speed rail Taoyuan station (15min.), and the 300kph train will take you to Main station of Taipei in about 20 min. from there you can take MRT to many places. Taipei is very easy accessible, and people are very friendly to offer direction.

for the spots, there are hundreds things you can do in Taipei. I need to know the arriving time and the type of place you want to see.

Museum? Night Market? Food? shopping? Tea house? Nature scene?

look forward your reply. 

Taiwan High Speed Rail

Taipei MRT (subway)

Taipei tourism net

Free tour from the airport (for culture go tour A, City go Tour B)

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Marc from Le Chesnay

You can have a look at a similar subject I launched on Quora recently (yes I know, at that time I was not aware of Trippy, anyway, the information is always valuable.. )

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