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How hard is it to use public transportation in Taipei?

Even though I've heard good things about the efficiency of the public transportation system in Taipei, I'm a little bit worried about getting around without knowing the language. Is it best to take buses, trams, or trains there?  Do they have signs in English? This is my first trip there, so I don't know what to expect!

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Lita from Los Angeles

Oh, public transportation in Taipei is amazing.  It's very easy and efficient.  I don't read Chinese nor do I speak Mandarin and I got by just fine.  Pretty much all the signs are bilingual; you'll see English everywhere, especially at the train stations.  Plus, a lot of people there speak English.

The MRT is what I took the most.  It's the subway and they have stations everywhere.  There are maps everywhere in the stations, so it's very easy to navigate.  You can visit their website here.

Have fun on your trip!

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answered by
Eddy from New Taipei City (新北市)

No worries, it's all in English too.

If you've got a smart phone, make sure to use the maps app and to download FTiT HD (their best transportation app). 

The buses, the bikes, the MRT...all excellent and easy to use.

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answered by
Pin Wen from Taipei, Taiwan

Hi, Katrina!

Don't worry because the things you've heard about the public transportation system in Taipei is completely true! It's almost reachable to most of the popular tourist attractions in Taipei by metro(subway) and bus. At metro(subway) station, there's always clear information in English, and even broadcast and screen in English at every station. At bus stop on the street, you could find English information for important stops. As for train, maybe it would be a little bit harder for foreigners but it's always possible to ask someone to help you in English! 

Here's the metro map in Taipei:

ave a good time in Taiwan! Don't be too surprised at Taiwanese' kindness :)

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answered by
Ijac from Taipei, Taiwan

Don't worry. The spelling in English may not be 100% correct though :p, but I think you can get good guide from the sign. 

You can take MRT and there are Ubike around the MRT station. 

>> MRT map

>> Ticket information 

You can buy 1 day pass~5 day pass which is no limitation use MRT and Bus. 

>> Ubike station map

>> Rental information 

The rental registration online required Taiwan cellphone number and easy card, not including 1 day pass. Online registration can have first 30min free. 

But you can direct rental at the Ubike station, there is a equipment that you can do one-time rental by credit card. Though there is no first 30min free. The fee is still quite cheap. First 1~4 hours are $10/hour; 4~8 hours are $20/hour. 

If you have any question, you can always ask the staff at each MRT station. At some MRT stations which are famous location for tourists, there are information centers as well. 

And, I think most Taipei citizens can speak English and are friendly to help.

Have a nice trip. 

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answered by

No worries. Metro system are announced in both Chinese and English. Here is route map, may help. 

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answered by
Yuan from San Diego

The MRT is the easiest way to get around. The signs are in English, it's clean, safe, and goes all over the city (especially with the recently opened Xinyi Line that extends the Red Line all the way to Taipei 101 and a bit beyond). During rush hour (weekday morning and ~5-6pm) they can be pretty crowded, so if you can plan around avoiding those times, that would be recommended.

You can check out the map here:

Taxis are also quite reasonably priced compared to the US, and you can get to most places for between 100NTD-300NTD (~$3-10USD)

If you take a bus, you'll need exact change or you'll want to pick up an Easy Card:

The Easy Card also works on the MRT and you can buy them in the MRT Stations or at the local convenience stores (7-11, Family Mart, etc.), which you'll find pretty much on any street corner. According to the Wikipedia link, you need a minimum of 200NTD (~$6USD), to pick it up (100NTD deposit, 100NTD chargeup).

Also, I'd recommend picking up a local 3G sim card at the airport - I believe it is around $15USD for a 7 day unlimited data plan. Google Maps is pretty reliable in Taipei.

Have fun and enjoy Taipei. I live here now, and have traveled quite a bit in Asia, and it's my favorite city in Asia. :)

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answered by
Rynn from Taipei

For traveler, is it best to take MRT (Metro Rapid Transit). They usually have signs in English. If not, you can ask the passenger around you. People in Taipei are kind and nice. 

I do not suggest to take bus around the Taipei, unless you know Chinese or you are going with somebody who know Chinese. 

Enjoy your trip in Taipei! 

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There are 2 major ways to travel within this city, MRT and Bus.

Both of them are fairly easy and convenient for foreigners who only recognizes English.

MRT would be your best choice as all the signs are with English.

Most of the staff there are fluent in English.

Bus routes are 99% with digitals and English, if not 100%.

BTW, young people or even some older people in Taipei are fluent in English and willing to help.

Hence please don't worry too much about travelling in this city.

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answered by
Elater from Lithuania

Don't worry, you will see some latin letters too that will help to get orientation. Using metro there is really easy and convenient! Have a nice trip there! :)

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