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Sao Paulo

Fernanda from Sao Paulo asked

What would be the perfect local Stockholm experience?

I'm coming to Sverige in October and I'm super excited. 

I love traveling but seeing the city as a local. I don't mind if I miss on big touristy things (is not my taste). 

So, what do YOU as a Swede recommend me to do in my 4-day stay in your beautiful city? 

PS: Jag prata lite svenska! :) 


5 Answers
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Edward from Stockholm

Hi there and welcome to Stockholm!

If you want to experience the city as a local, I recommend that you stay away from the parts of Stockholm that are mostly crowded with tourists, such as Vasa MuseumDrottninggatan and Gamla Stan (the old town - but it's really pretty though!).

Instead you should visit the parts around MedborgarplatsenNytorgetHornstull and Mariatorget. Around these areas you'll find cafés, restaurants, bars, shops, parks, a walk by the water (Hornstull) and much more that will give you a more local experience. No trays, coffee cups or postcards with elks or the royal family. ;) If you wish a less hipster-esque but still local experience, try Fridhemsplan or Odenplan T-bana

If you wish to try traditional Swedish cuisine, you should go to Tradition. It's a restaurant that serves food that the majority of Swedes had for dinner in the 1970s and 1980s. Apparently it's been a great success since they now have three venues in Stockholm: Tradition (Tulegatan 10), Tradition Tjärhovsgatan AB (wrong location on the map: the adress is Tjärhovsgatan 5, 116 21 Stockholm) Tradition Österlånggatan AB (also wrong location on the map, the adress is Österlånggatan 1, 111 31 Stockholm).

Other things I would recommend is chokladfabriken (chocolate factory/shop/café), visiting almost any of the museums (depending on your interests but I personally like Fotografiska (photography and a highly overpriced restaurant), Naturhistoriska riksmuseet (natural history) and Moderna museet(modern and contemporary art)). Another great place is Vintervikens Trädgård which is garden and café by the water, surrounded by autumn colors, open on Saturdays and Sundays in October.

Have a great time in Stockholm!

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Amazing advice, Edward! I can't wait to visit Stockholm myself :)

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Vasa Museum (attraction)
  2. Drottninggatan (attraction)
  3. Gamla Stan (attraction)
  4. Medborgarplatsen (attraction)
  5. Nytorget (attraction)
  6. Hornstull (attraction)
  7. Mariatorget (attraction)
  8. Fridhemsplan (attraction)
  9. Odenplan T-bana (attraction)
  10. Tradition (restaurant)
  11. Tradition Tjärhovsgatan AB (restaurant)
  12. Tradition Österlånggatan AB (attraction)
  13. chokladfabriken (restaurant)
  14. Fotografiska (restaurant)
  15. Naturhistoriska riksmuseet (attraction)
  16. Moderna museet (attraction)
  17. Vintervikens Trädgård (attraction)
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answered by
Panos from Stockholm


Grill® STEAKHOUSE, Drottninggatan 89, (kitchy, fun, different, posh all in one place)

Flippin' Burgers BURGER JOINT, Observatoriegatan 8 Upplandsgatan (best burger in STHLM and maybe in the world)

Hornstulls Marknad FLEA MARKET, Hornstulls strand, (Expensive but awesome food trucks!) 

Östermalms Saluhall Humlegårdsgatan 1 Östermalmstorg (A farmers market with restaurants in the heart of STHLM) 

Urban Deli AB DELI / BODEGA Nytorget 4 Skånegatan (local hipsters place.) 

Creperie Fyra Knop AB FRENCH RESTAURANT, Svartensgatan 4 Götgatan (I take my dates there. Haven't failed me once.)



Have a few beers, get tipsy, and then play Rundpingis at Ugglan Boule & Bar BAR, Närkesgatan 6 Nytorget (Weird place. Lots of FUN!)

Berns BAR/NIGHTCLUB Berzelii Park Berns (the most beautiful restaurant/bar/club in STHLM. Haters gonna hate.)

Himlen ABCOCKTAIL BAR, Götgatan 78 (Skybar with great views of STHLM) 

Morfar Ginko & Pappa Ray Ray BAR, Swedenborgsgatan 13 at Högbergsgatan (hipster place. Really cool. For food and drinks) 

Nosh and Chow COCKTAIL BAR, Norrlandsgatan 24 Kungsgatan, Stockholm, (love this place) 

Sturecompagniet ABNIGHTCLUB, Sturegatan 4, (lots of different clubs in that building. Dress impeccably!)

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Amazing answer, Panos! And now we know where to find you on date night :P By the way, the Trippy team has helped you geo-tag all the places that you mentioned so that they appear on a map with your answer. Thanks for sharing!

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Grill® (restaurant)
  2. Flippin' Burgers (restaurant)
  3. Hornstulls Marknad (attraction)
  4. Hornstulls strand (attraction)
  5. Östermalms Saluhall (restaurant)
  6. Urban Deli AB (restaurant)
  7. Creperie Fyra Knop AB (restaurant)
  8. Ugglan Boule & Bar (restaurant)
  9. Berns (hotel)
  10. Himlen AB (attraction)
  11. Morfar Ginko & Pappa Ray Ray (attraction)
  12. Nosh and Chow (restaurant)
  13. Sturecompagniet AB (attraction)
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answered by
Agatha from New York City

I recently visited friends in Stockholm and it is such a beautiful and fun city. I loved having lunch by the water at Strandbryggan AB, and the view from the Djurgårdsbron bridge is absolutely beautiful. Although it can be touristy I highly recommend visiting some cultural areas such as Gamla Stan, and Skansen. I also highly recommend getting on one of the many boats that visit other islands such as Vaxholm. These boats depart from Nybroviken. If you're interested in nightlife F12 is a lot of fun!  

Other favorites include: Nordiska museet BiblioteketVasa MuseumKungsträdgården Park & Evenemang AB and Millesgården.  

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Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Strandbryggan AB (restaurant)
  2. Djurgårdsbron (attraction)
  3. Gamla Stan (attraction)
  4. Skansen (attraction)
  5. Vaxholm (city)
  6. Nybroviken (attraction)
  7. F12 (attraction)
  8. Nordiska museet Biblioteket (attraction)
  9. Vasa Museum (attraction)
  10. Kungsträdgården Park & Evenemang AB (attraction)
  11. Millesgården (attraction)
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answered first by
Robert from Las Vegas


I'm From Sweden, and I love Stockholm. I would recommend Gamla Stan, Slussen - Strömkajen, Medborgarplatsens bibliotekOdenplan T-banaÖstermalmstorgKungsträdgårdsgatan, etc.

All these places you can find with the subway. Have a great time!

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Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Stockholm (city)
  2. Gamla Stan (attraction)
  3. Slussen - Strömkajen (attraction)
  4. Medborgarplatsens bibliotek (attraction)
  5. Odenplan T-bana (attraction)
  6. Östermalmstorg (attraction)
  7. Kungsträdgårdsgatan (attraction)
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answered by
Panos from Stockholm

Hej Fernanda,

Here's my recommendations as an expat/local.


If you love burgers you have to eat at Flippin' Burgers. If you're not a big fan of burgers, then you should still go see how the best cheeseburger in the explored universe tastes like. It is expensive though, with a cheeseburger going for about 120 SEK, without fries. Ouch...

For more affordable, but quality fast foodVigårda is the answer. Everything else is ridiculously expensive or ridiculously low-quality.

Another local hot spot to eat is Urban Deli AB (Nytorget 4 & Skånegatan). Mid-priced.

For some reason, tourists adore the pizza in Sweden. If you're curious, have a taste at Primo Ciao Ciao pizzeria in Södermalm (Bondegatan 44 Nytorgsgatan)

Continuing with Italian food, there's one place that all locals like. It's a restaurant of the Vapiano restaurant chain. But you will go to their restaurant in Gamla Stan, and you will go at night, when the atmosphere is great. The place is right next to the exit of the Gamla Stan subway station. Of course, you need to pick the right exit. :) (just follow the crowd. The majority chooses that exit.) 

Unfortunately, I can't recommend restaurants with Swedish cuisine. Not a big fan of them. What I know though, is that in order to get exciting Scandinavian food you need to pay a hefty amount. 

You could try you luck at Köttbaren (Tegnérgatan 32). Go for the lunch special, which is decently priced and always high-quality. Beautiful place too.

If you're deep-pocketed, try Riche SCANDINAVIAN RESTAURANT (Birger Jarlsgatan 4).

Coming in October most probably means that the weather will be...disappointing, so no outdoor picnics for you. (picnic is a popular activity among the locals here.) If the stars align and the weather is great, Monteliusvägen is the best-kept secret when it comes to picnic spots. Grab some coffee and fresh pastries from wherever you fancy and go there. If you go alone, bring a book, laptop, iPad, whatever, 'cause picnic by yourself is not that exciting... And don't forget to bring a blanket or something to lay on the ground.


My favorite subject. Here's the cafes you could visit that you won't find in other places (which means, no Starbucks recommendations).


Although it's the most touristy place in Stockholm, you have to visit it. You could take a coffee with you and take a stroll to get a feel of the place, or sit in one of the cafes. There are a lot of them and some  have underground sitting areas which is kind of cool in a medieval way.

If you're not into medieval basements go to Chokladkoppen. If you want to go underground, Café Dox AB (nice place, but careless owner) or Café Art (60 Västerlånggatan). Check also Under Kastanjen HB (Brända tomten between Kindstugatan & Själagårdsgatan). For some reason I like that place.


Konditori Sturekatten (Riddargatan 4). That place is a maze. You'll either love it or hate it. One thing is for sure, it is different.

Café Saturnus (Eriksbergsgatan 6 Birger Jarlsgatan). The biggest bulle pastry you'll find.

There much more to recommend you, but I'm out of time.

If you have Foursquare, check the lists I've created for Stockholm ( The "TP20" list is supposed to be a curation of Top 20 places of Stockholm, but there way more than 20.

Have fun!


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Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Flippin' Burgers (restaurant)
  2. Vigårda (restaurant)
  3. Urban Deli AB (restaurant)
  4. Köttbaren (restaurant)
  5. Monteliusvägen (attraction)
  6. Chokladkoppen (restaurant)
  7. Café Dox AB (restaurant)
  8. Café Art (restaurant)
  9. Under Kastanjen HB (restaurant)
  10. Konditori Sturekatten (attraction)
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