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Stockholm, Helsinki

Ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki!

Hey guys, I was looking into taking the ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki this October. 

1- Do you think it will it be too cold and I won't enjoy my trip?

2- Does it really cost 170 euros each way? I found it strange because the flight is only 20. 

3- Does it really take 10h? 

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Edward from Stockholm

Hi there Fernanda!

1. It might be to cold, it might not. The big issue is if it might be stormy with great waves that cause seasickness (which might be the case during the fall but absolutely not always). But it's not really a ferry, more like a cruise ship. So you usually spend most of the time indoors. There are plenty of restaurants, shops and (on some boats) pool/spa areas. And a lot of bars.

2. The price depends on which company you use. I think that Viking Line is generally cheaper than Silja Line. It also depends on which type of boat you take (like if it's a themed cruise on a luxury boat or a more simple ship). The type of cabin is also a big price differ: can you share a 4-bed cabin with others? Much cheaper than a suite with balcony. ;) Do you want to include food in your ticket? Can you travel during the week and not on the weekend? And so on. When I made a search on Viking Lines website just now the one way ticket for 1 person in a 4-bed cabin on the 1st of October was 640 SEK (that's 61 euro). But you might find even cheaper tickets if your willing to take a boat not from central Stockholm: the boats also leaves from Kapellskar and that's usually cheaper. Kapellskär is like 90 minutes by bus from central Stockholm. But then you'll have to buy a bus ticket as well.

3. I'm not sure about the exact time frame but yes, it takes some time. 10 hours actually sounds a bit short. I believe it's more like 14 hours or even more.

Finally: the ferry is of course a great way to see sunsets over open waters and the Swedish archipelago. But these boats are usually filled with two kinds of people: families with children looking for an easy and cheap vacation AND 25-year-olds with the aim set for getting drunk and getting laid. So if these are not groups of people you wanna spend 14 hours, with then you should travel by air. ;) Otherwise: this is Viking Lines website:

Have a great stay in Sweden!

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answered by
Mika from Helsinki

1 - No worries about the weather. The boats on Stockholm-Helsinki route are pretty huge and you do not need to spend your time outside on the deck :)

2 - I suggest you to book your trip as a last minute from They usually have really good last minute offers. It is usually cheaper to book a return ticket not one way. Book about 2-4 weeks before your trip.

The other boat company is:, but usually it is more expensive than Viking Line.

Anyway I would personally choose to fly. Save money and time. The cruising boats are pretty packed up with drunk people. Especially in the weekends...

3 - The journey from Stockholm to Helsinki takes about 16h 40min

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answered first by
Rita from Belgium

Hi Fernanda,

Glad to hear that you are interested in traveling to Helsinki.

1. October is not too cold. It can be a little rainy, but normally the weather is still rather nice.

2. If you are planning to return to Stockholm, take a cruise with possibility to stay one or two days in Helsinki. Price depends on the ferry company, and the type of cruise you choose. You can find special offers, follow the advertising. The price is higher, because they are cruise ships, with all kinds of entertainment, restaurants, bars, shops etc. Compare prices!

3. yes, you can travel overnight or during the day, depends on the company and the ship.

Have a good trip!

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answered by
Harri from Helsinki

1. No, in october the weather in Helsinki is very similiar to Stockholm so if you can manage Stockholm you can manage Helsinki without any issues.

2. No, for example take a look at Viking Line ( they offer day in Helsinki cruises from Stockholm. Price from 35€ and up. (that is both ways)

3. Yeah, it takes :) With a cruise like I mentioned in 2 you will be on the boat for 2 nights and in Helsinki for one day (6-8h). If you enjoy partying its really common place to go party for 2 nights in a row.

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Inside the ship it's of course cosy and warm, on the decks it might be freezingly cold, but it could be nice then, too. It depends a little which time of month you are planning to travel.

the price of the ticket depends on the weekday, From Sun to Thu it's cheeper than on Fri-Sat. You could lasi travel without a bedplace, if you are travelling on a minibudget, not very comfortable allthough.

and yes, it takes 10 hours!

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answered by
John from Helsinki

1. The islands are there all year, although it gets dark early in October. You can watch the scenery from a bar or cafe if you find the deck too cold.

2. Look for 'cruises' on the ferry websites - this means a 2-way trip with cabin and is much cheaper than a regular return trip.

3. It's an overnight trip, so you're saving two nights in a hotel. Good for your budget! And you arrive in Helsinki at a good time to start exploring.

Two operators serve this route, Viking and Silja. I suggest you take Viking Line as it gives you a close-up view of Suomenlinna fortress islands and Port of Helsinki / Helsingin Satama as you arrive, and the terminal is much better placed in Helsinki. It's also closer to Stockholm centre than Silja's terminal.

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Hello, nice to hear you're planning to come to Helsinki! Ok, the price of the ferry depends on a few things. 

1. Are you doing a cruise (Stockholm-Helsinki-Stockholm, the ferry arrives in the morning and leaves again in the evening), OR just a one way trip? Usually they have cheap cruise offers, such as this:

It's cheapest to find three other people to go with and share a cabin, instead of paying the whole cabin by yourself! Also you can always just buy the cruise option and just not take the ferry back if you want to stay longer in Helsinki.

3. It's cheaper on weekdays Sunday-Thursday than on weekends.

4. The company above is usually the cheapest, but the ships are older and more rundown than Tallink Silja. However, it's only one night. So yes, it actually takes more than 10 hours, closer to 14-16.

As for the weather, it's chilly in October, but you will spend the whole cruise indoors anyway. You should also know these are so-called Booze Cruises with a lot of party & drunken people on board, which is of course fun if you're into that :)

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answered by
Fred from Around the World Road

1) It's not too cold unless you plan to stay on deck all your journey. 


2) That is way too expensive. I normally pay around 30€ per way. 


3) If I remember correctly it should be around 12-13h

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answered by
Boije from Siuntio


1) Not necessary, but October can be little windy.

2) No. Price depends on what cabin category you take or do you choose only a seat. There is all from very cheap to really expensive luxury.

There is 2 companies from where you can choose: Viking Line and Tallink.

I prefer Viking Line by myself. Viking Line link:

3) Yes it takes over 10 hours, goes from Stockholm at 16:30 PM and are next day about 10 AM in Helsinki (1 hour time difference)

On weekends, Friday, Saturdays there are more party on the boat.

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answered by
Ulrika from Sweden

Too cold? When will you travel? At the moment it's around 18 degrees in Stockholm, so I don't think it will be a problem. 

Yes it takes 10 hours and 170 Euros sounds expensive, are you bringing a car? If not it is probably because you need a cabin, but it sounds very expensive. Should be around 40-50 euros. 

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