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Spain, Italy, Greece

Is two weeks enough to see Spain, Italy and Greece?

Hi All,

My girlfriend and I are planing a trip to Europe for this June (or possibly July). Our plan is to visit Spain, Italy and Greece. We are planning on making it a two week trip. Does that sound like enough time? We don't have much set in stone for cities we would like to visit aside from Barcelona, Rome and Athens being definites. Any other recommendations would be great appreciated!



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Tiffany from Corvallis

It depends on what you mean by "see."  Do you want to spend a few days in each big city and see the highlights? Then you can do all three countries. If you want to really feel like you're getting to know a place and you want to get a better sense of the culture and people, then I'd focus on seeing a couple places in one country.

Two weeks is a nice amount of time. You can logistically see Barcelona and the surrounding area over 3-4 days, Rome itself could fill another 3-4 days, then you can enjoy Athens for the remaining days. That would work. Check out the European budget airlines like Ryan Air, TUI, and German Wings for some reasonable flights between those cities.

The other option is to pick one country or even two (one week in each), and get outside of the big cities.  It's outside those larger cities that you'll get a richer sense of culture.

Barcelona is close enough to drive to Andorra and the south of France in addition to exploring more Spanish regions around nearby Tarragona and Valencia. You can even take the ferry to Majorca. Look for small towns. You can see a ton here.

When I went to Rome, I spend a full week in Rome, and another full week in Tuscany seeing Florence, Cinque Terre, Pisa, Lucca, San Gimignano, Siena, plus Tarquinia on the way back.

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Maria from Dublin

I agree with most of the others - 2 weeks is not nearly enough time to see all 3 countries properly. I suggest picking one or choosing Spain and Italy together or Greece island hopping for the whole 2 weeks. It is possible to fly into Madrid or Barcelona, spend a few days in each ( you can connect by fast train or short flight) The coast around Barcelona is really nice to explore too. Girona is also a lovely small city (near Barcelona)  with lots going on and, also, a Ryanair flight connecting Girona with Brindisi or Pisa  in Italy. Pisa is good for exploring Tuscany (Lucca, San Gimignano, Florence) and also Siena and Bologna. You can see a lot using the train in this area. Brindisi is great for exploring Puglia, you'll need a car here, and driving can be a little tricky, but I cannot emphasise enough how beautiful the area is. It is very different from the rest of Italy and produces a huge amount of the food. The coastline is really lovely, the vibe is relaxing and there are wonderful small cities like Ostuni and Lecce to explore.

Have a great time.

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  9. Tuscany (state)
  10. Lucca (attraction)
  11. San Gimignano (attraction)
  12. Florence (city)
  13. Siena (attraction)
  14. Bologna (city)
  15. Puglia (attraction)
  16. Ostuni (city)
  17. Lecce (attraction)
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Roni from Dallas

I would limit your trip to 2 of those countries- Spain and Italy would be easier from a logistical standpoint. I would do 1 week in each, see 1-2 larger cities in each country and then smaller towns.  

For ex: Spain: Madrid or Barcelona and Seville plus visit small towns in Andalucía using Seville as home base.  

Italy: Rome - 2 full days. Use Siena as a home base for rest. Day trip to Florence from Siena (quick 1 hour direct bus ride) plus visit small Tuscan towns with rental car (San Gimignano, Pienza, Montepulciano). Amazing landscapes, small restaurants, authentic experience! Good luck and enjoy!!

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  9. Florence (city)
  10. San Gimignano (attraction)
  11. Pienza (city)
  12. Montepulciano (city)
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answered by
Sarah from Alicante

I agree with the other answers that you could be stretching yourself and spending a long time travelling. Spain is a huge country with so much to explore. Barcelona is a fabulous city and it's easy to spend 3 or 4 days there. Further south Valencia is another vibrant beach city with great architecture, food and the albufera where you can see where the rice is grown to make paellas. Northern Spain, such as the Picos de Europa is beautiful green countryside, great for hiking, with fabulous food such as cheese as well as cider. The País Vasco is also very beautiful and these two places are more rural and traditional. You're less likely to bump into large groups of tourists here.
From Barcelona you can get a train into southern France
I hope you have fun wherever you decide to go.

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answered by
Emily from Chicago

Hi Jay-

Sounds like fun! I agree with Tiffany's recommendation to be a bit more focused in the destinations you choose. A trip to Europe is always exciting and because things are relatively close together (compared to the U.S.) it can be tempting to try and fit in a lot of destinations and cities.

Trying to fit in all 3 countries and multiple destinations in each will mean a lot of your time is spent in transit rather than enjoying your vacation. While it might only be a couple hours from one city to the next, by the time you pack up, get to the the train station/airport, travel, get to your hotel and get settled and repeat 6 or 7 times you've eaten up at least a few days of your trip in getting from one place to the next. This can also be very draining as you're doing it in a foreign country where you may not speak the language, on top of the obvious reasons.

When I travel I want to get to know a place, it's people and if possible what it's like to live there. So I would recommend just choosing 1 of the 3 countries you mentioned. This will allow you time to visit a few cities (and surrounding areas) and explore areas beyond the major tourist destinations..and most importantly relax! 

Have a great time!


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answered by

It is definitely not enough :) Two weeks are probably too little for one of these countries :)

answered by
Noela N from Northport

No it doesn't seem like enough time. My suggestion would be: choose either Spain or Italy.

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answered by
Paul from Vail, Colorado

No way, you will be spending about 20-30% of your trip in taxis, airports, buses, trains and not seeing or experiencing the culture. Don't just check countries off a list, but get to know one city, region or country.

answered by
Esther from Tel Aviv

The simple answer is no. If you pick a city and spend a couple of weeks there. you can tour in that time, play the tourist, of course, but if you want to experience, you need minimally a week in each city, though personally, I'd prefer two.

answered by
Javier from Zaragoza

Clearly needed in Spain:

Madrid- 2 or  Days.

Barcelona- 2 or 3 Days 

Seville- 2 days.

Cordoba (Spain)- 1 day.

Granada- 1 Day. 

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