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  • Supun Edirisinghe
  • "Where's the quietest place in Southern California?"

Supun Edirisinghe

Carson (California), California

Where's the quietest place in Southern California?

I just read this article​ about quiet places. I like to go hike to places and just sit for a spell. In the quiet places that I've found near me, I can still hear airplanes and cars. I don't think it's possible to escape those without going far far away. What are some of the quiet places that you go to? Sounds of water and birds and a few other people and the wind in the trees are ok, of course.

Some examples of places that I like to be by myself in, that aren't more than a couple hours away, are the top of Mount Zion past the trail to Sturtavant Falls, the very bottom of the grotto trail in Malibu when I go early enough that there's not a lot of people out yet, and the top of Mount Lowe past Inspiration point and some of the bluffs off Palos Verdes. You can still hear LA from all these places since they aren't too far away from roads. Check this out​.

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  • Andrew W.

    Andrew W.

    Great question! · (1 likelikes)



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  • Zach Yates

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    Don't worry I know of a gem. And I am willing to tell you because unfortunately its becoming more and more publicly accessed, though forever infamous for its history legend and lore. Hey I really don't mean to make it sound bad, and truly its a magical place where a special silence can be encountered.

    60ft waterfall and 5 hours of fun canyon bouldering, in a secret canyon on the outskirts of Santa Ana south of Los Angeles.

    Read about Black Star Canyon online somewhere. Don't believe the lore and the danger that I am sure you will encounter in addition to wonderful directions and even some websites with a step by step photo journey to prepare you for the great trail ahead. its safer than ever I've been dozens of times even throughout the night. be prepared to walk an hour and a half on a hot dirt road, particularly scenic in the springtime because the hillsides turn completely purple and the entire canyon is full of waterfalls and fauna. Lots of ferns and orange aquatic salamanders, but be wary of bees when the weather is very hot and they gather at residing water pools. After the dirt road comes to a sharp bend to begin switchbacks, a trails ducks down to the right into where the fun starts. Also be wary of poison oak. Have fun and don't tell too many people ;)

    but also let me give you some wisdom I have found in pursuing what's wild and to listen to a natural symphony,

    You may not always be keen on traveling far to "get away," and you may find you do not need to travel far at all, but that you need to Robert Frost's advice a step further. When two roads diverge in a wood, you can take the road less traveled by. Or you can bushwack.

    I just hitch-hiked throughout South America. In and around every town not only could I find nooks and crannies to sleep in, but many natural gems and wonders that were not tourist locations. Even in many occasions there was not even a trail made by humans to follow, or sometimes not even a trail at all.

    Get Lost to find yourself, and remember that any place is what you make of it.

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    • Debbie L.

      Debbie L.

      Thanks for sharing. I loved reading this. I'm a big fine of tranquil, magical gems in nature, and this sounds like one of them. So this is safe and allowable to access at night, too? · (0 likelikes)

    • Supun E.

      Supun E.

      The first time I went was on a rainy night, and my cousins and I were scared off before we got to the bend by what we assumed was a mountain lion, deer, squirrel and/or ghost. I've been to Black Star 2 more times in the daytime since. What makes this hike more fun in addition to the rock hopping and the waterfall/cave at the end is hearing all the different things people have read about online (gangstas, ghosts of massacred natives and school bus accident victims, and salt pellet shooting squatters, etc). The next time I go, I'll enjoy paying attention to the quiet. Thanks · (0 likelikes)

    • Supun E.

      Supun E.

      Zack, I can't wait to see you share some of the experiences from when you were hitch hiking as you answer Qs about South America · (0 likelikes)

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