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Sam from Banff asked

Backpacking Southeast Asia budget- how much would I need?

Looking to backpack Southeast Asia for approximately two months. How much is a safe amount to have saved before travelling? I am a first time backpacker looking to go to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Indonesia.

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Sabine from Amsterdam

I would say €1.000 per month (which is approximately 1.000 US dollar). I travelled for 5 weeks in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia and spent a little over €1.000. And it could be even cheaper. We stayed at guesthouses/hostels. If you want to have your private room in a hotel, it will be more expensive. I agree with Brianna that Singapore is more expensive and depending on where you exactly go to in Indonesia as well. Book your flight with Air Asia which has some good cheap flights. 

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Nam from Kamphaeng Phet

Cost of living in Thailand risen up obviously, especially food and transportation. 1usd or 1euro for one dish of street food is gone. At least you have to pay 1.5usd as regular. Dorm room cheapest 5 - 7usd but better to book on regular price at 12usd.

Singaporeis the most expensive, cheapest dorm room around 20usd per night. When I visited there I paid 26usd per night for no window 6 bed mixed dorm at Chinatown

Indonesia is archipelago, depend on your plan what island you want to visit. Dorm room in Bali and Java 10 - 12usd. Street food from 1usd.

Vietnamand Cambodiaare cheapest, dorm room 5 - 10usd. Street food started at 1usd.

You plan to visit 5 countries that pretty much, please calculate carefully for transportation budget.

I have traveled 9 from 10 countries of Southeast Asia. In my opinion you should set the budget 3,000usd for 2 months. 

Tightly budget is possible but sometime splurge is reasonable.

Go to this blog, it is helpful for smart backpackers, especially anyone who want to explore Southeast Asia.

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Jae from Singapore

A typical backpacking budget for SEA is $30-$50 USD per day. This will include cheap accommodations wherever you go, cheap food, cheap transportation options, and modestly priced tours and activities.  


Singapore is more expensive, but your not likely to stay there too many days anyway, so it all averages out. Have fun on your trip :)

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Brianna from Brooklyn

I think you could get away on $4,000 USD including all flights. Singapore and Indonesia will be a bit more expensive than the others, however surely you can live pretty comfortably and experience what you want for this. 

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