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Baton Rouge

Josh from Baton Rouge asked

Anyone have experience in SE Asia with an allergy to fish?

I am planning a trip to SE Asia, Thailand and Cambodia to be more specific.  My wife recently developed an allergy to fish, but not shellfish.  She breaks out in hives almost instantly after eating fish.  She has never had an anaphylactic reaction, but it just scares me.  We have epi pens and will bring benadryl or other helpful medication.  I have heard there are allergy cards you can get that are translated...anyone know where to get those?  I'm afraid that if I use google translate or similar the translation may not be clear.  Just looking for any advice or suggestions.  The allergy is really new to us as it just began happening about 4 months ago.  Thanks in advance!

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Cindy from Rochester (New York)

This will be tough, but doable as most Thai dishes are largely shrimp based but since it's not a shellfish issue, be careful of the fish condiments that are in a majority of dishes. Unfortunately, many may not be made to order specifically for you.

Look out for these ingredients that will most commonly be found in Thai dishes:

-Fish sauce, nam pla, น้ำปลา 

-Fish broth (soups, especially tom yum)

Your best bet is heading to strict vegetarian places only because they will use soy sauce instead. In Chiang Mai, I know that KhunChurn Thai Vegetarian Cuisine. is a good option. 

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