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Adam from Montreal asked

Anywhere in Central/South America where the Canadian $ is still strong?

I was supposed to travel to Peru & Ecuador but with the Canadian dollar going down the drain, it seems much more expensive. I don't have anything booked and I'm pretty flexible so I'm wondering if anyone knows if there's anywhere in Central/South America/Caribbean where the Canadian dollar hasn't been hit as hard?

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Rasto from Edmonton

You have to remember that not only CAD, but pretty much majority of world currencies depreciated towards USD in the last year or so. Latin America is not an exclusion especially for countries where economy is based on natural resources and many of those countries are. So if you don't deal with USD it doesn't really matter that much as long as inflation is at bay. Many Latin American countries are dollarized so you can use both local currency and USD (Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala,...), some don't even have their own paper currency and use just USD (Ecuador), and some don't give a damn about USD and will refuse it when you try to pay with it (most parts of Colombia except touristy Cartagena where every Carribean cruise ship stops).

Generally, you find  CCosta Rica and Belize quite expensive in Central America, otherwise, it's very reasonable almost everywhere.

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Simon from Portland, Oregon

Hey Adam- I don't think your situation is that dire my friend. US/CAD exchange is around $1USD to $1.2CAD, as I'm sure you know.

I'm happy to tell you that there are PLENTY of places you can still afford to travel!

I'm writing this from Peru, where last night, I had an EPIC rotisserie chicken dinner, as well as a local craft beer, chicha morada (delicious Peruvian sweet corn juice,) and dessert- all for just $8.75USD! This is the norm for Peru- GREAT quality for very cheap.

Accomodation runs anywhere from $3USD for a dorm bed, to around $10 for a more private situation. 

Nicaragua is also very affordable, but, in my opinion, lower quality in general (although their Tona beer is cheap and great.)

Peru all the way! (Just do yourself a favor and never set foot in Costa Rica. Daylight robbery, that place.)

Hope that helps! 

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Thanks man, now that I've double checked the currency exchange for Peru it isn't as bad as I thought. Maybe 5% worse than it was a few months back. With exchange fees it's about $1.30 CAD for $1 USD so for somewhere like Ecuador that uses USD it's close to 15% more expensive than only 2 months ago. For anyone else that's interested I have found that against the Colombian Peso the Canadian $ is about 10-15% stronger. So even though it's a more expensive country maybe it's not a bad time to visit. Either way I'm sure they're all quite affordable relative to Canada/USA. Just looking to stretch my $ as much as I can =) Thanks again.

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