Arti Shah

Arti from Mumbai asked

Show us the best photo you have ever taken from an airplane!

What is the best photo that you have ever taken from an airplane?

Also do share the story behind the photo, if any.  Looking forward to seeing some gorgeous shots and reading some exceptional stories!!

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  • Zach S

    Top Answer by Zach S. from Philadelphia

    I was flying into Seattle and the city was covered in a morning fog. It looked really cool, this pic reminds me of the Jetsons

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  • Jillian Geer

    Jillian G. from Los Angeles answered

    Love this question! I would have to say this picture I took when flying into Chicago as I love the cloud shadows on Lake Michigan.

    Chicagoimage from And I have one more...Flying into Nice, here's a shot I took of the French Riviera.Niceimage from

  • Debbie Lee

    Debbie L. from San Francisco answered

    No special stories behind these shots, except that they're of two of my favorite cities in the world :)

    This is San Francisco. Usually when I fly out of SFO, I don't actually see San Francisco on my usual routes, but flying out of Oakland, I actually do get to see the city from above. You can make the Transamerica Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Angel Island, Sausalito, and Tiburon here.San Franciscoimage from instagram.comAnd this is Hong Kong:

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  • Bridy Frett

    Bridy F. from Vancouver (Washington) answered

    Picture of Greenland on a flight out of Iceland.

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    Flew into Moline, IL behind a thunderstorm. The sunset was spectacular! The storm clouds to the left were full of lightening, but it's pretty hard capture from an airplane. :(

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    View flying into Portland, OR. Mt Hood is on the left. Mt Jefferson is in the background.

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    Flying out of Portland, OR. Another cloudy day with Mt Hood and Mt Adams.

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    From Kathmandu, Nepal, special Himalayan mountain view flights are available to view the tallest peaks in the world. The first picture is Mount Everest (background) and Lhotse. The second shows view is from the cockpit.

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  • Jeremy Haile

    Jeremy H. from Atlanta answered

    I thought this photo of Greenland out the window of our plane was pretty awesome on a flight from Vienna to New York City. Looks like an alien planet!

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  • Prasad Np

    Prasad N. from India answered

    Here is a picture is taken from airplane above Samui AirportKoh Samui Airport in ThailandGeneral Trippy Media

  • Ryan Fox

    Ryan F. from Astoria answered

  • Joanna Rigby-Jones

    Joanna R. from Boston answered

    General Trippy MediaThis is one of my favorite photos taken from the air! This was taken on a flight from northern Tanzania to Nairobi, flying over Mount Kilimanjaro!

  • Ashley M

    Ashley M. from Calgary answered

    Eiffel Tower from the sky.... thought it was pretty neat putting the whole area into perspective.

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  • Kasia Wdaniec

    Kasia W. from Stavanger answered

    General Trippy MediaFlight from Auxiliar Aiport in Maiquetia - Caracas to Los Roqueswith Jomicol Airline (May 2011).

  • Jeff Mills

    Jeff M. from Portland answered

    I wish there was a better story to this outside of, I was simply traveling from Portland to San Francisco for a few days. It was on the first flight out at about 5:45am in the morning during the summer. It had rained the night before and the clouds were just starting to move on. This shows just how portland can be an amazing juxtaposition of beauty.

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  • Arti Shah

    Arti S. from Mumbai answered

    Well my favorite shot from the Airplane came while I was on a return flight from Tokyo to Mumbai.

    The landscape outside the plane was the usual mass of clouds beneath the Airplane but suddenly the clouds parted ever so slightly to provide me with this view

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    I just stared and stared, luckily I had the camera ready and hurriedly took a few shots (most were not clear as my hands were probably not steady as I was brimming with excitement!). The parting gift from Japan was a sight of Mt Fuji which is still ingrained in my memory like it happened yesterday!

    Here is a blog post I wrote on my Mt. Fuji Moment

    Do share your captures and leave feedback about my capture!!

  • Hanela M

    Hanela M. from London answered

    General Trippy MediaFlying into London - London Eye & The Big Ben

  • Peggy Baker Casa

    Peggy B. from Mumbai answered

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    Flying over The Rockies from Denver on my way to San Francisco!

  • Justin Schmid

    Justin S. from Phoenix answered

    Greenland ... look at the neon-blue meltwater!General Trippy Media

  • Billy Cassano

    Billy C. from Chicago answered

    I'm not sure this is the best one I've taken but this was from 2 nights ago flying into ChicagoChicago

  • Kristy Bryars

    Kristy B. from Mumbai answered

    General Trippy MediaThis is a picture of The London Eye as I was circling the city waiting to land at Heathrow. It was partly cloudy, but the sun was shining through the clouds, highlighting the Eye. I was surprised how clear this picture taken with my phone was. And I had a great, active, cultural weekend with friends.

  • Stephen "Sven" Minor

    Stephen "Sven" M. from Florida answered

    The clouds were amazing flying into Bangkok Sukhumvit International AirportBangkokBangkokBangkok.Leaving McMurdo Station, AntarticaMcMurdoMcMurdo

  • Natasha L

    Natasha L. from Santa Monica answered

    General Trippy MediaThis was taken last week on a flight from my hometown, the lovely island of Penang, to Ho Chi Minh City. It was pretty magical seeing the iconic Penang Bridge below, where my dad used to run marathons when I was growing up and bring us back the goody bags from the race. I tried getting another angle but seconds later we had already passed it and my window view became just clouds. I was leaving a wonderful family reunion where I reconnected with my massive extended family and a gorgeous wedding, it's true what they say that as you get older your family becomes the most important thing!

  • Todd Nystrom

    Todd N. from Cincinnati answered

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    Not the best in terms of overall picture quality, but one of the most interesting for me is the photo of the English coastline and the White Cliffs Of Dover taken on a flight from Paris to Cincinnati a few years ago.