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Share your last memory of Solo Travel?

Share your last memory of Solo Travel?

8 Answers

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Eva from New York City

Well... I love solo travel! I book trips without thinking to ask anyone if they want to go with me. 

But, I just had a horrible experience at an All Inclusive in Mexico. Have been going to Mexico for years and this has never happened before. Maybe because I never stay in All Inclusives! Coincidence? 

I was actually there as a travel agent to inspect the hotel!

At every single meal, I was asked repeatedly where my husband was, why I didnt have a husband. It was heinous. One night I had to leave a restaurant because every single staff member asked me 5-6 times "una?" (one?) "sola?" (alone?) - it was like a Greek chorus surrounding my table. 

When I returned, I told the sales manager about my experience and she explained it away by telling me Mexico is a family oriented culture. Which was exactly what I said to her when I started to relate the story. I told her I would NEVER book this hotel group - what if the client was a recent widow? What if 1 of 50 of a wedding group was single? 

In April I am going back and staying in a small hotel in Isla Mujeres - alone where I am sure no one will ask or care where my husband is!

Not sure if this was what you were going for with this question but solo travelers should know to be careful when considering All Inclusive resorts!

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My last solo trip was a trip where I flew from work on Madeira to Lisbon and then spend a few days walking south to Grandola where i took the train to Lagos. Then I flew to Eindhoven and went to Maastricht before heading to Denmark where I am originally from.

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  1. Madeira (region)
  2. Lisbon (city)
  3. Grandola (city)
  4. Lagos (attraction)
  5. Eindhoven (attraction)
  6. Maastricht (attraction)
  7. Denmark (attraction)
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Roberta from Carlsbad (California)

Took Danube cruise! River cruises are smaller than ocean ships. Usually 100 people and they have 2 single cabins. Met lovely people and had a wonderful time visiting 5 different t countries. Very beautiful and I would do it again! Went from Budapest to Prague. Mozart music all along the Danube...castles and cathedrals throughout route! Gorgeous!

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Janelle from Charleston

Not having anything better to do one Saturday, I drove 2 hours from my school (UVA in Charlottesville VA) to the West Virginia Roadkill Festival (yes, it's really a thing!) in Marlinton.  It was hilarious!  The festival takes place annually on a weekend in late September.  The food cooked is not actual roadkill, but it's mostly critters that were hunted by the cooks of species that are often found dead on the highway. I got to taste squirrel, beaver, bear and crow!  And no, I didn't end up picking any pebbles, pieces of rubber or shards of glass out of my teeth.  There are also carnival games, music performances and a beauty contest.  The over 70 contest was funny as hell!  The people at the festival are typical American "Rednecks" (and that's exactly how they describe themselves), but they poke fun at themselves for it and it makes for an absolute riot! 

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  1. Marlinton (attraction)
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Maria from Dublin

Hi Nishta,

My last 3 trips were solo. Last November I flew from Dublin to Prague for 4 days. Then, later in the month, I flew to Copenhagen for 3 days and from there to Italy where I spent a few days in the North of the country. Prior to that I spent over 2 weeks travelling solo through Italy by train. I visited Milan Bergamo Metropolitan City of Bologna Florence Modena Parma Siena Lucca and lots of little villages on the way. I love travelling solo with no fixed itinerary, I can go where I like, when I like, and keep in touch with family and friends by FaceTime, Instagram and Periscope. I love the feeling of freedom and the serendipity of meeting new people in new places.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Dublin (attraction)
  2. Prague (city)
  3. Copenhagen (city)
  4. Italy (country)
  5. Milan (city)
  6. Bergamo (city)
  7. Metropolitan City of Bologna (attraction)
  8. Florence (city)
  9. Modena (attraction)
  10. Parma (attraction)
  11. Siena (attraction)
  12. Lucca (attraction)
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Crystal from Anchorage

Most recently:

Hiking in Cibola National Forest.

One of my favorite memories though is driving my station wagon above the Arctic Circle in Alaska in July of 2012.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Cibola National Forest (attraction)
  2. Alaska (attraction)
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Karan from New Delhi

My last solo trip was a weekend trip to Pondicherry. The thing about solo trips is, that, on some days, you feel really really bored. This is what happened with me on Day 1 of this trip. I even thought of cutting my trip short and going back the next day, I was that bored. But next day, things turned around. I decided to rent a bike and go off the tourist trail as all the spots were pretty crowded. And I had the one of the best travel days ever. I stumbled upon this fishing village a few kilometers from Pondicherry where I was the only traveler. The locals were pretty curious about me so they stared chatting. Language was a problem but we all communicated using a bit of English and hand gestures. One of them even invited me to his house for tea and I met his family and neighbors. I explored the small village and the almost private beach there, which is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Pondicherry (attraction)

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Erick from Los Angeles

I went to Ensenada Baja, Mexico last December and it's a beautiful town! Great weather, beautiful landscapes, great food, cheap, was an excellent travel. I took the Carnival cruise and it stopped there for a day. Now I'm definitely planning to visit that city again for a weekend. 

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  1. Ensenada (attraction)

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