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Shanghai, Taiwan, Hong Kong

Shanghai or Taiwan or Hong Kong?

Which would be the most interesting to visit, Shanghai, Taiwon or Hong Kong? In terms of special sites to see, diversity of foods and people, cost, places to stay, ease of getting around, language issues and just an overall travel experience. We like to go to one place and absorb it as opposed to staying a few days here and there. This may be our one and only trip to China. Look forward to your thoughts. Thanks, Peter


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answered by
Andy from China

I will say something about Shanghai 


Food: Shanghai almost can find every kind food from the world, not only Chinese food and Shanghai , Shanghai is a paradise for a food favorite  


Seeing: Shanghai not only have some Chinese scenery like old water side town which be called east Venice , western style street bund which be called Wall Street of east from 1930s, the modern skyscraper forest Lujiazui, where took the best view of Skyfall and Mission : impossible 3 


Hotel: Shanghai have a lot of luxury hotel, boutique hotel and family inn 


Traffic: Shanghai have the biggest metro of the world 


Cost : traffic and hotel in Shanghai is much more cheaper than Taipei and hong kong  


More information on my site

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Hong Kong has been the most interesting place in Asia with the most amazing food and very eccentric sites to see. The price is not that expensive if you compare it with Japan but it is more expensive than most of the Asian cities.

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David from Taipei

I will say Taiwan, not only because it's my home country, but also my rich travel experiences in all this 3 places.

Amount the other choices, we have more variety choice of food than Hong Kong, more Friendly people than Shanghai, and splendid geo attractions including 246 mountains that is above 3000 Meters.

Accommodation in Taiwan is easy with many choices, you could have 6 stars hotel in downtown, or a boutique hotel which will comfort you in busy district. Or, pick a B&B on the mountain or on the Sea Sea Shore.

Transportation? High Speed Rail that run at 330KPH, rail way island wide, MRT (Subway), rental push bike, Taxi, Bus (19 seater in a regular size euro bus)

good for 3 days to 25 days, and you will be welcomed.

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William from Rhode Island

I would say Shanghai, lots to see and do. Easy to get around and some interesting places.  On second thought I've done a lot more tourist oriented things in Hong Kong and it is easier to get around being a smaller city in many ways, great nightlife and interesting night market in Hong Kong as well.  In Shanghai everything is more spread out, and its pretty expensive to stay near the BUND... Shanghai did have the Worlds Fair a few years back and if there is anything left of that it would be interesting.

Tiawan, its been many years and I can't give a educated answer

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Duyen from Hội An

Shanghai and Taiwan should lead the top. 

About Shanghai, it's a food heaven. You can see both modern and traditional feature here. Also, when you are in Shanghai, don't miss  Zhujiajiao Ancient TownNanjing Lu (Nanjing Road) (for shopping and people watching), Oriental Pearl Tower (Dongfang Mingzhu)Riverside Promenade (Bingjiang Da Dao) (for sightseeing),... 

To me, I prefer Taiwan as it's not crowded and busy as Shanghai. The environment is also good and you can be deep in the fresh vibe. 

For history, these are the must:  Hualien CityShifen Old Street,..

For sightseeing:  Shifen Waterfall,  Taipei 101Ruifang District, New Taipei City: Gold Mines of Discovery in Shuinandong, Jinguashi

If you are still confused, you should consider these plans for Shanghai and Taipei trips 

A trip to Shanghai

Things to do in Taipei 

answered by
Meghan from Los Angeles

Shanghai, hands down. I've been to all three and Shanghai has the most amazing food, nightlife, architecture, and old meets new charm. Hong Kong a close second- but still feels like it's stuck in the eighties. It is a beautiful city, though... Hotels are pricier.

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Iris from Kaohsiung, Taiwan

I will say Taiwan among all of the places you have mentioned.


Taiwan is famous for local food. Taiwanese has amazing night market culture and local Taiwanese food. If you are foodie, the general spending on food, Taiwan is the cheapest among all of the cities you have mentioned.


Iiving spending in Taiwan is the cheapest among all three cities


Most of Taiwanese people are able to speak more than 2 languages

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