Annie Chen

Annie from New York City asked March 19, 2014

Shanghai: Restaurant recommendations needed in Shanghai and Guangzhou

I am heading to Shanghai and Guangzhou for 2 days each in April. Any recommendations for a foodie? Given the food quality issue in China, would also prefer the place to have credible sourcing.

Shanghai Guangzhou

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  • Susan Ho

    Susan H. from New York City answered

    Although there are branches around the world, the Din Tai Fung locations in Shanghai (there are multiple) have amazing black truffle versions of the classic soup dumpling.

    If you want Western food, I recently dined at 8½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA which had fantastic Italian.

    If you're planning far enough in advance, I'd try to snag at table at Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet - it's an experiential restaurant that is the only one of its kind in the world and also on the World's Top 50 Restaurants list. If you can't make a reservation there, you can dine late night (they only open after 10pm) at Mr & Mrs Bund-Modern Eatery by Paul Pairet

    For great Chinese, there's Xindalu China Kitchen @ Hyatt by the Bund in the Hyatt on the Bund (remember to preorder the Peking duck!), and FU1015 in Yuyuan Garden for classic Shanghainese.

    The local Shanghainese are really into the new Shanghai location of Da Dong Duck, another branch of the famous upscale Peking duck restaurant in Beijing. Remember to reserve in advance.

    If you find yourself having a late night and want a solid bite, Bellagio (there's multiple locations) is open until 4:30am and has awesome Taiwanese staples.

  • Alissa Haupt

    Alissa H. from Shanghai answered

    near Zhongshan Park in Shanghai is an excellent Yunan restaurant.