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Best place for real xiao long bao

I'm going to be in Shanghai for business in a couple months and would like to try some authentic xiao long bao.  Any suggestions?  I'll be staying in downtown Shanghai, but if there's a really good place outside of downtown, I'm sure I can cab it there.

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I have eaten here several times and never disappointed!  There is always a line outside (take-away style) and inside for sit-down.  The menus have pictures if you are weak on your Mandrin skills.  It is also very close to Yu Garden -- a good thing to see.  From

This restaurant in the middle of the  Yuyuan Bazaar has garnered a reputation in guidebooks for being the place to try to try the famed Shanghai delicacy xiao long bao, or soup dumplings. Truth be told, if you're willing to veer off the gringo trail, there are better places in town for these dumplings. But, if your just looking to tick the box off of your itinerary, Nanxiang Steamed Bread Shop (Yuyuan New Road) is perfectly acceptable. Ambiance and service are a function of how much you are willing to pay. On the ground floor, there is take-away option that attracts long queues. If you're willing to pay a little more, you can go upstairs, where they offer to more price tiers. Our advice, drop a little extra coin and save yourself the time and hassle of waiting in line.,121.492095&spn=0.009945,0.018089&client=safari&fb=1&gl=us&hq=xiao+long+bao+shanghai+near+gardens&cid=0,0,9556895105391581147&t=m&z=16&iwloc=A

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Yuan from San Diego

Din Tai Fung (鼎泰豐) is a Taiwanese chain with locations around the world, but their 小籠包 are great. They have English on their menus, which is probably also helpful. I also recommend their hot and sour soup, and they have lots of other dishes as well. 空心菜 (water spinach) is also one of my favorites, and less common in the US (I've never personally seen it there).

There are a few different locations in Shanghai, so depending on where you're staying it should be easy to find. Sometimes they can be busy, so you may need to wait in line.

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James from Beijing

Nanjing Road.

Here's local restaurant i recommend.

Some of them don't have english name, so i list chinese name and address here:

Shanghai No 1 Restaurant 上海1号私藏菜(静安寺店, 南京西路1856号3楼)

Shanghai Center 上海会馆(河南南路489号香港名都5楼(近复兴东路))

Guang Ming Cun Restaurant 光明邨大酒家(卢湾区淮海中路588号)

廊亦舫酒楼(正大店, 浦东新区陆家嘴西路168号正大广场5楼)

Lanting Restaurant 兰亭餐厅(卢湾区嵩山路107号)

Xiaonan Guo Restaurant 上海小南国(正大广场店, 陆家嘴西路168号正大广场9楼)

Bao Luo Restaurant保罗酒楼(富民路271号)

和记小菜(南丹店, 南丹东路188号)

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Xiaochen from Shanghai

Actually there are quite a lot of restaurants you can find authentic Xiao Long Bao. The most famous one is in Cheng Huang Miao (City God Temple). Any cab drivers know the place. But my persona favorite is Longevity. It is a very small restaurant near Lu Xun Park. The address is No. 123 Shanyin Road. It could be very crowd. But it is really the best Xiao Long Bao in Shanghai, in my opinion. 

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Yiwei from China

Hello Keith! Here is my suggestion. If you want to try the best one, try this resturant and you won't find the better:  Longevity

      地址: 虹口区山阴路123号(四达路吉祥路间 (besides Sida Rd and Jixiang Rd )

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