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Seville, Lisbon

Best way to get from Seville to Lisbon?

We're heading to Spain early next year and flying out of Lisbon, Portugal. The last stop in Spain was (hopefully) Seville, but it looks like all of the reasonably priced direct flights are sold out. 

Any other direct ways to get from Seville to Lisbon without backtracking to Madrid or Barcelona? I'm curious if it would be worth renting a car for a one way trip and just driving over? 

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Diana from Lisbon


It's totally worth it, it takes around 5 hours and I can imagine is not as pricey as a one way flight. On the way back, you can take advantage and stop in Caceres which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, very beautiful.

So yes, go for it! :) 

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answered by
Daniel from Lisbon

Hi, one good way is to rent a car depending on how many days you have.

The longer scenic route: Go through Algarve until Sagres and then go up the seaside until near Tróia Peninsula, catch the Ferry to Setúbal (13€±) and catch the A2 to Lisbon. There are many beautiful places to see and it's a great road trip (I've done it before from Lisbon to Gilbraltar and back). If you come in the spring, you probably can go to the beach on Algarve and also on many places on the Atlantic seaside. This can take as many days as you want. But should be done with at (the very) least two days or you'll spend all the time driving. :)

The middle one: When you're going up you catch the A2 before you turn to Troia and go straight to Lisbon (best bang for bucks but you won't catch the ferry where you can see dolphins at times) :)

The shorter one (4h): Go through Algarve until Albufeira and catch the A2 until Lisbon. Be aware that you'll need to pay toll on Algarve's highway and A2.

Hope it helps.

Let me know if any of this interests you (and how many days) and I'll get you more specific places to eat, visit, stay, etc. :)


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answered by
Izabel from Lisbon

Cherie, rent a car is the best way to come from Seville to Lisbon, driving your way here is a awesome idea. I´ve done so myself, you will come by the border between Portugal and Spain and enjoy some of the most emblematic towns like Evora or you could come by the portuguese sea front passing by Algarve and going up to the coast of Lisbon, these routes are the most well known, but I assure you will have a great experience either way.

One thing I could suggest is to program your GPS so it chooses the route with out fares, tahat will make you avoid the straight line high ways and take you to some awsome hidden places along your trip.

If you have any other question you would like to ask, or maybe take a look in other tours and experiences Lisbon has to offer, please take a look at my website: ( is google translation friendly)

Or you can send me a e-mail:

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answered by
Yah from New York City

I actually took the bus from Seville to Lisbon...I think it was about 6 hours. I can't remember why I didn't take the train which is the way I traveled through Spain.

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You can take the bus from Seville to Faro and then change there either to another bus or a train to Lisbon.

Fairly easy and straight forward and  alot cheaper than crossing borders with a rented car.

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answered by
Gonçalo from Lisbon

I would try to go by bus to Faro, and then Bus or train to Lisbon. prices around 20€ from Faro to Lisbon, and around 3h trip. Just not sure about the bus price to Faro.

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answered by
Paula from Porto

 You can go by plane (1 hour) or you can rent a car and drive through Alentejo, it will take 4 hours.

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answered by
Shannon from Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Renting a car would work best!  Good luck:)

answered by
Travis from Kamloops

Hi Cherie, were you looking for the TAP flight? I did a quick search and it seemed like there were still some good fares for all but about 8 days in January (if your dates are flexible by a day or two). If you can't fly, then the bus is really the only other option (like others here have said). We took it the other direction and it was not too bad. Our trip was overnight and the timing was a little funky (we got in waaay to early to really be able to do anything and bus stations are not always the safest/most comfortable), and it did take a day to get fully recovered. Overall not too bad, but if I could have found a flight, I would have much preferred that. 

answered by
Abbie from Kingston, Rhode Island

When I went from Sevilla to Lisbon I flew in one of the smallest planes known to man.  Even though it was loud and small, it was fast and they even provided breakfast.

answered by
Jan from Australia

The best way to get from Seville to Lisbon is by bus or car, there is no train between the both cities, just from Madrid and only 1 train per day (overnight train). You have to take a bus first from Seville to the Algarve in the south of Portugal and then take another bus from there to Lisbon. It will take about 6 hours.   By car is quicker about 4 hours,which you can always rent a car in Seville.  I took a plane coz I don't have much time and travel alone. 

answered by
Patricia from Spain

Hi Cherie,

The best way to go from Seville to Lisbon is by plane or by car (you need to check car rentals). 

You have also a daily bus but it takes around 8 hours. You can check availability and prices on

There are no direct trains between both cities. 

New techs give you other transport options but it will depend on availabitity on your route. Sites such as or (not sure it works in Seville)

Hope it is helpful!


Patricia Abalo

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