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travel to seoul during winter?

I seldom heard people going seoul during winter, so is there any interesting and nice scenery or events to look forward to if i were to travel during winter? my husband and i don't really love to ski or snowboard so it's one less activity for us to do there..

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It depends exactly when you go in the winter, but there are a few things I'd recommend:

- Seoul Winter of Lights Festival (Dec-Jan)  Gwanghwamun

- Day trip to  Nami Island, which is outside of Seoul but very doable in one day, for beautiful scenery. You can also rent a private cottage for an overnighter (these need to be reserved way in advance as they fill up quickly)

- Outdoor ice skating at Seoul City Hall

-   Lotte World Amusement Park (a great portion of rides/activities are indoors)

- COEX Mall Aquarium 

- Royal Palaces, particularly  Gyeongbokgung

National Museum of Korea

Hope that helps! 

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  1. Gwanghwamun (attraction)
  2. Nami Island (attraction)
  3. Seoul City Hall (attraction)
  4. Lotte World (attraction)
  5. COEX Mall (attraction)
  6. Gyeongbokgung (attraction)
  7. National Museum of Korea (attraction)
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There are some nice winter festivals in Gangwon Province. (Bundle up!!)

Here is a couple of old links:

The Inje Ice Fishing Festival sounds interesting.강원도 인제군 남면 남전리.

You could go and do a Buddhist Templestay. I hear that they are interesing!

Go and visit a spa. Dragon Hill Spa is brilliant!

I hope that you have a wonderful trip!

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  1. Gangwon Province (region)
  2. Inje (region)
  3. Dragon Hill Spa (attraction)
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Kenmei from Tokyo

N Seoul Tower might be a nice spot to see. In winter seoul may be snowing, so we can see whole seoul city covering by snow from this Tower.  Also you can taste a many hot food there in cold winter season. 

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  1. N Seoul Tower (attraction)
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Olive Ruth

It's not really in Seoul, but a convenient train ride (ITX) to Gapyeong was the highlight of our winter trip last January. There's a shuttle tour bus that goes around the tourist places in Gapyeong. (

We loved the The Garden of Morning Calm with its multitude of lights and the out-of-nowhere-ness of Petite France . The shuttle bus also passes by Nami Island. There's also a railroad attraction in Gangchon RailPark, which I think we went to by train. The RailPark was fun, you can peddle through an old railroad track and see pretty scenery. 

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  1. Seoul (city)
  2. Gapyeong (city)
  3. The Garden of Morning Calm (attraction)
  4. Petite France (attraction)
  5. Nami Island (attraction)
  6. Gangchon RailPark (attraction)
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I would advise you to go to Nami Island the place is romantic during winter.  Best time to go there early in the morning during the opening hours so that there will be less people or tourist.  See the tall trees, the white fields of snow, the frozen lake, and if you get lucky you might catch an ostrich warming themselves with you on a bon fire hahaha

Then you can drive to Sorak Mt. National Park, do a short hiking, be careful thought because the cliffs don't have railings or barriers so you can really fall off if you are not careful.

lastly stay overnight at Yongpyong Ski Resort (where the 2018 winter olympics will be held).  No need to ski here, you can do karaoke, arcade, eat, walk around the resort, go to the nearby PEAK waterpark and dip in the outdoor hotspring.  And don't forget to ride the gondola up to DRAGON PEAK.  You will have a breath taking view up there! You and your husband will definitely have a romantic time there with a cup of coffee.

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  1. Nami Island (attraction)
  2. Sorak Mt. National Park (attraction)
  3. Yongpyong Ski Resort (attraction)
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Angel from Meycauayan City

The thing about South Korea is that its places do give out unique charms for every season. There are many people coming from tropical countries who travel to Seoul particularly for the snow. 

Since you don't like skiing or snowboarding, then you might love the sceneries in Gyeonggi Province. Although I would prefer it during Spring and Autumn, it's a great experience to see the gardens clad in white because of the snow. For snow-clad mountains, you can go to Gangwon Province ^^

Of course, Seoul is interesting too. But I'll go not for the snow but the winter fashion of the people. :p

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  1. South Korea (country)
  2. Gyeonggi Province (state)
  3. Gangwon Province (region)
  4. Seoul (city)
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Patria from Manila

We visited Seoul on a cold January winter month but still saw a lot of scenery! It's especially nice because of the weather and overall ambiance of the country. Try going to Seonyudo Park, the view is spectacular! N Seoul Tower is of course a given, try going one time at day and one time at night, both will be gorgeous. Myeong-dong is still on this list because Myeongdong is like a year-round stop! We weren't able to go to Nami Island, but I will come back for the place next time! Hope you visited wonderful places with your husband :)

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  1. Seoul (city)
  2. Seonyudo Park (attraction)
  3. N Seoul Tower (attraction)
  4. Myeong-dong (attraction)
  5. Nami Island (attraction)

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