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Carli asked

Vortex Hike/ Sound healing


I have one day in Sedona. What is the best vortex hike to do? Also looking for a sound healing or cool mediation. Any insight please!

Thanks :)

Sedona (Arizona)

2 Answers
answered by
Matt from Allentown, Pennsylvania

I lived in Sedona for 2 years in the mid 80s. Loved hiking the beautiful red rock country, but I have to admit I was not into the whole vortex thing. These are my recommendations based on shear awesomeness and natural wonder – you'll have to decide if it satisfies your desire to be in a "vortex."

Bell Rock– this is one of the best known and most popular of the vortexes (really, the plural word is vortices, but don't bother correcting anyone out there on proper English…) It's also one amazing rock formation and the best way to experience it is by climbing to the top. There's really only one safe way to do that, and if you're not in good shape it's not worth the risk of injury. But you can climb as high up as you are comfortable and still get some amazing views. Seek out a quiet spot away from others for your meditation / communing with nature. I was always lucky and never experienced maddening crowds, but I don't know how many visitors they get these days.

Cathedral Rock – this is the most iconic of the monuments, the one that appears on all the postcards and brochures about Sedona. Best viewing spot is via Red Rock Loop Road (unpaved – drive slowly and carefully) to Red Rock Crossing/Crescent Moon Day Use Site. Parking is limited so if you can, time your visit for when crowds are low. You can hike to the formation itself, but you'd have to cross Oak Creek Canyon and it's an arduous trek with no easy trail up to the rocks themselves. Most people take photos and admire the rocks from along the creek. You can also access it from the Village of Oak Creek, but you don't get quite the same dramatic view.

Boynton Canyon Rd – Once upon a time you could easily drive, park and hike unimpeded into Boynton Canyon. Then they built the Enchantment Resort and almost blocked off access to the public. But a compromise was reached where you could park outside the resort property and hike a trail around it and into the canyon. There are also some other amazing canyons and features out that way including Fay Canyon ArchLong CanyonThe 3 SistersDevil's Bridge Trail and Secret Canyon. There are local resources with trail maps that can guide and advise you - as well as where the vortexes in these areas are.

My other favorite areas in Sedona are Oak Creek Canyon(in particular the West Fork) and Schnebly Road. I'm not aware of any designated vortices in these areas – but that doesn't make them any less worth visiting.

Hope you enjoy your visit. I think you'll quickly realize that one day is nowhere near enough time.

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answered first by
Steven from Santa Barbara

I loved the sound healing experience I had in Bali, but I fear you might get sucker by too much new age hype if you seek out the best vortex hike. Perhaps stop in at Chocotree for some great food and suggestions from their staff.

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