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Des Moines

Travis from Des Moines asked

Seattle Must-Eats Must-See

I am heading out to Seattle in September and am looking for inside info on the best local food and entertainment. I am also planning on a few days in the San Juan Islands and Olympic Park so any suggestions are wonderful!

Seattle (Washington)   Olympic National Park (Washington)   Port Angeles (Washington)

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Valerie from Seattle

Seriously, it's hard to follow up on Tony's answer, so definitely read his too... I'll jump into a couple different neighborhoods to try and give you some options on top of those already mentioned in other answers.

You could go to Ballard Neighborhood, which has a lot of cool things to see and do. Some of my favorites are La Carta De Oaxaca, which does really authentic Mexcian, Sonic Boom Records, which is great if you're into music and want to pick up a souvenir, and Kickin' Boot Whiskey Kitchen, which has all things whiskey in the neighborhood.

Or, you could try Capitol Hill Neighborhood. I really like The Saint (more Mexican, notice the theme?), Molly Moon's, which is Seattle's favorite ice cream, and if they've trimmed the trees, The Lookout is good for food too.

If neither of these grab your fancy, try Belltown. Belltown Pub is a pretty good place to grab a meal and play pool (if the table upstairs is free), or catch a movie at the really awesome Big Picture Seattle (they also have a great cocktail area). Speaking of cocktails, Bathtub Gin & Co. is the best... but they're kind of a local secret, so don't tell anyone I told you.

As for entertainment, I think most Seattlites get out of the city for entertainment, hiking, boating, etc. I'll leave that to those more familiar with companies to recommend.

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  3. Sonic Boom Records (attraction)
  4. Kickin' Boot Whiskey Kitchen (restaurant)
  5. Capitol Hill Neighborhood (neighborhood)
  6. The Saint (attraction)
  7. Molly Moon's (restaurant)
  8. The Lookout (attraction)
  9. Belltown Pub (attraction)
  10. Big Picture Seattle (attraction)
  11. Bathtub Gin & Co. (attraction)
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Alissa from Queen Anne

The Capitol Hill Neighborhood has the highest per capita of great restaurants and bars. For middle eastern food, try Mamnoon, for latin food try Barrio. If you like craft cocktails, especially whiskey, try canon: whiskey and bitters emporium (it's pricey, but worth it). Next door to Canon is a big German bierhaus called Von Trapp's. Gets busy on weekend nights, but always fun - they have bocce and an outdoor beer garden for nice days.  Upper Queen Anne Ave N is a smaller, quieter pocket of town that is home to one of my favorite restaurants: How To Cook A Wolf. New american menu, small plates to share, and a nice ambiance. There is a bar right down the block called Paragon Restaurant, Bar, & Music Venue that usually has live music. Hope this helps on the eating/ drinking front!

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This is fantastic thank you Alissa! Von Trapp's sounds particularly interesting for an afternoon refreshment.

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  5. Von Trapp's (restaurant)
  6. Queen Anne Ave N (attraction)
  7. How To Cook A Wolf (restaurant)
  8. Paragon Restaurant, Bar, & Music Venue (attraction)
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Tony from Seattle

(hey, I was born in Des Moines!  High five!)

Seattle in September is a pretty good bet for some solid weather and fewer tourists.  Bravo.

This could be 3 different questions, so I'm going to cherry-pick and talk about Seattle food and Orcas Island.

Foodwise, you've got so many options!  Anything in particular you like?  Fancy?  Hole-in-the-wall?  Ethnic?  Coming from the midwest, I'd say seafood or interesting ethnic food is a good bet.  Elliott's Oyster House has a great oyster happy hour (M-F 3pm).  Even if you don't like raw oysters, they've got great/cheap small plates and an unparalleled view on the water.  How 'bout Ethiopian?  Saba Ethiopian Cuisine or Queen Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant -- not so common in Des Moines!  Paseo Caribbean Restaurant (their 2nd location) has a nice beach setting and shorter lines.  Marination Ma Kai is hawaiian/korean/mexican fusion street food by the water on the other side of Elliot Bay looking at the city.  Pretty!  Take the water taxi over (or drive, which is probably quicker).

The San Juan Islands are amazing. I'll talk about Orcas Island:

  • Get to the ferry an hour early unless you're taking it at a weird time-- then maybe 45m early. I've missed tons of ferries... IF you miss the ferry, sometimes there are options to go to Friday harbor and go from orcas from there vs. wait for the next one. Costs the same, and you get to see another island (and it might be quicker).
  • Inn at Ship Bay is very tasty if you like fairly fancy food (eastsound)
  • New Leaf Cafe and Lounge has tasty breakfasts and I've heard good things about their dinners (eastsound)
  • Alliumis spendy but kinda meh-- weak ambiance and overrated. (eastsound)
  • Fire Smokehouse & Grill  is actually amazingly good BBQ, so rare in Washington (eastsound)
  • There is a tasty pie place in town-- can't racall the name, but it's right near the bbq place.

Beaches are pretty much mud, but when the tide is low in eastsound, it reveals a magical bridge out to an island where geese hang out. In the mud are tons of clams, so in the low tide times, there are little spurts of water everywhere coming out of the mud. You'll also see a crab or two. Bring good fairly waterproof shoes to do it.

Turtleback Farm Inn is awesome if you haven't landed a place to stay. Great pastoral setting, and they have critters of various kinds (incl. 2 scottish cows). Great breakfasts.
Mount Constitution is totally worth the drive up if it's not raining. One of the better views in the world. Lots of hikes around there (Moran State Park). Turtleback mountain is gorgeous. There's a great hike (1 hr, pretty steep climb) to gorgeous views.  The better trailhead can be reached by going a mile or so west from West Sound on Deer Harbor Road & turn right on Wild Rose Ln. The parking area is about 300 feet up the road (gravel parking area). This bit just opened up in '07!
Getting out on the water is really nice. Sea kayaking if you're feeling lively.  There are day trips around Sucia Island that are really nice.

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I'm not sure I could do better than this answer! Way to go!

!!! Awesome answer. This really makes me want to come and see all of this for myself!

Tony this might be the best answer I have ever received on Trippy! Well done sir you hit it out of the park with every recommendation I think it might be our Midwest connection. Can't thank you enough!

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Elliott's Oyster House (restaurant)
  2. Saba Ethiopian Cuisine (restaurant)
  3. Queen Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant (restaurant)
  4. Paseo Caribbean Restaurant (restaurant)
  5. Marination Ma Kai (restaurant)
  6. Orcas Island (attraction)
  7. Inn at Ship Bay (hotel)
  8. New Leaf Cafe and Lounge (restaurant)
  9. Allium (restaurant)
  10. Fire Smokehouse & Grill (restaurant)
  11. Turtleback Farm Inn (hotel)
  12. Mount Constitution (attraction)
  13. Moran State Park (attraction)
  14. Sucia Island (attraction)
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