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Eshan from Bangalore asked

How to cover Scotland? Edinburgh is the starting point.


I have questions on following areas; 

1. Is may/June good time to visit Scotland? 

2. Should I travel alone or with a group of friends? 

3. I won't be driving, what would be best?  

4. Ideally how many days are required? I prefer a shorter than a week period  

5. Which all spots are a must to see? Then if I have time I can see other places.  

6. Descent accomdations to stay. 


Thank you all in advance :)

Scotland   Edinburgh (United Kingdom)

4 Answers
answered by
Dabs from Chicago

You can't cover Scotland in a week, I know it seems small but there is a lot of stuff to see.  If you don't have a car, it limits what you can see but you can take the train from Edinburgh to Glasgow, Stirling to see the castle, Linlithgow to see the Palace and I'm sure a bunch of other places but we had a car for our most recent trip and didn't need to rely on public transport.  There are also organized tours, if your finances allow, I'd highly recommend at least one day out into the Highlands to see something besides cities.  I did one with Rabbies that was very nice.

I've traveled to Edinburgh by myself and with others, I don't know how a bunch of strangers can answer that question for you.

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answered first by
Maria from Dublin

Hi Eshan,

In Scotland , as in Ireland you can never rely on the weather! Generally speaking May / June is a good time to visit and there is a reasonable chance of decent weather. It's a very friendly place so, even if you travel alone, you will probably meet lots of nice people. I usually drive in Scotland and only took the train once, but the rail system seems efficient. One of the best train journeys in the world is from Glasgow to Fort William on the West Highland Line. Take a look at:

Oban is a gorgeous place and I love Edinburgh too. If you decide to travel to the Highlands you need to allow 2-3 days and also a day or two in Edinburgh and maybe one night in Glasgow Accomodation depends on your budget. We rented a cottage on a farm called Crosswoodhill, just outside Edinburgh and other times stayed in Grassmarket Hotel and The Bonham Hotel and, one time, rented a log cabin in Perth (Scotland) . There are lots of Airbnb choices in both Edinburgh and Glasgow and also hostel options. Take a look at


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answered by
Nicole from Etobicoke, Ontario

5. Which spots are a must see?

Edinburgh is a wee city jam packed with fascinating history and culture. August is a brilliant time to visit Scotland’s capital. The Fringe Festival transforms the city into a lively beast and the streets are flooded with visitors from around the world. Artists, musicians, comedians, and street performers pull out all the stops to entertain the crowds.

With that being said Scotland is full of beautiful open green spaces! This list is of the places you cannot afford to miss -

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answered by
Przemek from London

1. end of May / start of June usually gets a decent chance of nice weather (although in Scotland you do not get guaranteed weather at any time of the year). It's my favourite time of the year to go there as a photographer

2. I'm a big advocate of solo travel in general, but it's not really possible to answer that question for you. It depends how you travel and your attitude towards travel.

3. If you're coming from London, there are good train connections to either Glasgow or Edinburgh. There's another (apparently) decent train from Glasgow to Fort William too. Although if you're visiting The Highlands, you really want to be driving.

4. Well, where are you going? For Edinburgh you need 2 days, other cities probably a day. If you're going to be hiking, then in depends on the weather and length of the routes, but if you're not a regular hiker/adventurer, you probably only need 2-3 days before you have enough :) Scotland's surprisingly demanding for the lack of altitude.

5. Definitely go to the Edinburgh Castle, it's worth the queue. I'd also hike up Ben Nevis, if the weather is good (and don't underestimate the weather in Scotland, when it's bad, it's really bad).

6. The Airbnb network is really good in Scotland, I always use that.

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