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San Francisco

Eric from San Francisco asked

Place to stay in Sao Paulo/Jardim Paulista $50/night - non-touristy things


I have two days to kill in Sao Paulo and was wondering if anyone familiar with the area knows a few activities to try that aren't too touristy. 

I'm also looking for a place to stay for about $50USD/night - maybe an upscale hostel or independent hotel?

Lastly, any interesting food options? I've been to Brazil before and tried most of the local specialties, so maybe something less traditional but still Brazilian (I'm thinking fresh meats and vegetables?). 

Sao Paulo

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Maria from Sao Paulo

You can stay at Hostel Alice , It is close to Vila Madalena Subway. You will spend about R$ 50, with breakfast.

Vila Madalenais a great neighborhood that is not too touristy, and it is very pleasant. There are many options of bars. A great place to enjoy the nights.
Mercearia São Pedro  (Rua Rodésia, 34) is a great bar, crowded, but you can try a pastel there with an ice cold glass of beer!
People are very receptive.

Also,  as you're near to the subway, you can easily go to Avenida PaulistaMuseu de Arte de São Paulo - MASP and Parque Trianon (Tenente Siqueira Campos)

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Fernando from Santos

Hi Eric,

I always recommend to visit places like Parque do Ibirapuera and the Sao Paulo's art museum Museu de Arte de São Paulo - MASP.

To stay, I guess the Ibis hotel is not a bad idea. They are tipically business travel hotels, very clean and not very expensive. You can make a reservation at their web site ( . There are too many in the city, choose one near the activities you planned.

Sao Paulo has lots of options when you want to eat, You can try the brazilian steakhouse Fogo de Chão ( The food is not too light (steak) but is one of the best and tradicional restaurants we got here. It's not cheap but they have no problems to speak to you in english. Hope it helps.

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Fernanda from Sao Paulo

If you are from SF you will certainly enjoy your two days in SP. 

A first sight it might look overwhelming and crazy (and well, it is a little bit), but it's also full of culture, yummy restaurants and a killer nightlife. 

You want to be closer to a metrô station, or a central place. So I would suggest: Pinheiros/Vila Madalena or Paulista. If you stay in Vila Mariana/Ana Rosa, that is close to the blue line (metro) and only 20 min away from the major places you will want to see. 

For hostels: Guest 607Ô de CasaUvaia HostelBee.W Hostel Bar are good options - none of the addresses are here but you can find them on Yelp. 

For food:

-Coxinhas (deep fried chicken pastries) are my favorite, and one of the best places to eat those is Bar Veloso

-Feijoada: is a must have! Try Bar da Dona Onça or Feijoada da Lana

- Just like Fernando suggested above, you can have a "all you can eat" Brazilian BBQ. Besides his suggestion you can try Vento Haragano

For attractions:

Besides all the suggestions below, if you like street art, definitely check out Beco do Batman, it's a pretty awesome alley full of grafite. There is also an open air gallery in the north of the city, but it's a little further from everything else.  

I have SO many suggestions, but I don't even know where to start. 

I also have a São Paulo for beginners list on Yelp.

Since I'm Community Manager for Yelp in São Paulo, please let me know if you have any questions. Have fun... 

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  1. Guest 607 (hotel)
  2. Ô de Casa (restaurant)
  3. Uvaia Hostel (hotel)
  4. Bee.W Hostel Bar (restaurant)
  5. Bar Veloso (attraction)
  6. Bar da Dona Onça (attraction)
  7. Feijoada da Lana (restaurant)
  8. Vento Haragano (attraction)
  9. Beco do Batman (attraction)
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It's going to be very difficult to find a place to stay in this area with that price...It's a expensive area.

You can try one restaurant in the center...the name is Bar da Dona Onça!!! Great food...

You can go in a meat restaurant in Vila Madalena...the name is Leôncio and try their caipirinhas.

Good Luck!!!

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  1. Bar da Dona Onça (attraction)
  2. Leôncio (attraction)
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