Bianca Sousa

Bianca from Miami asked August 25, 2014

Sao Paulo: Closest beaches to Sao Paolo?

Some girlfriends and I will be visiting Sao Paolo and while we're in that part of the world, we really want to see some Brazilian beaches! I know there aren't any in Sao Paolo, but what are some good ones that we can visit along the coast?  What's the easiest way to get to them?

Sao Paulo

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  • Edward Machado

    Top Answer by Edward M. from Brazil

    Hi Bianca,

    I think that you should to visit Ilhabela, it is a beautiful island on the north of Coast.


  • Robson Cadore

    Robson C. from Istanbul answered

    Hi Bianca,

    On the north of the state you will find stunning beaches.
    Maresias, great spot for surfing & nightlife.
    Ilhabela, sugest to stay 2-3 days exploring the island. You should not miss Feiticeira beach.

  • Mayra J

    Mayra J. from Miami answered

    Perhaps you already have this in mind, but I would also recommend looking into booking a flight to Rio de Janeiro?! It's only a 1 hour flight and then you can enjoy the beautiful beaches and landscape of Rio! There are multiple flights between Rio and SP every day!

  • Romulo F. F.

    Romulo F. from Uberlandia answered

    You should search to visit beaches from the north litoral from Sao Paulo state, my indications are BARRA DO UNA, JUQUEHY, Maresias and Ilha Bela - São Sebastião (I just loved the beaches in this last one, some are real paradises).

    I know the places, but I'd never travelled this region by bus, but i think this company would do the job: