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  • Debbie Lee
  • "Father's Day meal in San Luis Obispo"

Debbie Lee

San Francisco, California

Father's Day meal in San Luis Obispo

My family will be spending Father's Day in San Luis Obispo since it coincides with my brother's graduation from Cal Poly, so this would be more of a Father's Day/graduation meal.  We'd like to take dad out somewhere decent after the ceremony, preferably some place with delicious, well-portioned dishes, maybe a steakhouse or a higher end burger or pizza joint (dad hates one-bite tapas dishes :P). 

It's okay if it's not San Luis Obispo proper, too.  We have cars and that might actually be a perk as we'd be out of the way of the post-graduation crowd.  Thanks in advance!

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  • Hannah Grant

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    My grandma lives in SLO and I've visited her quite a few times. We mostly went to little cafes, but also a few restaurants. Here are few that I think would also be good for Father's Day. Good food with hearty portions.

    • Firestone Grill -- Steak sandwiches! Very manly portions. There may be a long line though.
    • Café Roma -- Italian restaurant. Nice wine list and I loved their ravioli. This is a little more fancy.
    • Jaffa Cafe -- Very, very casual Mediterranean spot, but such good food! Their falafel dishes and baklava are where it's at.
    • Goshi Japanese Restaurant -- It's a Japanese sushi restaurant, so it's not the place to gorge yourself, but it's an option if you're in the mood for it. Get the spicy albacore with garlic chips.
    • Shalimar Resaurant -- Delish Indian food. If you go there for lunch, you can do the buffet, so your dad wouldn't go hungry there!

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    • Debbie L.

      Debbie L.

      Thanks, Hannah! We actually have a small chain of Shalimars up here. I wonder if they're associated with the SLO one! The other ones sound great, too. Thanks again for your suggestions! · (1 likelikes)

    • Hannah G.

      Hannah G.

      Oh, cool! Now I wonder if it's the same one, too. I hope you have fun with your family! · (1 likelikes)

    • Debbie L.

      Debbie L.

      Thank you! · (1 likelikes)

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    1. Firestone Grill (restaurant)
    2. Café Roma (restaurant)
    3. Jaffa Cafe (restaurant)
    4. Goshi Japanese Restaurant (attraction)
    5. Shalimar Resaurant (restaurant)

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