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  • Drew Corwin
  • "Free things to do in San Jose?"

Drew Corwin

Ojai, California

Free things to do in San Jose?

Going to be in San Jose for work and I will have a free day. I want to check out the city, but don't want to spend too much money. What are the best things to do for free (or on the cheap) in San Jose? 

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  • Jonathan Capecchi

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    Hey Drew,

    I've got to admit thats a difficult question. I lived in San Jose for about a year and i cant think of to many fun things for free to be honest. Do you have a car to get around?

    If the answer to thats yes then the best places to visit are Los Gatos which is a nice area up close to the mountains. It has a lot of nice shops a old school movie theatre and its generally a nice place to spend a morning and afternoon wandering around.

    I would also recommend taking a trip out to Santa Cruzon the coast. I love this place and you need more than a day to feel you have seen it but its a fun place to visit. Its about a 25 minute drive from San Jose if the traffics good. Places to go here are -

    W Cliff Dr - its a few miles walk along a pathed coastline. You'll see the local sufers, wildlife and the houses along this stretch are amazing. Its a major highlight of this whole area.

    Santa Cruz has 3 movie theatres - i recommend the Nickelodeon Theatre, A small old school town cinema.

    Again if you have a car - SJ is only 45 mins or so from San Francisco

    If your all set on definitely staying in San Jose for the day then the one thing i would 100% do is go to BonChon Chicken in Sunnyvale. They have the best korean style fried chicken you'll ever find.

    Santana Row has a lot of bars and restaurants and is decent for nightlife as is the town of campbell which is a little edgier.

    I hope some of this help but if i was you and i had a car i'd be off to SF or Santa Cruz for the day then i'd goto Bon Chon Chicken :)

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