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Los Angeles

Kristina from Los Angeles asked

What to do while in town for Outside Lands?

I'm going to Outside Lands (the music festival) in Golden Gate Park in August and staying about a mile away. I know the city is going to be busy so what are some 'not really well know but still amazing' kind of places to go to - like bars and restaurants?  

Any recommendations for what to do at Outside Lands (other than seeing amazing live music) would be much appreciated too as its my first time going to the festival! 

Peace and love~

San Francisco (California)

3 Answers
answered by
Scott from San Francisco

Outside Lands is awesome, you will have a blast.  There are some cool areas around the park but for the most part gg park is kinda set on its own. The south side has some cool places around 9th.  They are good, but I would not call it amazing. To the east is the Haight St area.  Very hip and cool, but also a little rough around the edges.  If you are up for a 10 minute walk, head north to Clement St, a couple blocks west of Arguello. Burma Superstar, Wako Sushi are examples of the many great choices  there.  People who live in SF know that this area is home to some of the best authentic restaurants.  Bar wise - there's a bunch of good ones.  Yelp can help with that, just type in Clement Street. Hope that helps

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Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Haight St (attraction)
  2. Clement St (attraction)
  3. Burma Superstar (restaurant)
  4. Wako Sushi (restaurant)
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answered by
Andy from San Francisco

I was at Outside Lands for the first time 2 years ago and I can tell you that you won't have much time nor energy to do much else besides being at Outside Lands. The music starts every day at noon and goes till 10pm. I was completely exhausted every night and did not want to do anything else but rest for the next day. 

The only activities at Outside Lands besides watching the bands are eating and drinking. Since you are not allowed to go in and out of the festival, you'll have to buy everything inside. The quality of the food and drinks at Outside Lands is good, but it is definitely not cheap. The year I went I averaged about $100/day on food and drinks, mostly drinks. 

Here's more information about the festival:

Because most people coming to the festival only go to the festival, the rest of the city won't be affected by the Outside Land crowds. The only areas that will be affected are those directly adjacent to the park, and only because traffic will be congested. The restaurants, bars, and nightlife places will operate pretty much as normal. 

Since you'll be staying near the concert, you'll be near the neighborhoods of Inner SunsetOuter SunsetInner Richmond , and Outer Richmond . These areas are known to have some of the best Asian food in San Francisco. I will focus on those recommendations. 

  1. Hong Kong Lounge - the best dim sum in SF
  2. Shanghai Dumpling King - some of the best dumplings in SF
  3. Toyose - a literal hole in the wall Korean place that's awesome
  4. San Tung Chinese Restaurant - probably the best wings in the city
  5. Dumpling Kitchen - my personal favorite dumpling place
  6. Izakaya Sozai - the best ramen place in the neighborhood
  7. Trouble Coffee Co - great vibe, awesome toast, and fresh coconuts
  8. Devil's Teeth Baking Company - I haven't been, but I've only heard great things
  9. Marco Polo Italian Ice Cream - Asian ice cream with distinct flavors
  10. Arizmendi Bakery - community owned bakery with great pastries
  11. New Eritrea Restaurant & Bar - My favorite Ethiopian/Eritrean restaurant
  12. Beach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant - You should go to the beach, and this is one of the few places close to the beach

That should keep you entertained for the weekend. Maybe I'll see you at the festival!

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Awesome details! Thanks so much :) See you at the fest!!!!

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Inner Sunset (attraction)
  2. Outer Sunset (attraction)
  3. Inner Richmond (attraction)
  4. Outer Richmond (attraction)
  5. Hong Kong Lounge (attraction)
  6. Shanghai Dumpling King (restaurant)
  7. Toyose (restaurant)
  8. San Tung Chinese Restaurant (restaurant)
  9. Dumpling Kitchen (restaurant)
  10. Izakaya Sozai (restaurant)
  11. Trouble Coffee Co (restaurant)
  12. Devil's Teeth Baking Company (restaurant)
  13. Marco Polo Italian Ice Cream (attraction)
  14. Arizmendi Bakery (restaurant)
  15. New Eritrea Restaurant & Bar (restaurant)
  16. Beach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant (attraction)
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top answer by
Krista from San Francisco

Hey Kristina,

This is awesome! Outside Lands is a great time to visit San Francisco as the energy is contagious, and the weather is some the best we get. With that said, I recommend hitting up the following places that locals love:

  • Judahlicious for an Acai bowl or Outerlands for the best $5 grilled cheese you will ever have, both in the Sunset District. These are close the beach with a really laid back vibe. Outerlands tends to have a lengthy line, so don't go when super hungry. Promise you it's worth the wait, though!

  • Lands End for some sun + a good nature fix. The Sutro Baths and Ocean Beach are gorgeous & picture perfect backgrounds in photos. I highly recommend walking the Coastal Trail (1.7 miles each way) and checking out the Eagle Point Labyrinth - it's pretty cool.

  • Mission District for quirky shops and bars. I love walking around Valencia St on a sunny day. My fave stores are Love & Luxe and Paxton Gate. Overly crowded Dolores Park is worth witnessing. Trust me.

  • Marina District is also a fun place to go as it's young and trendy. I live here, so I'm bit biased, but love Union St. If you like healthy food & juices, check out pressed juicery or Juice ShopChestnut St, also in the Marina District, is home to popular stores like Benefit Cosmetics, Apple, Gap, and Pottery Barn among other things. There's also a smattering of bars, boutiques and eateries.

  • Haight-Ashbury is a fun place to go to get a sense of the lasting "hippie" vibe in San Francisco, and there are a number of awesome second-hand and thrift shops to scope out along the main drag.

  • NoPa has some amazing restaurants that locals love, including The Mill (the famous $4 piece of toast), Nopalito and 4505 Burgers & BBQ. I love using Sosh Concierge or OpenTable to make reservations in advance.

  • If you're into books at all, SF has some amazing bookstores that are worth browsing. My favorite is Green Apple Books in the Inner Richmond - and it's placement is a mere 3 blocks away from the famed Burma Superstar. If you go, the tea leaf salad and samosa soup are must try dishes.

I could literally go on forever and compiled more of my all time faves here - but feel free to leave me a comment if you need more specifics or ideas. Highly suggest taking advantage of Lyft (+Lyft Line) or Uber (+Uber Pool) as they're most affordable ways to get around. Both companies are likely to launch some promos during festival time, too.

Hope you love San Francisco! :)

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Wow-Thank you so much Krista! I will be sure to check some of these places out... Great insider tips :) Thanks again!

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Judahlicious (attraction)
  2. Outerlands (restaurant)
  3. Sunset District (attraction)
  4. Lands End (attraction)
  5. Sutro Baths (attraction)
  6. Ocean Beach (attraction)
  7. Coastal Trail (attraction)
  8. Eagle Point Labyrinth (attraction)
  9. Mission District (neighborhood)
  10. Valencia St (attraction)
  11. Love & Luxe (attraction)
  12. Paxton Gate (attraction)
  13. Dolores Park (attraction)
  14. Marina District (attraction)
  15. Union St (attraction)
  16. pressed juicery (restaurant)
  17. Juice Shop (restaurant)
  18. Chestnut St (attraction)
  19. Haight-Ashbury (attraction)
  20. NoPa (neighborhood)
  21. The Mill (restaurant)
  22. Nopalito (restaurant)
  23. 4505 Burgers & BBQ (restaurant)
  24. Green Apple Books (attraction)
  25. Burma Superstar (restaurant)
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