Rodger Berman

Rodger from Beverly Hills asked August 05, 2013

San Francisco: What is a fun restaurant that serves food and drinks on the late side?

What is a fun restaurant that serves food and drinks on the late side?

San Francisco

5 Answers

  • Brian Link

    Top Answer by Brian L. from Columbus

    Surprisingly, SF restaurants often close pretty early. I lived in Pacific Heights for a while working at startups and was often looking for late night fare. Try Perry's or Harry's Bar if you're anywhere near Fillmore and Union (which I like to call Center Of The Universe). My favorite late night food though is the Irish Pub with Indian Food (great combo) at Kennedy's Irish Pub & Indian Restaurant

  • Vicky Iskandar

    Vicky I. from Los Angeles answered

    I love Fat Angel Food and Libation in the lower Fillmore. The kitchen closes at 11:30pm on Fridays & Saturdays but the bar stays open till 1. Awesome comfort food, great wine selection, and lots of beers and other libations to keep you there till closing. Plus really really cool decor that makes you feel as if you're in a church.. but you're not.

    Beretta in the Mission also opens till late and serves excellent pizzas. Call ahead to see how long the wait time is and put your name before you head there.

  • Debbie Lee

    Debbie L. from San Francisco answered

    Nopa ! It's a local late night favorite. It's busy during all meals, but it's also the night cap idea that pops up whenever anyone talks late nights around SF. You can just get drinks, or you could do food with it as well. Open till 1 AM. All solid.

    Another local late night favorite is Ryoko's Japanese Restaurant & Bar for sushi. It's literally an underground resturant that's a flight of stairs down into the hill that it's on. Good sushi and decent selection of sake. I also love their tempura ice cream ball. Open till 2 AM with last call for food at 1:30 AM.

  • Drew Patterson

    Drew P. from Angelika Film Center & Cafe answered

    Might be worth checking out Globe. Food is solid and it starts to get busy later on.

  • Madhava N

    Madhava N. from Bangalore answered

    Have been to Boudin Bakery and the Pizzas, Breads and Fries are just amazing. It is just opposite to Fisherman's Wharf.