Cassandra Santoro

Cassandra from Long Island (New York) asked March 01, 2015

San Francisco: Hotels Under $150 a night in the center of San Francisco?

I have assisting Italian friends visiting the states during a trip to the west coast in August--they are looking for the best area to stay and the best deal possible (they are a bit younger).  Any suggestions on areas or hotels would be fantastic! Thanks in advance!

San Francisco

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  • Paul Harrar

    Top Answer by Paul H. from Nevada City

    Seal Rock Inn near Land's End/Sutro Park is a good value and has free on-site parking and a good cafe. Weekends and high season times may be over your budget, however.La Luna Inn on Lombard in Cow Hollow also has free on-site parking and is close to go restaurants on Chestnut Street and close to major SF attractions such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Crissy Field, Fort Point National Historic Site, the Presidio and the Palace of Fine Arts.

  • Spencer Spellman

    Spencer S. from Los Angeles answered

    I'd start by looking at the collection of hotels by Personality Hotels. They are often very small rooms, but you can typically find rooms starting at about $150. I've stayed at the Hotel Diva, which is conveniently located and starts around $150. Others of their hotels that start around that include the Hotel Union Square. Have them check the neighborhoods, however. Some of the cheaper hotels are in and around the Tenderloin, which isn't a great location to be walking around at night.

  • Sylvia Ikey

    Sylvia I. from Texas answered

    Hi Cassandra,

    My sister and I went to San Francisco last year and we stayed at Hotel Carlton. It is on the edge of the Tenderloin but we felt really safe and it was in walking distance to Fisherman's Wharf (or you can use the free cable car) and lots of awesome restaurants. There were quite a few hotels in Union Square that we considered but ultimately Hotel Carlton offered some really awesome amenities (free wine and a concert in the lobby every evening) and the staff was super nice.

  • Joe Mascardo

    Joe M. from San Francisco answered

    Hey Cassandra,

    I'd honestly just look into AirBnb as an option. You can typically find some amazing rooms and stay with a host for pretty cheap! Some will even feed their guests and some may even rent out a whole home for not too much.

    A lot of tourists think downtown is a good spot to stay but I'd recommend Inner Sunset (around 9th and Irving) - It's a quaint yet quiet neighborhood with A LOT of good food and some cool bars (including the second oldest bar in SF called Little Shamrock). People in the neighborhood are VERY friendly and you'll get the small community feel where everyone is welcomed. On top of this, it's right by the entrance of Golden Gate Park where the California Academy of Sciences and De Young Museum. are located. There's the N line which goes all the way to downtown in about 20 minutes and has an all night shuttle from and to downtown. The N also goes towards Haight-Ashbury, Castro/Mission, all the way to the Ballpark. Outbound it goes to Ocean Beach.

  • Fritzi Lareau

    Fritzi L. from San Francisco answered

    To get a better hotel rate, I would check on the BART transit line stops, such as the Mission, Glen Park or Daly City. As long as you can walk to BART you will be 10 minutes from central SF. Learn to get around SF by searching which reveals all the Muni lines and how to get around. Centrally located SF hotels are really overpriced and because SF is such a small city, you don't gain that much in the core.

  • Devon Nicholson

    Devon N. from Long Island (New York) answered

    Union Square is really central, has lots of hotel options and provides easy access to many areas in the city, but can be a bit touristy. Fun neighborhoods for a young crowd to look for a place on Airbnb would be Hayes Valley to stay central and near great restaurants or the Marina to be a bit closer to the water and lots of bars frequented by the 20-something crowd.

  • Melanio Flaviano

    Melanio F. from San Diego answered

    Check the Joie de Vivre Hotels. It depends on time of the year or if there is any convention in town. Prices and availability varies. Union Square is the most central because its walking distance to everything and the metro. If you go further or more touristy than Union Square (which is Fishermans wharf), it might cost a little less. The Mosser Hotel is cheaper but no a/c which is a problem in certain months but not always.

  • Nick MacFalls

    Nick M. from Tenderloin answered

    Think about Alamo Square...There's place called Chateau Tivoli Bed and Breakfast. Great location...a good place in between downtown and the Park. They'll have street parking, etc.

    Here's an availability calendar....just one day...but you can adjust...they will be gone soon...

  • Chris Kramer

    Chris K. from New York City answered

    I'd recommend The Mosser Hotel but be sure to request a room with a bathroom. Small rooms but very clean and in a great location near Union Square.