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  • Jenifer Duke
  • "Good bar for going away party in San Francisco?"

Jenifer Duke

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Good bar for going away party in San Francisco?

I will be moving away from San Francisco soon and will be throwing myself a going away party! I don't really want to formally book anything. Instead I'm looking to find a bar that I can just tell my friends to show up at on a particular Saturday at 9pm. I'd love to do it at one of the many popular bars in our great city, but 9pm on a Saturday poses a problem for space, so I think I'll have to pick a less popular, dive-y place. 

The only real requirements I have are: 

- Accepts credit cards
- Has a jukebox with current songs
- Nothing in the Inner/Outer Sunset/Richmond or Marina/Cow Hollow
- Needs to have standing room for up to 100 people
- Bonus points if it has a pool table


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  • Debbie Lee

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    First bar that comes to mind -- Dear Mom in the Mission! My friends threw me a birthday party there a few years back when they first opened. Great drinks, food if anyone wants some, jukebox, pool table... They used to be cash-only, but I read on their Yelp that they take credit card now.

    It's a smaller space, but I don't think 100 people is going to be a problem. About 70 people came and went from my birthday party over the course of the Friday night. As you might know with SF gatherings at bar, not everyone shows up or leaves at the same time :P

    I enjoyed my event there so much, that I threw another event there a few months later and reserved the back room. If you're going to have your party there, I would call and reserve back room. I'd say it can fit about 50 people, but that space is very openly connected with the rest of the bar (think of it as the bedroom area of a junior one bedroom apartment). At the time, I didn't have to pay a deposit or have a minimum, and I communicated with the owner of the bar, Jay, all via text to set it up. When I got to the bar, Jay and I did a shot together, because that's the kind of bar owner he is!Dear Mom

    Another place that is super spacious is Tempest. That, I would just show up to. They have a jukebox, and occasionally live music. Just make sure it doesn't coincide with any events in the area or shows at the Mezzanine.TempestThere's also Kennedy's in North Beach, another dive-y spot you could just show up to. Pretty much just beer, if that's okay. They do have wine and sake, but this isn't the place to have either. They're a little out there, but I love them!

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    1. Dear Mom (restaurant)
    2. Tempest (attraction)
    3. Kennedy's Irish Pub & Indian Restaurant (restaurant)

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