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San Francisco

Best pizza place in San Francisco?

Going to San Francisco and I want to find a good pizza restaurant there!

10 Answers

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Andy from San Francisco

Ah, the question that can never be answered correctly. I'm from NYC and I'm very familiar with this debate. I won't claim that what I'm recommending are the best pizzas in SF. They are simply the places I really enjoy going to. 

Pizzeria Delfina

Great ambiance and delicious thin crust pizzas. They don't take reservations and the wait can be long on busy nights. Good thing you're in the Mission so you can grab a drink somewhere while you wait. 

Arinell Pizza Inc

This is the closest you'll get to a New York slice in SF. I go here if I'm really craving a New York style pizza. Unfortunately the pies are not always fresh so hope that you have good timing. 

*Not sure why the map says Berkeley. This place is on Valencia near 16th street. 

Little Star Pizza

Interestingly I have not eaten at the restaurant, but I've gotten takeout or delivery plenty of times. They're known for their deep dish pizza, which I haven't tried yet. Everything else I've had from there is great. 


You might go here more for the novelty than anything else, although their food is definitely superb. What makes this place unique is that their waitstaff are either deaf or mute. It makes for an interesting dining experience. Also it's pretty cool to watch them cook your pizza in the big oven in the middle of the restaurant. 

Deja Vu Pizza & Pasta

This is my favorite go-to place for pizza. Unfortunately they're not open late! Their slices are really 2 slices in one, and their calzones are what's really great. 


This is one that I haven't tried but is high on my list of things to try. The guy who started this only uses the best ingredients, and even made his own oven. He used to sell pizza from a stand, but now has an actual restaurant. 

That should be enough to get you started. Enjoy your pizza!

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answered by
Jorge from San Francisco

Hi Dorianna, 

Tony’s Pizza Napoletana creates world class pizza any way you slice it. In a city that has plenty of pizza restaurants, this place stands out. They have a huge selection of pizzas to try -- you can't go wrong with their margherita, but I have tried all their other pizzas, and their Detroit, New Yorker, and Sicilian pizzas are outstanding as well. If you're in a rush or feel like eating in Washington Square park nearby, there is a takeout window on Stockton next to the restaurant where you can order something to go. 

Buon Appetito!

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answered by
Shannon from San Francisco

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answered by
Mimi from San Francisco

It really depends on what type of pizza you are looking for and what you consider good pizza.  You will never find that local pizza parlor that you grab a slice from every day because it's just a normal part of life to have a slice every day like it is in New York City , you just won't.   Once you've accepted that, [like I did, after 10 years here], then you can start appreciating what is out here.  

Arinell Pizza Inc, is by far the closest thing to a NYC slice.  It's delicious cheap and fast, no fancy toppings, just a good ole' slice.  The ratio of cheese to sauce is on point and the slices are big.  It's what a slice should be, served on paper, dripping hot.  You know it's a legit pizza place when they have garlic powder next to the red pepper flakes.  I make going out plans based around being able to score a slice from this place.  Plus they shot a porn there so extra points for grittiness.

Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, let me preface this by saying, no one, should ever EVER have to wait 1.5 hrs for pizza.  I don't care how good pizza is, it's just ridiculous.  You can get slices from the to-go area next door to the restaurant.   The pizza is good, nothing out-of-this world and DEFINITELY not the best pizza in the country.   

Golden Boy Pizza ,  good drunk pizza.  Sicilian style thick crust.  Clam pizza is delicious.

San Francisco has some of the most exquisite cuisine from all over the world but New York City owns pizza, that's just how it is, and do what I do, every time I go back home to see my dad, I make him pick me up from the airport with Di Fara Pizza in tow.

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answered first by
Justin from Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex

Golden Boy Pizza! Must go have a slice!

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answered by
Natalia from Minneapolis

It depends on what you are looking for, but late night you HAVE to grab a slice Golden Boy Pizza!  Yum!

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answered by
Joanna from Oakland

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  1. Tony’s Pizza Napoletana (restaurant)
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answered by
Matt from Santa Clarita

There's definitely some places I've heard of and haven't visited yet, but my usual go-tos are Pizzetta 211 and Pizzeria Delfina (2 locations). If you want delivery, Postmates will deliver Delfina.  I'm not sure if they deliver Pizzetta, because I usually just pick it up.

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answered by
Steve from San Francisco

getting past all the hype, Tommaso's Ristorante Italiano is the place. reportedly oldest brick oven west of the mississippi. seriously fine pizza. expect to wait, but San Francisco with a capital S, captal F. around the corner more or less, in the heart of north beach lies Golden Boy Pizza the city's best slice. sure there's Tony's, but these two are the real old deal. trust me. I've lived here 27 years, but I'm from bensonhurst...

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answered by
Tiffany from Corvallis

My family has been going to Gaspare's Pizza since the 1950's and still go for the memories, ambiance, and DELICIOUS super thin crust pizza. This place is a classic, and... though old, it's still loved and still makes the list.

Found it here on Eater ( If you're looking for something modern and wile, this isn't it, but for classics, it's amazing.

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