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Niedergestelen, Valais, Switzerland

Marc from Niedergestelen, Valais, Switzerland asked

Road trip in europe, russia

Hi everyone,
We want to start a roadtrip from switzerland and then go to germany or france, holland, denmark, finnland, norway, sweden and than travel in russia or even cross it.

That's about the trip we want to do. We gave us 3 months to visit those countries.

We don't really plan to sleep in hotels. we want to make the roadtrip with a bus and "live" there :)

I would like to know if someone already did something similar at thoses places or even a roadtrip for 3 months ?
I would like to know what to care about and where to be careful. 
Any tips are really appreciated !


Russia   Finland   Sweden   Denmark   Holland (Michigan)   France   Asia

2 Answers
answered by
Ilja from Bologna

Hi Marc,

cool idea! I did something similar few years ago. I bought old bmw for 300€ and went to Mongolia crossing UkraineRussiaGeorgia (country)Azerbaijan, Fert to Turkmenistan, whole Turkmenistan, UzbekistanKazakhstan and so on. Then I came back still by my car. Another year also using that car, I crossed almost Russia - going in winter from Berlin to the ozero Baykal, where I had a ride on the frozen Lake. That was awesome experience! 

In all of these countries I had no big problems. Of course there are police controls and sometimes stupid drivers on the way, but it can happen everywhere.

It was always safety for me - nobody never tried to robe something from me, nobody never cheated.

I defiantly recommend such a trip.

If you have questions contact me.

Below a link to the video which I've done during the winter trip to the Lake Baikal by car.



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Crystal from Anchorage

I don't have tons of details, but I know Russia will be the most difficult part! Definitely doable though.

I would recommend watching the TV show Departures. It sounds like a silly way to do research, but it's a reality show of these two Brits who take motorcycles around the world, including through Russia. They had some problems there that you might be interested in seeing. 

Happy travels!

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Hey, thank you for your answer. i'm definately going to see the show and see if i could learn something of it :) I hope to get some more answer though ! bye

Oh, sorry the show I was thinking of was Long Way Round! Departures is a different travel show. Departures is also good, but completely different.
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