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Major attractions worth seeing

Going to Rome with the hubby in the fall--generally we hate tourist traps but we have a feeling in Rome a lot of them will be worth seeing. Anyone have any favorites they really think are worth the trouble of navigating our way through a lot of fanny-packed tourists?

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answered by
Tiffany from Corvallis

The nice thing about Rome is that it's incredible walkable, so you can see all the sights and still lose yourself in side streets as you go and feel like a local.

We did all the main sights, but hit the most crowded ones early.  I LOVED St. Peter's Basilica (St. Peter's), but lines are horrid. The views from the dome are stunning though.

Walking, you can see the Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, The Trevi Fountain, and the Spanish Steps in one day, and even explore the park at the top of the steps then come down at the Piazza del Popolo.  Yeah, the Trevi is crowded, but if you hit it early, it's not bad.  We didn't linger long at the Spanish steps, but just walked up them and enjoyed the greenspace at the top.  Do take side streets and "get lost" a little.  You'll avoid crowds and find the "real Rome."

The Circus Maximus was a little anticlamactic for me, but yes, the The Colosseum is absolutely worth the crowds especially if you've learned anything about it before hand.  The Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill next door were two of the Rome highlights for me.  They are so spread out that it isn't crowded and the depth of history is just amazing.

For more great views of Rome, go to the top of the La Tombe de Victor Emmanuel II on Capitoline Hill.  It is free to enter.  Signs around the balconies will tell you what you're seeing and for a small fee, you can even take an elevator to the roof.  Totally worth it.

Anyway, the Spanish steps and Trevi were the most crowded for our visit.  Just go early and enjoy the walks.  In Rome, everything is old and amazing.

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answered by
David from Birmingham, United Kingdom

If you're there in the Fall the tourists won't be too bad. I love the Roman Forum and the Musei Capitolini in particular.There's also the Museo Nazionale Romano a little out of the centre (short train or bus hop) that houses the incredible frescos from the Villa di Livia, and some wonderful statues.

Obviously you must do the Vatican Museums. Give yourself a lot of time and refuse to be hurried by the crowds who are sweeping thoughtlessly to the Sistine Chapel, which comes almost at the end of your journey through the place.  Highlights before you get there - and it is absolutely stunning, the Sistine, not just the famous ceiling but the enormous wall behind the altar, Michelangelo's 'The Last Judgment'  - include Raphael, 'The School of Athens' and the sculpture 'Laocoön and His Sons' (there is a splendidly mischievous suggestion that this ancient piece is a forgery by...Michelangelo).

Here's a tip: if you arrive at the Vatican Museum early, you could pop down the road a little to a small-ish indoor market, the Nuovo Mercato Trionfale (Trionfale Market), and buy some snacks. There are some terrific bread stalls / bakery stands inside

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answered by
Andrew from Downtown Los Angeles

2 ways to avoid tourist traps, one close, one a bit not close.

1) head to The Piramide neighborhood in Rome. Just a subway ride away from the main area.  It's got a real Pyramid. And a restaurant that is considered the "last trattoria" Felice a Testaccio (

2) take a day trip to a regional city. Tarquinia is near the coast and is lovely. Wednesdays has a market on their main street in the morning.

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answered by
Marc from Los Angeles

I like Palatine Hill. When I was there I remember the tour guide saying there is evidence of humans living in rome at Palatine 14,000 years ago.

Totally agree with seeing the The Colosseum. this is the type of place that gives you chills when you think of all things that have gone down in that very spot. amazing.

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answered first by
Lauren from Los Angeles

Ha, ha, ha! Yes, you're definitely right! A lot of the big tourist sites are great no matter how many fanny-packed people you have to get through. The Trevi Fountain is definitely worth seeing. Legend has it that if you drop a coin in the fountain here it guarantees your return to Rome. I'm still waiting for my return ...the main figure here is the god Neptune and two tritons. Really spectacular in person!  the Spanish Steps are incredible, too. we sat for a long time on the spanish steps and just watched people going by. this was actually one of the most crowded cities Ive ever been too...i was a little shocked when I got off the train but you get used to it quickly! Beautiful city and definitely worth seeing! amazing experience. The The Colosseum was spectacular and one of the highlights of my trip here! I couldn't believe how many cats there were walking around was amazing to think of what went on here thousands of years ago and its still standing! 

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  3. The Colosseum (attraction)
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