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  • Theresa Christine
  • "Must-see & Must-do things in and around Reykjavik"

Theresa Christine

Hollywood, California

Must-see & Must-do things in and around Reykjavik

Hello everyone! I'm planning a trip for New Year's to Iceland and would love to get any and all input. I'm looking to stay at an Airbnb(s) and will be traveling with my significant other.

We will be there from the 30th through the first week in January. Has anyone ever visited around this time? Any tips?

I've heard that Iceland is a little pricey, so any tips on saving $$$ is also much appreciated! 

I'm also looking for suggestions on attractions to check out, as well as restaurants. I'm a vegetarian so would love some ideas.


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  • Valerie Stimac

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    Teresa, two years ago today I landed in Reykjavik for the first time... I hope you have a great trip! You should definitely do a tour to get out of the city and try to see the northern lights! January should be peak time!

    In the city, I'd recommend doing a whale watching tour of Faxafloi Bay (the map pin makes the map wonky...), maybe through someone like Elding. They're right on Reykjavík Harbour and super easy to walk to if you're doing an Airbnb.

    Also be sure to check out 871±2, the museum of old Icelandic history. It was definitely one of the coolest places I've visited, as museums go (I'm not a huge museum person).

    I don't know if they'll be doing them in the winter, but look into walking tours--I did two free ones while I was there, and learned a ton about the city!

    I stayed at Kex Hostel, which is a pretty cool place if you want to stop in for a drink--the whole downstairs has a cool bar feel, and you can pop in even if you're not a guest.

    Also, check out Sun Voyager, which is a beautiful sculpture on the way to Kex. It's pretty recognizable!

    Finally, check out one of the local geothermal pools like Laugardalur. You'll get to experience the Icelandic local culture a lot more that way!

    Have a great trip, stay warm!

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    1. Elding (attraction)
    2. Reykjavík Harbour (attraction)
    3. 871±2 (attraction)
    4. Kex Hostel (hotel)
    5. Sun Voyager (attraction)
    6. Laugardalur (unknown)

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