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Reasonably priced secluded beach for honeymoon?

Hi there,

My fiancé and I are trying to find a very private beach destination for our honeymoon preferably somewhere in Europe or Asia. I've been looking into this but I've only found suuuper expensive locations.


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Debbie from San Francisco

Europe is expensive, so I'd look into Asia!  Southeast Asia could be right up your alley.  I personally love Thailand.  After you buy the plane ticket, things can be super cheap there.  In 2012, I spent about $750 over the course of two weeks, and that included going out, renting a car, plane tickets and ferries between a couple islands, a few nights' hotel, dining at a restaurant in Restaurant Magazine's top 50 list.... I did stay at a friend's for a week, which saved on that accommodation cost, but still!  There are tons of secluded beautiful islands with the most beautiful beaches that I'm sure are affordable.

Other countries to look into around there are VietnamCambodia, or even the Philippines.  All beautiful, but very low cost compared to Europe.  Once you've picked a destination, you can ask another question on Trippy for more specifics!Hope you have a lovely time, and congratulations! :)

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Harshvardhan from New Delhi

Well there are quite a few secluded beaches here in India that you could think about. Varkala Beach is one such beach and there is fantastic property there called Soul & Surf. Apart from that I would recommend checking out AirBnB, they have private islands in Fiji for $500, which I think is pretty reasonable for what you're getting. Hope this helps. :)

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JT from United States

I may offend some by this post but here I go.

It's all about what you're looking for. Sadly, I think with the internet now-a-days, hidden gems of paradise are harder to discover. Places such as Bali and Koh Samui have been saturated with the hoards of tourists, who are out to get their drug fix and/or drink on before returning a few days later to the hustle and bustle of their home country.

That said, two places come to mind and some personal thoughts that will hopefully help you in your search.

 Mirissa Beach in Sri Lanka. Chaung Thar Beach in Myanmar.

The former is more beautiful and easier to access, but is also more expensive and attracts more tourists (for good reason). The latter isn't as sensory stimulating, but much more secluded and the people are so genuinely pure. The negative to the latter is definitely it's accessibility. Entry into Myanmar (for most) takes prior planning for visas. As you fly into Yangon, you'll have to take a rough but memorable 3-4 hour bus ride accross the Irrawaddy delta to Pathein then transfer buses to Chaung Tha.

Ngapali Beach is regarded as the top beach destination in Myanmar, but I have no personal account of it. When I was in the country last, Ngapali was only accessible by air.

Also, if you're looking for a place that is truly untouched, I strongly encourage you to heavily research Myanmar The government is slowly but actively opening up more and more of the country to tourism. Because it's not nearly as accessible than it's high volume destination neighbors, most people leave it off their itinerary entirely. The inner-beauty of the Burmese people will knock you off your feet.

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answered by
ana from Madrid

I think Asia is much easyer than Europe to find a place cheap and nice to your honeymoon.:)

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answered by
Greg from Los Angeles

Try Waiheke Island in New Zealand.

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answered by
Scott from Fort Collins

Hello Khadeja!  My wife and I had a fantastic experience on Koh Samui, Thailand.  Plenty of inexpensive places.  We are also staying on Phu Quoc, Vietnam in a few weeks, which has affordable lodging as well.  

You also have some other fantastic suggestions on here as well.  A smorgasbord of choices really.  Southeast Asia has so many affordable options.  Congratulations, in advance, and safe travels!

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answered by
Elliott from San Francisco

Congratulations on your big event.  I think there are lots of options for you in Asia that are warm, beautiful, and romantic to undo all the stress that weddings ironically create.  I have listed 5 options where you can have a first class experience using very little money.  I'll leave it to you to find the right place.  Remember to head to the less known and much more romantic locations highlighted...

1. Bali

Not much of a surprise that Bali, Indonesia's most touristed island, is also one of the top spots in the world for a honeymoon. Just the mention of Bali conjures exotic images of volcanoes and private beaches. Although the island does get busy in the summer months, you can escape the crowds to romantic beach villas and eco-friendly hideaways surrounded by green rainforests.

Head for one of the  beaches in South Bali such as Sanur, Legian, or Seminyak. Once you've had enough beach time, you'll find peace, a great vibe, and plenty of green scenery in Ubud -- Bali's cultural center.

2. The Thailand Islands
Thailand boasts some of the most beautiful and accessible islands in the world and with the best tourist infrastructure in Southeast Asia, you won't have to worry about the hassles of travel in Thailand interfering with your time together. The Thai islands, both on the Andaman side of the country and in the Gulf of Thailand, are well suited for romantic getaways.

If you prefer small islands, have a look at tiny Koh Lipeon the Phuket side of Thailand. Otherwise, consider Ko Lanta, Koh Samui, or some of the quiet bays dotted around the north of Koh Phangan, especially the famous Sanctuary health retreat. If things get a little too quiet on the island, you can always take a boat to Haad Rin to dance until sunrise with your partner!

3. Malaysian Borneo
There is simply no other way to put it: Borneo is a nature lover's paradise. One of only two places left in the world to see wild orangutans, you can divide your time in Borneo between searching for wildlife on rainforest treks, exploring waterfalls in national parks, and lying on undeveloped beaches. Flights to Borneo from Kuala Lumpur are cheap, often even up to the last minute!

Borneo is divided into two states, Sarawak and Sabah, that are separated by the independent country of Brunei. Sarawak is quieter, cheaper, and less busy than the northern state of Sabah, while East Sabah boasts incredible scuba diving and natural attractions. You'll find plenty of wild beauty and friendly local culture in both places.

4. Sri Lanka
Although Sri Lanka off the southern coast of India doesn't receive nearly as much attention as its neighbor to the north, the islands there rank among the best honeymoon destinations in Asia! Great spicy curry, friendly people, an interesting culture, and a much more relaxed atmosphere lure more and more travelers each year.

A honeymoon in Sri Lanka is both an affordable and unique way to start a new life together.

5. Malé The Maldives
Not far from India, the island nation known as the Maldives is Asia's smallest country, both by population and land mass. A lack of space doesn't stop the Maldives from attracting an estimated 600,000 annual tourists who come to take advantage of the incredible island beauty and world-class scuba diving. Floating bungalows and honeymoon resorts set on some of the bluest water you have ever encountered will make you and your new partner want to stay forever.

Male is the capital, largest city, and usual port of entry for visiting the Maldives. While the beauty of the islands is breathtaking, a honeymoon in the Maldives will cost significantly more than one in the Thai islands.

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answered first by
Benny from Gold Coast

I'm not sure if you mean it's expensive to get to these places or the hotels are expensive but you might want to look into Koh Samui. We stayed at The Kala and paid something like $140/night and practically had our own cottage. We also found area restaurants and activities to be very reasonable and it's such a great place.

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answered by
Sarah from Hamburg

hey Khadeja, have you already looked into places in Indonesia? There are so many islands, from tiny to huge, I'm sure you'll find something there! I've stayed on Nusa Ceningan for a couple of days, which is tiny and beautiful ( . You're not gonna be by yourself but still pretty secluded. But I'm sure you could even find your private island around there.



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answered by
Abbi from Northeast

Have you thought about Thailand? Phuket, Krabi, and Koh Phi Phi are beautiful and budget friendly.

answered by
Jill from Montclair

Butterfly House Bahia on the Penisula de Marau, Bahia.

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answered by
vehbi from Istanbul

dear friend, when are you looking to go on your honeymoon ? now or in summer? 

if now; please do check views of Lake Abant Nature Park in Turkey ... if in summer. check Fethiye then .. regards

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answered by
Gerry from Boston

check out the Cook Islands, very beautiful and very reasonable.

Great beaches, nice people!!!

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