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Transportation in Punta Mita

We are staying in a home on the Punta Mita property.  We are wondering if we should rent a car to drive there or get a driver?  My wife thinks it might be dangerous, if not difficult, to drive ourselves.   

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  • JR Johnson

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    We've been down there quite a few times (even got married down there) and never rented a car, but that doesn't mean it can't be done. It can, and there is really only one road from airport to PM.

    Depending on where you're staying they probably have a few drivers that they recommend.

    I will say that drivers that come recommended from say the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mitacome with a Four Seasons price tag and if you're staying their grounds they make it fairly difficult to get a non four seasons driver in there to pick you up. Drop offs are okay.

    Pro-tip at the airport when getting a ride. There are tons of guys hailing you down as you come from baggage claim. Annoying. Avoid. The nicest suburbans are in the parking lot immediately outside where you exit from baggage claim, very convenient. So make your way past everyone and go find a nice suburban outside and ask the driver or guy hanging around how much he will be. Also, make sure the AC is working... i can get toasty down there. It's customary to have a cooler with beers in the back too, nice touch Mexico.

    The price tag is always more than what i would expect being in Mexico. Sorry I can't remember exactly what we paid for the ride in.

    Have fun.

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    • John O.

      John O.

      JR, Really helpful. Thanks! · (1 likelikes)

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