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Marla asked

Things To Do/ Sights To See

Hi everyone.

I am looking to go these places this Aug.- Sept. Can anyone please give me tips on what to see and what to do with the little time i am going to allot per place. I love to taking trains. I've been to Europe before, but this would be my first time on this part of the continent. I don't want to rush through it, as I want to take my time, but sadly I don't a lot of time as well to revel in all the places. Here are the dates.

Aug. 29 - Sept 1- Prague

Sept. - Sept 3 - Bratislava

Sept. 3 - Sept. 6 - Dresden

Sept. 6-10 - Berlin

I will be with a girl friend from Aug. 29th to Sept. 4th. After that I'm on my own.

Thank you.

Prague (Czech Republic)   Bratislava (Slovakia)   Dresden (Germany)   Berlin (Germany)

4 Answers
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Levon from Prague

Hello Marla , 

I think guys above have already mentioned all important sightseeing must see spots in Prague. Since you will be in Prague 2-3 days, I would suggest to spend Day 1 in Old TownNew TownJewish Quarter. and Day 2 on the other side of the river - Malá Strana part.

Nevertheless, I would suggest to change (if possible) the order of visits. First visit Bratislava, PragueDresden, then Berlin. By this you will save a lot of time on the road. since if you go to Bratislava after Prague, any way you will need to come back to Prague to go to Dresden.

If you don't have planned any guided tour in Prague, I can suggest to have a look at my profile. We organise interactive walking tours - a mix of treasure hunt game and sightseeing tour. 

Have a nice trip to Europe :)

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If you want to get real great sightseeing tour in Prague you should get electric scooter tour or / and segway tour as we did. Saving a looot of time you will go for 3-4 hours accompanied by private guide. We did 4 hours combined segway and scooter and it worth it!!! · (1 like)

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Prague (city)
  2. Old Town (attraction)
  3. New Town (attraction)
  4. Jewish Quarter (attraction)
  5. Malá Strana (attraction)
  6. Bratislava (city)
  7. Prague (city)
  8. Dresden (attraction)
  9. Berlin (city)
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Prague-try to do a night cruise on Vltava river- great experience with  buildings and bridges lit up and a different view of the city. Lots can be walked to but 3 day tram and metro passes are worthwhile. Banks not that helpful with changing money-MacDonalds will give change in Czech currency at a competitive rate if you give euros or $US-as long as the notes offered not too big-handy if you need money in a hurry. Letna Park-great views of city.Take Tram 22 to Prague Castle-guard rotation at noon interesting. Suggest walking St.Charles Bridge early in day as gets very crowded-watch for pickpockets here. Lots of 2nd hand shops with funky clothes. National Gallery - Kinsky Palace-Alfons Mucha exhibition/Museum Kampa-Frantisek Kupna exhibition. YMCA Building has a paternoster elevator-scary but interesting! Day trips-Kutna Hora (see the ossuary) or Plzen.

Bratislava-  card-1, 2 or 3 day- worthwhile buying from Tourist Information Centres-transport, free walking tour, entry to museums, some discounts. BratislavaSt. Martin's Cathedralwith catacombs, Old Town HallMichael's Gatethe Blue church, Matej Kren passage, look for the street sculptures in and around main square. Lots of great cafes and restaurants.

=Berlin East Side Gallery (Berlin), if you like graffiti Berlin is the place to see it-can do a graffiti tour,museum island, Brandenburg an der Havel and the Holocaust memorial close by, river cruise on Spree-Neiße river, Reichstagsgebäude in Tiergarten, Hackesche Höfe Kino in MitteFriedrichstraße both for shopping (Dussmann Service spol. S R.o. books and music impressive) and historical significance, maybe day trips to Potsdam or Spreewaldheide. Consider a Berlin Welcome card for metro/bus usage and 50% discount to many cultural attractions.


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Thank you, Lorraine. This is awesome. 😊 You're such a great help. I'll write down everything. 😊

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Prague (city)
  2. Vltava (hotel)
  3. Prague Castle (attraction)
  4. St.Charles Bridge (attraction)
  5. National Gallery - Kinsky Palace (attraction)
  6. Museum Kampa (attraction)
  7. Kutna Hora (city)
  8. Plzen (city)
  9. Bratislava (city)
  10. Bratislava (city)
  11. St. Martin's Cathedral (attraction)
  12. Old Town Hall (attraction)
  13. Michael's Gate (attraction)
  14. the Blue church (attraction)
  15. Berlin (city)
  16. East Side Gallery (Berlin) (attraction)
  17. Brandenburg an der Havel (city)
  18. Spree-Neiße (city)
  19. Reichstagsgebäude (attraction)
  20. Hackesche Höfe Kino (attraction)
  21. Mitte (attraction)
  22. Friedrichstraße (attraction)
  23. Dussmann Service spol. S R.o. (attraction)
  24. Potsdam (city)
  25. Spreewaldheide (city)
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answered first by
Mary from Leicester

Seeing Prague itself could very, very easily use up all your two days though you could, if you wish, either take the tram to Vyšehrad (where there is a fort with excellent views of the river and a churchyard full of magnificent sculptures) or take the train to Kutna Hora - Main Railway Station from where you can easily walk to the Sedlec Ossuary (Bone Church)

and then walk into Kutna Hora itself to see St Barbara's church and the interesting old centre. The station in Kutna Hora's historical centre is Kutná Hora město but it's easier to get trains to and from the main railway station. 

Bratislava is very small and can be seen in one day. I suggest you take the train on your second day either to a) Piestany, which is a very pleasant small town with natural hot exploration of 'Spa Island' is highly recommended or b) Trnava, a fascinating and very historical town with many ancient churches to visit. 

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Thank you, Mary. This is fabulous. I'll write everything down. 😊

You're more than welcome! :-)

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Prague (city)
  2. Vyšehrad (attraction)
  3. Kutna Hora - Main Railway Station (attraction)
  4. Sedlec Ossuary (attraction)
  5. Kutna Hora (city)
  6. Kutná Hora město (attraction)
  7. Bratislava (city)
  8. Piestany (city)
  9. Trnava (city)
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Go to Vyšehrad; fall in love with Vyšehrad. While there, visit the grave of composers Dvořák and Smetana whlie listiening to this piece that will change your life:  8 Humoresques, Op. 101, B. 187, especially the strings arrangement as performed by Yo Yo Ma and Itzhak Perlman. Check out what I contend is one of the coolest little cofee (and wine) shops in the world, Kavárna Pražírna.

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