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Restaurants in Prague

Hi! My boyfriend and I are heading to Prague for a long weekend in April and I'm looking for a few restaurant recommendations. Places in any price range (dirt cheap to super expensive) with outstanding food that are unique to Prague.

Thank you :)

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Tomas from Prague


if you are looking for typical czech food I can recommend you small breweries placed near center. Most famous, but quiete expensive is brewery U Fleků ( and also my favourite one Novoměstský Pivovar (, both of them makes own beers.

Also it is worth to mention pub Zlý časy (, they have everyday large selection of beers, usually they have many czech beers as well even if there are usually many international ones. This place isnt so much tourist atractive and known.
From Czech cuisine I would mention also Kozlovna  (, U Parlamentu ( or typical beer drinking pub U Zlatého tygra (


From other cuisines I can recommend:
Best Burgers in The Tavern (, Pizzas in Kmotra ( or steaks in El Barrio de Ángel ( or Mexican Las Adelitas (

Thats list of restaurants which I m going in.

Please note, that if you are going to any of these restaurant in busy time (everyday evening) it is good idea to make reservation.

And be careful about "tourist" pubs in city center, because of high prices - there one beer can cost 100 CZK even usual price is around 40 CZK

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. U Fleků (restaurant)
  2. Novoměstský Pivovar (attraction)
  3. Zlý časy (restaurant)
  4. Kozlovna (restaurant)
  5. U Parlamentu (restaurant)
  6. U Zlatého tygra (attraction)
  7. The Tavern (restaurant)
  8. Kmotra (restaurant)
  9. El Barrio de Ángel (restaurant)
  10. Las Adelitas (restaurant)
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answered by
Jennifer from Austin (Texas)

I lived in Prague for 4+ years, so here's a run-down of my favorites (and the places I always return to when I visit:  

1) On the Old Town Square the rooftop terrace of  U Prince has an amazing view and outdoor heaters/blankets for the chillier days/evenings

2)  Čestr near Muzeum and the State Opera Prague is my top pick for quality steak and meat

3)  Café Savoy for brunch is a must!  Order the French Breakfast

4)   La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise is great if you want the best meal of your life and to break the bank :) 

5) For some stunningly good pan-asian fare, a bit out of the center but adjacent to one of the best clubs in the city, try  SaSaZu Prague.  

I also have a Foursquare list of my favs here

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Old Town Square (attraction)
  2. U Prince (attraction)
  3. Čestr (restaurant)
  4. State Opera Prague (attraction)
  5. Café Savoy (restaurant)
  6. La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise (restaurant)
  7. SaSaZu Prague (restaurant)
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answered by
Martin from Prague

Hello Caitlin!

I would recommend you "middle class" restaurants in the city center. It means that service is great, food is excellent and area is beautiful.

1. Mistral Café Restaurant (

I go there very often. Interior looks beautiful and service is excellent. I love their strong chicken broth with vegetable and homemade noodles and u must try traditional meal: Beef sirloin in cream vegetable sauce with homemade dumplings and cranberriesChicken breast stuffed with parma ham, mozazrella and sage with buttered vegetable is one of the best option as well!

2. Pasta & Caffe (

When you get over a typical czech cousin try italian. It's highly recommended ;) or just cafe while you are walking across the city. Disadvantage of this place is smoking area, which takes most of that place. Soups (75czk) and main dishes (from 150czk up to 350czk) are fresh and tasty!

3. La Casa Blů (

What about spanish cousin? Food is delicious, service excellent and friendly. Atmosphere is very spanish. Friday and Saturday nights are totally crowded by turists and local people because of beer and coctails are really cheap but during a week it is good to go and see Prague through spanish eyes! ;-)

4. Havelská Koruna (

The restaurant Havelská Koruna specializes in traditional Czech cuisine. So So So czech! It's extremelly popular between tourists because for this area in the old town prices are so low! Just remember that from noon till 2 or 3pm it may be so crowded!! Otherwise it is really nice to go and try traditional czech cuisine. 

I hope that some of my recommendations will be helpful. I'm a student (which means I'm on a budget) but all places I mentioned I'm visiting couple of times during a month, because I know that I get excellent service and fresh food and quickly. Have a nice stay in Prague and Enjoy it!


Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Mistral Café Restaurant (restaurant)
  2. Pasta & Caffe (restaurant)
  3. La Casa Blů (restaurant)
  4. Havelská Koruna (restaurant)
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answered by
Jeff from Portland

Most of my prague experiences revolves around pubs so I will give you my thoughts through that lens. 

U Fleků is a must. Very traditional Czech place with a fantastic atmosphere - they a small band that plays in the evening. They just come by with trays of their own house-made beer and Becherovka and you take what you want. The pork knuckle is awesome. 

Not a restaurant, but eat at the vendors in  Wenceslas Square specifically the Prague Ham. Café Savoy

Prague has many great places to drink that I suggest you check out as it is the land of pilsner:

U VejvodůU Zlatého tygra - (Golden Tiger),  The PUB

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. U Fleků (restaurant)
  2. Wenceslas Square (attraction)
  3. Café Savoy (restaurant)
  4. U Vejvodů (attraction)
  5. U Zlatého tygra (attraction)
  6. The PUB (attraction)
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answered first by
Alex from New York City

Hi - Some suggestions below...just was helping a friend plan a trip there so thought I'd share some of my favorites!

U Modré Kachničky (U Modre Kachnicky)
This is a fantastic place to get some traditional Czech favourites and lots of stuff with interesting game meats. It's a bit expensive, but worth it for a splurge and it's in Mala Strana, part of town with amazing old architecture.

Mozaika Prague (Mozaika

Fantastic place - feels more local as it's in a neat little neighborhood. Feels like the kind of place that if you were an upper middle class Praguer, you might dine at.

Ambiente Pasta Fresca (Ambiente Pasta Fresca)

I know it might seem odd to recommend Pasta in Prague, but this place never dissapoints for a good meal. It looks now like they are part of a larger Ambiente restaurant group, so maybe check out some of those also!

Also I used to run a travel forum and there might be a bit more insight at the link below.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. U Modré Kachničky (restaurant)
  2. Mozaika Prague (restaurant)
  3. Ambiente Pasta Fresca (restaurant)
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answered by
Oosha from Vancouver

Hi Caitlin! 

The restaurant U Čejpů(address: U Strže 1/150 Praha 4) offers the best Czech specialties, and they do them well. English wont be a problem. I always go here when I'm in Prague and craving Czech dishes like mommy used to make. It's cheap/mid-range. Most of the places in the centre aren't very good, and they charge a lot. Price is not an indicator of quality in Prague. In fact, for a lot of really great Czech food (and beer), visit the pubs. Those off the beaten path are the best, like Bašta - Sousedský Pivovar and U Bansethů (Taborska 389/49, Praha 4, Nusle) and Zlý časy(Čestmírova 5, Praha 4). A fun fact about Basta- they still use the old-fashioned porcelain beer-coasters. Both places are also inexpensive, with friendly staff. Hope it helps, have fun on the trams! 

Update: Good to note --

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. U Čejpů (restaurant)
  2. Bašta - Sousedský Pivovar (restaurant)
  3. U Bansethů (restaurant)
  4. Zlý časy (restaurant)
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answered by
Robyn from United Kingdom

Hi Caitlin,

Went to Prague a couple of weeks ago with friends and the best bits we found weren't necessarily restaurants but good to add to your list if you want something a bit different and are foodie/drink fans!  

Cafe: Choco Café U Červené židle

best hot chocolate you'll ever have!


Hemingway Bar-

the most sophisticated bar I've ever been in, serves absinthe with art deco water fountains and has extremely friendly bar staff to talk you through all the different cocktails and spirits.

Hope you have an awesome time, Prague is beautiful.


Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Prague (city)
  2. Choco Café U Červené židle (restaurant)
  3. Hemingway Bar (restaurant)
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answered by
Zuzi and Jan from Prague

Hello Caitlin!

We're happy you are planning to visit Prague! 

We blog about food in Prague and run food tours here. Here's our post entitled "Top Ten Bites in Prague", which is really also a roundup of the best restaurants here.

On the top end, La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise is a great Michelin-star Czech restaurant. As if our grandma had a bottle of liquid nitrogen in her kitchen. Now a great value because Czech crown has depreciated towards the dollar. Also, Field Restaurant is a new entrant with very reasonably priced lunches.

Going down to middle end, Sansho is a fantastic place by Paul Day of former Nobu fame in London. He marries the best Czech proteins with Asian ingredients we get from the Vietnamese Sapa market. Think Momofuku Ssam Bar in NYC, but we think better. (His Maso a kobliha next door is the best bistro in town at the moment.) Also, Čestr is a great place for a Czech meal with a modern twist. Get the potato mash, the fish, truffle chicken and escargots. Delicious.

In the low end, nothing beats the meat loaf at Naše Maso and "chlebicky", the open faced sandwiches, as Sisters, chlebíčky Praha. Get the classic ham with potato salad or the pickled herring with wasabi mayonnaise. 

But honestly, all the places mentioned in our post are great. Have a look at them to see what you like.

Have fun in Prague!

Zuzi and Jan

Taste of Prague

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise (restaurant)
  2. Field Restaurant (restaurant)
  3. Sansho (restaurant)
  4. Čestr (restaurant)
  5. Naše Maso (restaurant)
  6. Sisters, chlebíčky Praha (restaurant)
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