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St. Louis

Tina from St. Louis asked

How many days should I plan for seeing Prague?

I'm FINALLY getting to Prague this spring as a bit of a tack-on trip to my annual Paris pilgrimage and would like an idea of how many days it will take me to get a handle on the city. I don't need to see every little thing, but would like to see most of the major attractions and have enough time to just people watch. I was thinking four days but I'm worried that that won't be enough. What say you???

Prague (Czech Republic)

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Radovan from Prague

depends what are you interested in. Probably it should be less for Prague then you plan for Paris. Also think about surrounding attractions, but such trips take much time. Some hours you will spend on airport, in traffic, etc. - so schedule all your interests into final 3 day, make exact plan and you will see....

For your inspiration:

Czech Tourism: Prague

UNESCO: Prague

Best regards
Radovan Cisar

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Tiffany from Corvallis

I think that four days is ideal if you want a relaxed trip. You could probably get a good feel for Prague in three.

We stayed in an apartment just across the street from the St. Nicholas' Church between the Charles Bridge and the  Prague Castle. Tours of the castle take some time, but you can enjoy this entire area with the castle, and churches in a day and still have time to relax and wander the streets or stop for a coffee and people watch.

Another day could be spent wandering around on the other side of the bridge through the old Jewish quarter. They've done a beautiful job preserving the synagogues there and setting them up into a set of museums that tell a story of the culture and history. See the Old-New Synagogue, the Spanish Synagogue, Jewish Cemetery and three other synagogues in the tour. This could take a day (if you spent a lot of time reading through the information in the museums), or a leisurely half-day. From here, with time, to to the main square, the Old Town Square with the beautiful clock face. This is an area to stroll, eat, shop, relax, and people watch. Wind through the streets, and just enjoy the atmosphere.

If you have time, take the subway to Wenceslas Square, an important square historically and a nice walk with shops, restaurants, and the National Museum at the top of the hill.

I enjoyed just walking and you can walk a lot in Prague and see interesting things everywhere. On the Castle side of the river, you'll find the Franz Kafka Museum and the famous The Lennon Wall.

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