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Best local eats in Prague?

Not the touristy place. Not the place the hotel concierge sends everyone.

I need some true Czech food where I can taste what Prague is all about.


23 Answers

top answer by
Anthony from New York City

Pivovarský Klub has over 200 local, foreign, and hard-to-find brews—most definitely a traditional Czech food group—and excellent food.

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  1. Pivovarský Klub (restaurant)
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answered by
Frantisek from Prague

Hi Tim!

Try Atmosphere. It's a student place wih two entrances. We often go there for a lunch.

If you want something outside the center try U Houmra. It's something like normal pub for people around with great prizes for big meals.

If you want to try a beer (because beer is our national meal ;)) try Zlý časy or Kulový Blesk.

Kozlovna is also a good restaraunt with a czech cuisine.

Hope it will help, if you have some other questions, just ask me.


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  1. Atmosphere (restaurant)
  2. U Houmra (restaurant)
  3. Zlý časy (restaurant)
  4. Kulový Blesk (restaurant)
  5. Kozlovna (restaurant)
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answered by
Petr from Prague, Czech Republic

Go see this place U Zavěšenýho Kafe - no tourists (even it's very near to the Prague Castle) and you can taste all the czech food (including pivni syr - beer cheese, which is very smelly). It has great atmosphere, I take all my foreign friends to this place.

Btw, see the Prague Castle for the first time at night, the place is magically quiet.

Also try this place, to feel the new cool, hipster, startup Prague - twenty7

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  1. U Zavěšenýho Kafe (restaurant)
  2. twenty7 (restaurant)
  3. Prague Castle (attraction)
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answered by
Ladislav from Brno

Must see are Zlý časy, Kulový Blesk, Ferdinanda. If you are beer enthusiasts go to Břevnov Monastery and try the oldest beer in Czech. In every pub you can get at least 'nalladany hermelin'. So I recommend for real beer atmosphere to discover Žižkov area pubs (around tram stops Husinecka and Lipanska).  

For better food choose restaurants. Top is La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise, Michelin stared Czech food. If you are home sick, can find great burger in The Tavern.

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  1. Zlý časy (restaurant)
  2. Kulový Blesk (restaurant)
  3. Ferdinanda (restaurant)
  4. Břevnov Monastery (attraction)
  5. Žižkov (metro area)
  6. La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise (restaurant)
  7. The Tavern (restaurant)
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answered by
Francois from Limal, Brabant, Belgium

Tim, try Restaurace a Pivovar Marina in Prague 7.

No tourists, though a few european expats, but real czech food and a fantastic local micro-brewery in an old boat house. Local prices, amazing beers, typical food, and indigenous feel... away from the main touristic places and close to the real people. Awesome. Get your Czech language ready! ;-)

Let me know when you're in town, dinner's on me!



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  1. Restaurace a Pivovar Marina (restaurant)
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answered by
Tomas from Dvur Kralove Nad Labem

I would recommend you Café Imperial and Café Savoy or also here mentioned Lokál Dlouhá.

Enjoy Prague!


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  1. Café Imperial (restaurant)
  2. Café Savoy (restaurant)
  3. Lokál Dlouhá (restaurant)
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answered first by
Martin from Karviná

Lokál Dlouhá (basically any branch) is number one pick if you want to try really authentic Czech cuisine. My other tips are: Čestr, restaurant serving the so-called Czech spotted cow - “Čestr” and Nota Bene, which offers combination of traditional local food and small breweries on tap.

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  1. Lokál Dlouhá (restaurant)
  2. Čestr (restaurant)
  3. Nota Bene (restaurant)
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answered by
Jerry from Toronto

First off, I second the Lokal recommendation. You will be guaranteed to have an excellent, smooth beer (Pilsner Urquell served directly from tanks so less foam and a super clean taste) with foods typical of the Czech beer hall experience (pork dishes, sausages, heavy sauce-based dishes like Svickova, etc).  Note that it should probably be considered more beer hall than restaurant. As others have also noted, there are a few locations. Most are located in busy areas of the city, so I would recommend the Lokál Nad Stromovkou location if you're looking for the location that "the concierge wouldn't recommend." It's right on the edges of Prague's largest park in an area of the city that is becoming more interesting in it's own right. With many great cafes nearby.

There are also a few really good restaurants along similar lines (extremely good beer, served either from on tap from Prague's burgeoning microbrewery scene, paired with traditional influenced dishes), although I would say the food is much more a focus at these places than at Lokal: Čestr, Naše maso (Dlouhá 727/39, Nota Bene (Mikovcova 605/4. I cannot recommend these three places enough. Czech food is a cuisine dominated by meats and none do it better than these. The steaks at Čestr are some of the best I've had; the burger at Naše Maso is one of the best I've had. Nota Bene serves some of the best seasonal meat dishes (wild boar, duck, venison), too. 

If you're looking to really make good on your "not concierge recommended" criterion, then there's one more I would suggest: a Pho dining stall at   Sapa at Libušská 4/169 Czech Republic has the largest Vietnamese population in Europe, and so it also has the largest distribution centers/markets across Europe, too. As you can see by the map of its location , it's a world of its own. A Little Vietnam in Europe.

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  1. Lokál Nad Stromovkou (restaurant)
  2. Čestr (restaurant)
  3. Dlouhá 727/39 (address)
  4. Mikovcova 605/4 (address)
  5. Libušská 4/169 (address)
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answered by
Viktor from Prague

Tim, it's depend how many cheating days you want to spend in Prague. In fact real Czech food is beer (43 gallon/year/head:-). If you have no time for mistake go to the Čestr, Lokál Dlouhá (all of them are great). Kastrol, Kolkovna, Vinohradský Parlament. If you want Michelin Czech cousins best one is La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise

Good luck and be careful in Prague taxi. If you want guide don't hesitate contact me. 4HC, 4HB reader.

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  1. Čestr (restaurant)
  2. Lokál Dlouhá (restaurant)
  3. Kastrol (restaurant)
  4. Kolkovna (restaurant)
  5. Vinohradský Parlament (restaurant)
  6. La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise (restaurant)
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answered by
Antoine from Ħal Balzan, Malta

Close to tourist places like the Charles Bridge yet not very well known is Malostranská Pivnice which is very good and very well priced. If you're lloking for a light snack and want to taste Czech wines, try Vinograf

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  1. Vinograf (restaurant)
  2. Malostranská Pivnice (restaurant)
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answered by
John from San Diego

Take in a brawt in somewhere in Old Town Square...the best people watching venue within 500 miles. Enjoy it Tim!

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  1. Old Town Square (attraction)
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answered by
Filip from Cesky Brod

For local food and drink you shoud try any of the Lokál restaurants -

Lokál Dlouhá
Lokál U Bílé kuželky
Lokál U Zavadilů
Lokál Nad Stromovkou
Lokál Hamburk

They keep traditions and also quality.

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  1. Lokál Dlouhá (restaurant)
  2. Lokál U Bílé kuželky (restaurant)
  3. Lokál U Zavadilů (restaurant)
  4. Lokál Nad Stromovkou (restaurant)
  5. Lokál Hamburk (restaurant)
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answered by
Alina from Kyiv, Ukraine

Try Restaurace Jáma at V Jámě 9, 110 00 Praha 1

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  1. Restaurace Jáma (restaurant)
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answered by
Jan from Warsaw

I really recommend Baráčnická rychta on Mala Strana (just under the castle). 

Place is not so full, climatic, and the food is really good.

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  1. Baráčnická rychta (restaurant)
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answered by
Matt from Washington, DC

Pivovarský Dům is a great spot.  Meat, Potatoes, Beer.  The typical Czech meal.

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  1. Pivovarský Dům (attraction)
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answered by
Zoë from Palo Alto, California

There's a place called Lokál Dlouhá somewhat close to the main square but not a tourist trap. Very local and has a beer hall feeling. Good eats and the beer is constantly brought to you.

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  1. Lokál Dlouhá (restaurant)
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answered by
Todd from Boston

Even though it's in the tourist section (Prague 1), the best food I've ever had in Prague was at Kozlovna Apropos Kozlovna Apropos located at Križovnickà 4 Praha 1. Make sure to get a glass of Kozel beer, it's the best beer I've ever had!!

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  1. Kozlovna Apropos (restaurant)
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answered by
Fabio from Milan

Restaurace Historie. 1,2kg roasted pork knuckle... ;-)

Click here if you dare!

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  1. Restaurace Historie (restaurant)
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answered by
Alex from Barcelona

Another vote for Café Savoy and Café Imperial.

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  1. Café Savoy (restaurant)
  2. Café Imperial (restaurant)
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answered by
Chiara from San Francisco

I have recently been to Prague and I can give the following recommendations for nice restaurants and cafes:

Kolkovna Olympia

Lokál Dlouhá

U Modré Kachničky II.

U Zavěšenýho Kafe

U Dělového kříže

Good typical food at affordable prices.

Visit my Travel Blog for more travel tips!

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  1. Kolkovna Olympia (restaurant)
  2. Lokál Dlouhá (restaurant)
  3. U Modré Kachničky II. (restaurant)
  4. U Zavěšenýho Kafe (restaurant)
  5. U Dělového kříže (restaurant)
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answered by
Martin from Prague

You will love this place - Penzion V Polích. Traditional czech cuisine and no tourist bullshit. Great place to visit. It is not directly in downtown but it is close to airport.

Malé Čičovice 26, 252 68

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  1. Penzion V Polích (hotel)
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answered by
Alex from Miami

Husova 232/10  U Tri Rozi. Food was obscenely good, well priced, and they make their own beer in house. Great representation of Czech food.

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  1. Husova 232/10 (address)
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answered by
Tereza from Prague

Hello everyone!
In addition to great answers given before, I'll add the following:

Head to Bistro Sisters for Czech famous open sandwiches (chlebíčky)
For lunch go to Maso a kobliha or Malostranská beseda
For fine dining go to Grand Cru Restaurant & Bar or La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise
Just in case you like vegetarian & vegan cuisine, definitely try Restaurace Plevel or LoVeg

Another option is to attend a food tour with a local guide ;-)

Dobrou chuť! 

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Bistro Sisters (restaurant)
  2. Maso a kobliha (restaurant)
  3. Malostranská beseda (attraction)
  4. Grand Cru Restaurant & Bar (restaurant)
  5. La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise (restaurant)
  6. Restaurace Plevel (restaurant)
  7. LoVeg (restaurant)

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