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Post travel, what is the one thing that you miss the most?

After we come back home from vacationing, what is the one thing which reminds you of the place that you were just visiting, whether it is the people we meet, or the food, or the picturesque scenery? It can be anything.

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Anna-Fee from Freiburg im Breisgau

FREEDOM! I miss having no schedule, no plan, no timetable to tell you what's next. I miss being free to reinvent myself every day. And I miss the distance to my everyday life at home which makes you question your daily routine and notice what's really important in life.

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Emily from Otavalo, Ecuador

Being with your own kind. When you travel, you inevitably meet other travelers, and from my experience, no matter where you are from, travelers think very similarly. You talk about the places you've been and the places you want to go, and they give you advice, or simply listen with interest. Don't get me wrong, my friends and family back home are very supportive of all the traveling I do. But I have to explain to them why I want to go to a certain place. When you meet other travelers, they don't ask why because they know why. It's like there's a mutual understanding among people that love to travel. It's refreshing, and something I always miss when I go home. 

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answered by
Tiffany from Corvallis

The challenge.

I miss feeling lost sometimes. I miss speaking in a foreign language perhaps badly. I miss trying to read a menu and the surprise of what appears in front of me. I miss half signed-half spoken conversations, the humor of misunderstandings, and the smiles between strangers when we understand each other. I miss difficulties and the joy of the unexpected.

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The clothes that I washed while there save the smell of the last place I traveled. I love it.

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Roxanne from Montreal

To help me remember my China trip it's a cup of very good green tea I bough there. A very rich flavor of a high quality tea from the West Lake region. It has a rich fresh green asparagus aroma. I just sit back relax and  remember...

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answered by
Joanna from Oakland

I miss the people and relationships. Getting to know people from different cultures and sharing different experiences. I miss the adventure of seeing how another culture is. 

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answered by
Jacey & Scott from Fort Collins

I miss that I didn't have to check my work email!! And the excitement of being somewhere new, open to new things every day!

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Louise from Los Angeles

This brings so much nostalgia. To be quite frank, I miss everything about it. When I was in Rome, I loved how small I felt and how rich it was in history. In Paris I loved the ongoing theme of symetry throughout the city. In Munich, the people at Oktoberfest were so nice and energetic, grant it, I DID meet them at Oktoberfest! I miss the Philippines because of the lush greenery and humble people.

I just miss travel. 

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answered by
Christene from Kansas City (Missouri)

Smells, Food, and Wine. Also music. I am a classical music Junkie, and after returning from Vienna, every time I heard The Beautiful Blue Danube, I would get a little teary. 

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answered by
Diep from Thuy Anh, Thái Bình, Vietnam

Local friends, street foods and landscape as well

answered by
Kate from Ohio

When I get back from a trip the hustle and bustle of life at home makes me miss and reminds me how simple life is on vacation. You wake up at a time determined by you and go see or do something fabulous...or go do nothing by an awesome beach.

answered by
Philip from Ottawa

I’d definitely miss the places I slept in and called home. I always end up remembering details of homes and hotels the most because that’s where I prefer to decompress and notice the subtle things that are different from my actual home.

Usually the biggest thing is the size of the places I stayed at and realizing I don’t really need as big of a living accommodation as I have at home.

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