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Phuket, Koh Phi Phi

Scuba diving for a single dive in Koh Phi Phi

Can I enjoy a single dive in Koh Phi Phi with budget 1000-1500 THB?

I do not have a diving certificate, is it possible to dive without a certificate, with a little training in Koh Phi Phi.

I am planning my trip in November 2016. Any suggestions about Scuba Diving?

3 Answers

answered by
Talay from Phuket

As I know, you can take a 'discover scuba diving course' to enjoy the scuba diving on that day if you have no certificate.  However, it is higher price than a diver who have certificate as the dive master will have to take care of you specially.  I used to try this course for my first 2 dives at Racha Yai Island even I cannot swim.  It was a good experience.

You might contact the dive shop in Phi Phi for price check first.  I am afraid it's over the budget you mentioned.  

Phi Phi Island (เกาะพีพี) is nice even you cannot dive, you can enjoy snorkeling and other water activities.

Have a good trip!

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answered by
Rasto from Edmonton

Some dive shops can take you scuba diving even if not certified, but as Cameron mentioned it can be more expensive since you need usually 1 to 1 babysitting under water and some training before. People tend to do a lot of stupid things under water like stepping on corals, panicking, not being able to equalize so don't expect someone will take you deeper than probably to 6m (20ft) on your first journey under water. I can say for myself that I got some level of experience and confidence only after some 30-40 dives.

And if you don't know how to swim, don't even think about it. Everyone would assume this to be a sure thing, but on my travels I went once on a snorkeling trip with a guy from India in our group who didn't know how to swim. On another occasion young couple signed for sea kayaking, never done it and couldn't swim either! Things take time to learn, real life is not YouTube video or a computer game.

I would suggest to email/contact few dive shops on Phi Phi Islands prior to your trip to get first hand information.

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answered first by
Cameron from Salt Lake City

Koh Phi Phi has a pricing agreement amongst the dive shops on the island. I believe the cost for diving is about 3000-4000 THB for two dives and lunch. I don't know any shop that is a one dive only, unless it's an evening or night dive, which would likely be at least 2000 THB. I don't have price guides in front of me, so you'd need to contact the dive shops for more accurate information.  

With no SCUBA certification, it would be more, because there is additional training and the need for more individualized attention to ensure you are safe in the water.  

A few dive shops to look at: 

Skool Divers 

Hippo Divers 

Blue View Divers 

Skool and Hippo use bigger boats for most dives 

Blue View uses long tail boats, unless they have a large group. 

Long tail boats allow you to get closer to the shelter of the islands, so you're a little more protected getting into the water.  

Larger boats are faster, a smoother ride and not as loud than LT boats.

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