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Edward asked

Itinerary Changes

I like your itinerary suggestion for the drive from New York to Phoenix, AZ.

However, I don't want to do more than 5-6 hours of driving at a stretch and I'm OK with extending the length of the trip. What do you suggest?

New York City (New York) Phoenix (Arizona)

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John from Chicago

Eventually, you'll be able to add stops or adjust the spacing and the route will automatically re-calculate everything. But for now, looking at the stops, the easiest thing is probably to add a stop between St. Louis and Oklahoma City, which is currently a 7-1/2 hour stretch.

You could do a shorter stop in Springfield (Missouri), take a detour north through Kansas City (Missouri), or it might be interesting to find somewhere to stop closer to the Ozark National Forest if you have time to explore.

The other stretch is New York City to Pittsburgh, which is about 6-1/2 hours. Since that's the first leg, you might want to get as far as you can before stopping, and you're probably more familiar with the East Coast anyway so there's less to see that's new.

I probably would add extra days since this is a really long road trip. Maybe try a Northern route through Cleveland and Chicago?

Or swing down further South through Nashville and Dallas.

I think if you're ending in Phoenix, you need to decide if you want to hit the Grand Canyon National Park, in which case it's probably fine to go through Flagstaff as the current route shows, or if you're coming from the Southern route, connect to Phoenix from Tucson instead.

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Mentioned in this answer:

  1. St. Louis (city)
  2. Oklahoma City (city)
  3. Springfield (Missouri) (city)
  4. Kansas City (Missouri) (attraction)
  5. Ozark National Forest (attraction)
  6. New York City (city)
  7. Pittsburgh (city)
  8. Cleveland (city)
  9. Chicago (city)
  10. Nashville (city)
  11. Dallas (city)
  12. Phoenix (city)
  13. Grand Canyon National Park (park)
  14. Flagstaff (city)
  15. Tucson (city)
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When I moved to Tucson, I came through Pennsylvania to Ann Arbor. In Chicago I visited the The Art Institute of Chicago. We camped beside Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. Then driving through the panhandle of Texas and New Mexico into Arizona. That was a good trip!

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Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Tucson (city)
  2. Pennsylvania (state)
  3. Ann Arbor (city)
  4. Chicago (city)
  5. The Art Institute of Chicago (attraction)
  6. Lake of the Ozarks (attraction)
  7. Missouri (attraction)
  8. Texas (attraction)
  9. New Mexico (attraction)
  10. Arizona (attraction)
answered by
Hazel from Port St. Lucie

I would stay on the West side of Cleveland the 1st night. Then South of Chicago the 2nd night. 3rd night in Memphis at Gold Strike Casino Resort. 4th night in Biloxi at Beau Rivage Resort & Casino. The next night in New Orleans. Then continue on I-10 West to Phoenix. 2 nights in Texas.

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Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Cleveland (city)
  2. Chicago (city)
  3. Memphis (city)
  4. Gold Strike Casino Resort (hotel)
  5. Biloxi (city)
  6. Beau Rivage Resort & Casino (attraction)
  7. New Orleans (city)
  8. Phoenix (city)
  9. Texas (attraction)

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