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Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, Asia

Philippines,Thailand, Laos, & Indonesia: where should novice adventurers go

Hello Trippy!

Me and my better half are planning to travel in South East Asia (Thailand, Philippines, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia etc) for two or three months, it's our first long term visit like that and we are a bit nervous. I'm curious about city recommendations.

About us:

We are novice adventures, and we both need internet to work and attend meetings via Skype. We prefer not to drive, though we could drive once a week or so. We are looking to rent a place within 15-30 minutes walking from Sea with stable internet connection.

In essence we are looking nice city where two english speakers can survive for a few months this May-August.


5 Answers

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Pie from Philippines

Hello David! The Philippines is one big adventure hub with 7,107 islands to hop to ... Key cities like Metro Manila, Cebu City and Davao City have good internet connection - but if there are storms coming, that's another story.

Cebu has various nearby islands as well as 4-5 he's of bus travel then a ferry ride but the islands are beautiful! Malapascua for diving, Bantayan & Camotes for lesser crowds but still a paradise. 

Island Garden City of Samal in Davao region can be reached in 5-45 mins via ferry, depending on which area you will embark. Not to miss are Hagimit Natures Resort (Hagimit Falls), Monfort Bat Sanctuary and Pearl Farm Beach Resort. River rafting can also be done in done. 

Mati, Davao Oriental has a good stretch of beach where surfers go - Dahican Beach.

Surigao City & Baler are good sites for surfing too.

Ilocos for UNESCO sights, old walks, and sand dunes.

El Nido, Coron and Puerto Princesa in Palawan are not to be missed - underground river, fantastic rock formations, secret beaches, twin beaches, safari, the list goes on.

Boracay Island, apart from the famous 3km white sand beach from stations 1-3, Bulabog Beach area is for kite flying & wind surfing, less crowds -Puka Shell Beach.

I won't recommend Batanes due to the weather, since you mentioned that you be heading by May to August. BUT if you don't mind being stranded in this Marlboro country, then by all means.

Have fun! 👍😃

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  2. Cebu City (attraction)
  3. Davao City (city)
  4. Island Garden City of Samal (attraction)
  5. Hagimit Natures Resort (Hagimit Falls) (hotel)
  6. Monfort Bat Sanctuary (attraction)
  7. Pearl Farm Beach Resort (hotel)
  8. Mati (attraction)
  9. Dahican Beach (attraction)
  10. Surigao City (attraction)
  11. Baler (attraction)
  12. Ilocos (attraction)
  13. El Nido (city)
  14. Coron (attraction)
  15. Puerto Princesa (attraction)
  16. Boracay Island (attraction)
  17. Bulabog Beach (attraction)
  18. Puka Shell Beach (attraction)
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answered by
Nam from Bangkok


I have been 9 from 10 countries in Southeast Asia, except Brunei.

Accommodations near beaches with internet connectivity are available everywhere in tourist hubs, but difficult to guarantee excellent signal. 

You can have more option such as buy pre-paid local sim for smart phone with internet package. It is affordable price.


I bought local sims during Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia trips. For Myanmar, their mobile phone and internet infrastructures are pretty limited compared with other countries in the region.

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answered by
Adam from Montreal

Usually many of the nice beach destinations have less reliable internet so that's something to keep in mind depending how much access you'll need.

You could checkout Kohub in Ko Lanta, Thailand. Checkout this review

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  1. Ko Lanta (attraction)
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answered by
Jae from Singapore

I've listed your 4 countries in the order of internet connectivity (best to worst):

  1. Thailand
  2. Philippines
  3. Indonesia
  4. Laos

This is not to say that you can't find spots with decent internet in Laos, especially if you plan to be in major cities. But then, Laos is land-locked so you won't be able to be within walking distance of the Sea. There is some beach in the 4000 Islands in Southern Laos, but then you will definitely not be able to get good internet there.

Phuket has fairly good internet/3g/4g. That would be an obvious choice, with much better infrastructure than any beach area in Philippines. The internet in Bali is not so good. 

Just a reminder, your travel dates correspond with monsoon/raining season in those countries. You'll get cheaper accommodations, but then it may be rainy.

answered by
Gina from Minneapolis

Hi David! I think you might want to consider Bangkok and or Chiang Mai. I personally know a number of people who work remotely from CM, and though it doesn't have the seaside location, it has an expat community and creature comforts while being within reach of lots of adventurous activities. 

I've done some traveling in Laos and I would recommend you look into Luang Prabang as well. It's a well-connected city, particularly for Laos, and it's incredibly beautiful and chill. It sits at the confluence of two rivers, the Mekong and the Nam Khan and there is lots of opportunity for adventurous exploring. 

I wish I could make recs for Indonesia and Malaysia, but I haven't been to either! However, it seems like Kuala Lumpur might be another option worth considering.

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  2. Chiang Mai (city)
  3. Luang Prabang (city)

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