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Los Angeles


Solo female traveler

Can someone share their thoughts about how safe/unsafe the Philippines is for a solo female traveler? I'm pretty experienced trraveling alone but never in this part of the world. Thanks in advance!

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Jason from Makati City

Like any country, there are some dodgy places that are best avoided - but it really is a safe, friendly place to be in.

It also depends on which part of the country you're going to. 

To get around the city (Metro Manila), it would be advisable to use one of the new Taxi apps that just launched:


Just be careful about your data roaming charges on your mobile as this needs to connect to the Internet quite a bit.

On the food front, you can download Looloo, one of our local foodie apps. The reviews are done by a great bunch of hungry people, so you can always research on where to eat (and stay, actually - they do hotels, too). No fluff here, just the local community helping each other out on what's best to eat and where to stay, etc.

Looloo (works on iOS only)

Safe travels!

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answered first by
Karlo from Philippines

Hi Courtney,

The Philippines is a developing country. Just keep that in mind. It is a safe country to travel. Like any other country, there are shady people but there are a lot of genuinely friendly people too, specially in the provinces. There area areas where you can use your iPad on the streets without worrying, and there are places where you just need to be careful. Mostly, shady people just want to make money, you just need to be street smart since youre traveling solo

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answered by
Sarah from Hamburg

Hi Courtney, I'm just coming from a (solo female) trip through the Philippines and I had an amazing time. It's one of my favourite countries now! The locals I met were super friendly and especially helpful when they heard that I was by myself. I felt safer there than in most places in SEAsia.

Hope you enjoy your trip!

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answered by
Remus Mark from Quezon City

Hi, Courtney. Generally the Philippines is a safe place to explore even for a solo female traveler. However, like any country in the world, there are some places where you just have to be extra careful. The trick is to check with the receptionist and the security guard of the hotel you're staying at as to which areas to avoid going to. Another tip is to always check what the locals are doing. If you see the people around you look worry-free then that's a good sign. If you see people using mobile phones in public places then you can also do the same. When in doubt you can always ask, one of the advantages of traveling in an English-speaking country. Foreign tourists I've talked to can attest that there's fewer scams in the Philippines compared to other Southeast Asian countries. There you go... Stay safe and enjoy! :)

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answered by
Katerina from Los Angeles

I went to Boracay Island for five days and it seemed like a safe place to travel for a solo female. I was with another person but we met a girl traveling alone and she didn't have any problems. She also went to Manila and Cebu City alone. However, there are very dangerous areas in the Philippines so be careful and choose your destinations wisely. I always look on the US Dept of State website for travel and health advisories before booking!

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answered by
Jae from Singapore

Sorry that only three GUYS so far answered your question.. I guess here's another perspective from another guy:

The Philippines is a huge place with mega cities and many smaller towns. Most of the crime and criminal behaviours tend to be concentrated in the larger cities.

Be careful when you are in public places with your belongings. If you're concerned with getting into dodgy taxis, have the front desk call you one and have them jot down the taxi number. Jason's suggestion of installing and using Grabtaxi is good, though for now it'll only work in Manila. 

Don't worry about excessive roaming charges- buy a local SIM card, they are super-cheap!  Buying a sim card and data plan will cost you only a few dollars. Once you have that set up, you can take snapshots of the taxi's driver license before entering it and quickly email it to your emergency contact. You'll also have the power to make emergency calls if necessary. Get emergency contact numbers and program them into your phone! Many other things you can do with your phone once you get connected.

Most of all, enjoy the Philippines! Filipinos are some of the most open and friendly people I've ever met while travelling. 

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