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Diego asked

Anybody has any tips for a one week travel to Patagônia.

I and my wife are going to Patagônia and we would like to tips about, where to go, good restaurants, clothes to use, and so on. Tips for everything. 

I'm going to Patagonia from Brasilia (El Calafate -> Torres Del Paine (by car) -> El Calafate ->Ushuaia) in april, 13 and come back in april, 22.

My planning is:

  1. [DOM] 13.04 - EL CALAFATE
    1. Walk around
  2. [SEG] 14.04 - EL CALAFATE
    1.  Perito Moreno (mini trekking)
  3. [TER] 15.04 - EL CALAFETE
    1. tour Big Ice ?!?!?
    1. by car (rented)
  5. [QUI] 17.04 - TORRES DEL PAINE
    1. driving and walking around
    1. by car (rented)
  7. [SAB] 19.04 - USHUAIA
    1. EL CALAFATE -> USHUAIA (by plane)
    2. walk around
  8. [DOM] 20.04 - USHUAIA
    1. ?????
  9. [SEG] 21.04 - USHUAIA
    1. ????
  10. [TER] 22.04 - USHUAIA ->BRASILIA

What do you think ?

Thank you

Patagonia (Argentina)

3 Answers
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Pedro from Buenos Aires

Hi, Diego.

I work at a travel agency expert in Argentina tours and we have a very good blog with many tips on travelling through Argentina, including Patagonia (Argentina). You should check it out, no strings attached:

The clothing issue, depends on where you're planning to go and the season at the time. But it's fair to say that even during summer in Argentina, you should bring along some coats the southern you go.

Some places that I'd say are a must-go are: San Carlos de Bariloche and surrounding area; El Calafate and the glaciers; Puerto Madryn and the patagonia beach and sea life Peninsula Valdes (Valdés Peninsula); and finally to Ushuaia, at Tierra del Fuego. If you've come this far, why don't you meet the southern city in the world and maybe have a go to the Antarctica?

Another good tip is to try the wines and beers of the region. There are very good options, always helping setting the mood for the chilly nights in Patagonia.

You should find more info at the blog I mentioned above. Otherwise, feel free to reach back if you like.

If you'd like to book tours and activities to plan in advance your trip to Patagonia, we have a wide range of it in our site:

Have a great time in Argentina!


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Hi Pedro, first of all, thank you. Are you Brazilian ? If yes, I prefer to talk in portuguese because my english is not so good! kkkkkk... I updated my question with my itinerary. What do you think ? Thks a lot

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  6. Peninsula Valdes (Valdés Peninsula) (attraction)
  7. Ushuaia (city)
  8. Antarctica (attraction)
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answered by
Dave from New York City

I flew from Punta Arenas (three hour drive from Torres del Paine) on DAP Antarctica. It's a great trip for a few reasons:

1) Unlike the cruises, you actually get to walk around on King George Island (and even stay the night at a Russian Science base)

2) You get to spend time with those that live their all year round.

3) You can climb on all of the glaciers and even camp out on Collins Glacier in a tent (go during the summer... otherwise it's too cold for this).

We were there and back in 24 hours - which saved us a lot of time cruising between the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) and King George Island and gave us a more immersed experience with Penguins (a baby penguin untied my shoe), whales, seals etc.)

You really can't go wrong - but if you're looking for a unique experience that doesn't take 14 days to get there and back over the Drake Passage, DAP is perfect.

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  6. Drake Passage (attraction)
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answered by
Jeremy from Vancouver

That's a lot of time in Calafate and Ushuaia. I would perhaps consider adding another town. 

If you like the mountains then El Chalten is spectacular. You wake up to Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy lit by the sun when the town is still in shadow. Weather permitting!

Another idea might be Punta Arenas, which has an airport. Architecturally very nice, a great town to walk with a beautiful waterfront.

Have a great holiday.

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I agree with all except the waterfront at Punta arenas has become very dirty. I love Latin America and the people but I wish they would not litter the beauty

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  1. El Chalten (city)
  2. Cerro Torre (attraction)
  3. Fitz Roy (attraction)
  4. Punta Arenas (city)
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